Can't write in clan cahat

Hi. Yesterday I applied clan invitation and first time entered a clan “DH130” (Russia). When I tried to write message in clan chat - I saw following: “There was a problem sending the chat message to your clan. (Code 319012)”. Couldn’t write yesterday and today this problem continues. Thx for help!


There is already a topic in the Technical Support forum on this error; Blizzard is collecting the following information:

You should post in that topic with the information being requested so that all the reports are grouped together in one topic.

There’s also an existing thread on the EU Technical Support forum about this…

we start with problems with our comunity, after the clan, we can add new players of kick, and today… the chat clan is bugged too. Everything is worse every day… And no the first time that happen with us… Corsairs clan and Corsairs comunity, thanks a lot for kill the game Blizzardç