Do we have the ability to block threads?

I don’t know but i paid soon as… i’m not getting the game from the store even i’m getting it from battle net. I know money went to Blizzcon though. (Or should have)

Uh-oh. I think someone needs to hand MissCheetah a coffee, stat, if she’s woken up this prickly. Funny to see. :wink:

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I wouldn’t have even brought it up if i was going to be proven wrong xD

I am actually kind of happy right now. The game runs on my 2013 laptop!!! Alpha did not. So this was unexpected. I tried it just for funsies to make sure it was up before replying on the forums.

Now I am about to kill Andi

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I’ll keep an eye on you in the Friends list and see when you hit level 99. :wink:

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I just flag any D2 posts in the D3 forums as inappropriate.

same here, but most times I try to let the poster know to post in the D2 or Reddit forums so the right people see it.