Druid female art? Diablo 4

We’re not the same, and all our tastes varies i get that, and i have no problem with that. But some people push it to the next level. Guess some people are too sensitive to change, and new things.

Honestly I imagine most of it at this point is just general grumblings on the internet. That and in the last week or so we’ve picked up a few low effort trolls who just want to hate on everything about D4(which the OP may or may not be).

Besides at this stage of development we’re not likely to change anything except some pretty small stuff. They’re certainly not gonna redo the models and fix up all the animations for an entire class just because of a few posts unhappy that they aren’t attractive enough.

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Less than a week and we can get our fix for the time being - At least some of us anyway.

Have to wait until 24th to play Druid or Necro :frowning:

don’t you mean body type 2?

Sorc or Druid will be my choices for the upcoming beta (leaning towards sorc).

Rogue first weekend, get to 25 (maybe?), then Druid next weekend. Dabble with all of them for a little bit.

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I don’t mind the Druid being a little on the heavy side because naturally muscle wants to be accompanied by a certain ratio of fat. You can look at Strongmen competitors for an idea of what that looks like typically. A very low bodyfat fitness model physique is not the norm for athletes with incredible power, despite being achievable with bulk and cut cycles (Not sure the Nephalem were hip to that technique). However, I do think they should be a little trimmer than they are currently, because the aesthetic looks more portly than hulk-like to me, especially for the female model from what I’ve seen. They could make the entire thing less of a problem by having a few body-types to choose from per class though. While they’re at it, they could make more than 4 measly faces for a class. Looks like they were aiming to cover racial archetypes of sorts, but I don’t think there’s enough variety. On the plus side, it’s Diablo and you normally don’t see the character close up too often. On the minus, they have apparently integrated our custom characters into all the cut-scenes, which makes that variety a little more important. :stuck_out_tongue:


Druids are just channeling their close connection with the bear spirit.

But that basically also excludes all other classes, in D4, and the previous games.


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The first thing that happens when your cultivating mass is you loose flexibility.

I think the druid looks good =/.


Only if he can revive Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

It’s mostly a matter of taste. Personally I would’ve liked it if the Druid had a similar build to the Barbarian, especially going by lore as well as the image of the druid’s founder Fiacla-Géar. That said, it’s not a major issue or even dealbreaker for me, as I still intend to play the druid as they were one of my favorite classes in the Diablo franchise.

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the female druid is fat, not ugly… the male one is definitely ugly… but I think we get a few faces to choose from.

Wrong. The businesses need to accept what their customers want, in order to entice the customers to spend money, Case on point: Disney.

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Easy fix could be, that you are able to customize your character just a bit more, from different models.


Femal druid is THICC. But in any case, I think I prefer her in Werewolf form. Well, Were- is a male prefix. Male humans used to Weremen. Werewolf means Man-wolf. Tehcnically a female werewolf is in fact… a Wyfwolf (Wifewolf).

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Melissa McCarthy would make a great Druid.

Holy sh*t, are we finally getting a bigger female in a game!? Awesome! :heart_eyes:

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We found the '90’s comedian! :smiley:

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