Fastest way to stack stricken with GoD DH?

Hi there, turns out i realize im a noob once more.

After several attempts and a few successful bossspawns on 135 the boss stricks true to its name and is my biggest challenge at the moment.

And then i realized , that i do not know which is the fastest way to stack stricken.

I do know, that even frenzybarbs, switch to ww-dustdevils for some time to get their stacks up faster, but what about dh?

Is it helping if i whirl through the boss all the time?
Is Fan of Knives giving me extra-stricken stacks?
What about rocket-storm or different strafe-runes?

I bet somewhere deep in the internet there is an exel-sheet or a different thread with the answer to my question, but i couldnt find it xD

i havent tried every method, but it did seem that manually casting HA less often had stricken stacks building slightly faster. didnt test this enough to say with certainty, but enough for me to do it myself

Hehe, i had a “subjektive” feel , that whirling “inside” of the boss made him go down faster.

But then…there are tons and tons of variables in this game …and in my brain, like the expectation to do more dmg if i stay superclose to the boss xD

On the other hand , i do not know what the radius of FoK is for example and if FoK can cause Stricken stacks

Yes, Fan of Knives builds Stricken Stacks. It is my understanding that using Icy Trail on Strafe will also build stacks because of it DoT effect in addition to HA attacks.

That’s my understanding at least.

Well if icy trails builds stricken stacks then rocket storm should build them up too?

So if thats true, the only question for me would be which one builds them faster then.

well going off the icd for stricken, its more like “what do i NOT do to miss stacks”, which if manual casting HA somehow does, it could be a reason i was seeing that. i dont think theres much to do to add more, just try to not have any missed.

Do you have more info on the internal cooldown of stricken? Heard about it quite some times but…mäh it seems to vary.

For example my Barb with frenzy + Berserker is on 7 FPS per attack. However, Frenzy barbs who do bosskills do use WW as it stacks stricken even faster, as mentioned above.

What is the ICD of stricken dependend on, and where can i look at the tests?

I haven’t tested Stricken but it has an internal cooldown tied to your attacks per second on the skill being used. In the case of something like Multishot, if you have 2.0 attacks per second, which becomes 3.0 with Yang’s Recurve, you can stack 3 Stricken stacks per second (on a single target).

This is of course not so simple in the case of multiple skills being used (e.g. FoK, Strafe, Hungering Arrow, etc.) so I’m not sure how it’s coded exactly.

If I had to guess, the internal cooldown of the Stricken gem is determined by the attack that applied it and is usually 1 divided by your sheet attacks per second (unless specific things modify it like Hunter’s Wrath for primaries). If you’re attacking with a plethora of different skills, I think Stricken will be applied by any one of them as soon as the internal cooldown expires (with a new ICD based on the skill that applied it).

So I don’t think it’s worthwhile to try to optimize Stricken stacking in single target situations but against rift guardians that spawn extra monsters, it’s important to hit the boss as much as possible.

Well then we have a different understanding of internal cooldown^^.

For me an internal cooldown is sth that is fixed. Like : no matter how fast you attack you cannot go beyond 1 Stack every 5 frames.

If it is limited to the Frames i need per attack, then how is decided which attack is the limiting factor?

If it is limited to strafe for example , that would mean that on bosses i have a significant benefit with 1h + Quiver over my Buriza setup as i would stack stricken every 7 Frames instead of every 9.

However if i can apply stricken with multiple skills like Hungering Arrow + Strafe + Runes from strafe + Fan of knives, this would change quite a bit for me.

For example my playstyle. If i know that FoK is able to give me additional stricken stacks…i would for example not take an occu-ring and build more stacks instead.

So i am not satisfied with a general advice. I need some deep-dive xD

google it, there are some threads on here that are more in depth, but i think you are misunderstanding.

you cant have 5 sources of stack all work together to break the icd. if youre HA is stacking twice per second (roughly what i was seeing) then adding fok is superfluous, as your attack will always be either during the cooldown, or, if time perfectly, negating the stack generated by the next HA shot.

the only time you’d need to worry about that is with nuke skills or something where you arent constantly attacking, and would need a generator or something to fill the gaps.

Ok well…if the forumla that is found on reddit 0.9 / Sheet APS as well as the Snap-shot thematic is still not outdated that means for me that i shouldnt skip speedpylons and instead use it and drink a healthpotion afterwards to snapshot it? xD

I mean this would also mean, that for a bosskill it might be good to have painenchaner.

I mean in non-season where i cant kill the boss with seasontheme–> apply PA to many moby --> snapshot before BK – > apply stricken way faster

So this would be exactly 0.5 seconds in my case.
When i have 9FPA on Hungering Arrow and 60 FPS --> 6,6 Attacks per second or 0.15 seconds per attack.

Therefore strafe alone would be the limiting factor of my stricken stacks and can not be optimized by Rocket Storm or any other attacks.

However…what if the thing behaves a little like the ICD of God and HA ? Then it would stacks slower if Strafe / BS ICD would be out of sync maybe and additional attacks could help to “fill the gap” like Valla does ?

That’s my best understanding of how it works too. Once the ICD is gone, the next hit will proc a Stricken stack. You can reduce the ICD by having a higher attack speed but it’s still limited to 1 stack per attack roughly (it’s a little wonky with multi-hit skills though).

My advice is to not worry about it so much since optimizing to minimize those gaps won’t play a large role in clearing a higher GR. Stricken only really helps with the boss and the difference between say 280 and 300 stacks over the course of a 3 minute boss fight won’t likely grant you more than 1 GR tier.

The RNG of which boss you get and where it spawns makes a much larger difference in clearing. Fishing is the only solution really.

trying to buff your stricken stacks with PE will be a monumental waste. only a few bosses at all would have your atk speed buffed over 10% (single target would be 3 lol) and one is already the best rg (hamelin) and his ads usually die so fast they wouldnt give you much uptime at all.

No, i was talking about the snapshot mechanic lord (if i may call you like that :slight_smile: )

Lets assume you are at 98% --> then you run into a huge group of mobs (30-40) , procc pain enhancer and drink a health potion --> so due to this thread the Attackspeed the ICD of Stricken is calculated with will stay at exact this rate unless you drink another Healthpotion or die, even if your real AS falls down again

BotS ICD is always dynamic and determined by the attack that procs it. If the attack is affected by hidden AS multiplier, like Hunter’s Wrath for DH primary skills, the ICD will be calculated accordingly.

Nope , not to the thread linked above and a video. According to this , what you wrote is just partially true.

According to this you can boost your AS temporarily with PE + Speedpylon for example to get a lower ICD due to the forumal ICD = 0.9 / Sheet APS and then in this particular moment drink a healthpotion to fix this ICD independend of your real AS from this point onwards. This is what they call “Snapshotting”

That linked thread is 4 years old. :neutral_face: A lot of things have changed since.

BotS ICD is always dynamic you can’t snapshot it.

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Do you maybe have a source that states this has changed? it is a pretty funamental game mechanic.

What would we need to prove / disprove this?

A tool that counts stricken stacks (can thud do this)? + some testruns on the same RG?

This is the Snapshotting mechanic in general on the Shield of the Wizard. If they havent changed this why should they have changed BoTs

You are comparing apples to oranges.

Anyway, in patch 2.4.0 there was a bug fix:

Fixed an issue that prevented some sources of Attack Speed, which only benefit specific skills, from reducing the internal cooldown of Bane of the Stricken

This change made BotS ICD fully dynamic.