Error 319012 - Unable to Chat in Clan

clan shat dont work and i need help pls

You are not alone. I recently asked about this and got a blue response: Blizzard still thinks this has something to do with your clan priviledges, despite the fact that no one in my clan has been able to send clan messages since wednesday, and blue guys dont think, or even know much about this issue, heh.

Same problem with EU clan (DarkKnights)

There’s no known issues at the moment with Clans, but we have seen this issue in the past and it may go away over time. This doesn’t seem to be as wide spread, and seemingly seems to be EU specific so far.

For the time being, we can gather a bit more information to start tracking this issue to get this escalated to the appropriate team. If you are experiencing this issue with clan chat, could you include the following details:

  • Error Code:
  • Region:
  • Clan:

If you are able to leave and rejoin, this may work around the problem. If this helps, please let us know!

Error code: 319045
Region: Eu
Clan:, D3OC

'there is no known issues at the moment with Clans ’

ok… so tell me what is that ? :

The phrase “Known Issue” refers to a confirmed bug which the developers are already aware of. When we say “There are no known issues with ____”, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an issue. It means that we still need information to find out if it’s a tech thing which can be fixed on your end, a small hiccup which will go away on its own, or a bug which we need to fix on our end.

Please provide the requested information so that we can investigate this.

Do the EU and US Technical Support personnel not talk to each other? There’s already a thread from two days ago over on EU Technical Support where the blues have acknowledged this issue and are asking for clan leaders to add their details to it…

The EU thread has names of clans, error codes, and a clan leader of an affected clan has stated that they cannot accept new members into their clans, so if players in that clan took your advice of trying to leave and re-join, they’ll be left clan-less.

We do talk to each other, but we may not receive all regional information or have a technical tracking for the issue. Each region functions a little bit differently or may have a different process than we do. It’s still good for us to gather information on the two different regions in case someone stumbles upon the issue on the US forums or the US clans starts having issues.

Checking over, it looks like there was an issue opened yesterday. This issue has been escalated and our team is aware of the issue. In case our team does need this data though, please continue to provide the requested details.

im sorry maybe i write here because situation is out of hand 9 days ago we got information through blue post in Eu region that they attached my clan to fix list and since then clan is still presenting error 319045 zero members online even clan master cant access it you seem to be active more then Eu techincal support team please can you escalate it or shred light into our case are we forgotten or we need wait some more ?

Clan The Outcast D3OC
Region Europe
Error 319045

not possible access clan page and any clan activity even by clan master so leaving and rejoining is impossible

please help

Error Code: 319012
Region: Europe
Clan: <ARN> but this is community based error

Also could not join another persons game.

They ended up friending me then I could join.

While in that game, I kept getting over and over the join request button on lower bottom right asking me to join his game, which I was already in.

Region EU
Clan “DH130”
code 319012

I sent request to clan, then Applied invitation, then I saw my char in the list of clan members, but I couldn’t write in clan chat. I spoke to head of clan, weather he changed my rank (I thought it would help). He told me, that he can t change my rank, he can t kick me out the clan - I m just like a “ghost”. He advices me to clean game cache (C/ ProgramData/ Blizzard Entartainment/ Cache). I did it. Then nothing happened, only clan name before chars name dissapeared. Now I can t leave the clan (it a written, that I m not in clan), I can t send request for invitation (it s written that I already sent it). I can t do anything…


  • in the right side of page see topic with clan list,
  • still no name of clan near chars name,
  • can’t write in clan chat,
  • can’t go away from clan "you cannot leave clan. You are not a member. Code 319000"

  • cleaned game cache, changed account password
  • info about clan list (right side of screen) dissapeared, can’t see clan members
  • try to join clan “DH130” (EU). it s written: “you cannot jointhis clan at this time because you requested to join it too recently. Please try again later. Code 319043
  • As test - sent request to another EU clan. waiting for approval

    upd 23/08/20
  • my request was admitted - an invitation from clan leader was sent to me. When I accept invite I see following: “You must leave your current clan before you can accept an invitation to a different clan. Code 319001

    In summary errors:

@Mortus , this issue is still very much still open and active. We’re primarily seeing the 319012 and the 319045 errors. We’re getting our engineers to take a look into this, but I don’t have much information outside of this at this moment.

25 09 2020 issue still not resolved our clan is dying ,issue ongoing from 8th of august nice middle finger for us long term players and clan existing since d3 vanilla ,for last time can you fix it?
codes you know you wrote them by yourself

I’m having this issue now, could someone help? Been going on for over a month.
Error Code: 319012
Region: Americas