Ethereal stacking with quiver?

Running GoD. Picked up an ethereal crossbow with the same item affix as a ninth satchel…the “hungering arrow pierces and does X amount more damage.” So now I have a quiver and bow with the same item affix. Question is, do those stack? Am I going to get 1,000% extra damage from using both?

Nope. Game will only give you effect of the affix once.

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Well dang, thanks for the info


Season 24 Blog

  • Legendary Powers and Class Passive Skills rolled on Ethereals do not stack with the same power equipped through Kanai’s Cube, Items or Skills.
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I have an ethereal Buriza-Do Kyanon with 154% multishot damage increase and a Dead Man’s Legacy with 199% damage increase. If I equip both of them, what damage increase will be in effect?

I suspect it’ll be 154%, but why not just equip them both and you tell us?

I did - and it seems to me that the 199% is in effect.

But if you come across an eth and wield it with the same power as you have in the cube. The weapon will take precedence.

For example if you have a Dawn powered eth with a low Vengeance cooldown and have a Dawn cubed, you’re Vengeance cooldown will come from the weapon, not the cube.

Not sure if it’s always worked that way or if it is specific to Ethereals.

It’s always worked that way. Worn item has always taken precedence over the cube. Happens in other slots too. Easy to see with DR rings, if you wear a 50% Elusive Ring + run it in the cube (would give 60%), you only get 50% DR.


So if you do have an eth with the NCS affix, what would be a good alternative? HPS quiver for the 20% cold damage? Dual wield with a high cool down dawn and put something other than the NCS in the cube? In which case, what would be a good option? Just wondering if it’s even worth running with an eth that has the NCS affix.

I don’t know about clearing high grifts but I use the one hand eth xbow (Doomslinger?) with an NCS affix in a dual wield set up with a good Dawn for fast rift and bounty farming.

I put Echoing Fury in the cube. To fix the issue with hatred, you can run Serrated Arrow and Night Stalker Passive as well as Vengeance Seethe. Or you could keep Devouring Arrow and just go with the Night Stalker Passive. I also slot Tactical Advantage and Hot Pursuit and use Smoke Screen Vanishing Powder to activate Tactical Advantage and the Elusive Ring.

The speed bonus of Doomslinger just tops it off and you’re zooming around the map at breakneck speed. Super fast T16 farming.

You can also use it to level low level gems, should be good up to about GR 90 but it tops off there as far as killing with any sort of speed. But it’s a good gem leveler when your working with gems from level zero.

Another option could be Bombardiers Rucksack, as this one rolls with an extra affix. You can reroll the 100% Sentey damage to something useful. However, it is probably very hard to get.

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What’s very hard to get?

A perfectly rolled rucksack where all affixes match GoD, so that you can reroll Sentry damage to HA. Then you may have an advantage using this quiver instead of Cirri.

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