Do we have the ability to block threads?

Do we have a setting in our account so I can block seeing the D2R threads every time I log into the D3 forum?


Go to the D2:R forum section. Click the Bell next to “New Topic” and select Muted.

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If I mute it on the D2R forum, it will block them on the D3 forum, so I will not even see them?

  • The mods have lost control of this forum.
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I don’t think so. It will block that section. Threads misplaced would have to be silenced manually. Or, I suppose, you can ignore individuals.

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Thanks the D3 forum has become the 3rd D2 forum. I was hoping it was an easy fix.

I can make you adblock/ublock rule containing some text (D2R; resurrected etc) you want to block from thread titles.

You have to block threads individually. Just like I can’t stop all the people making threads about people who make threads.

You are on at least your second thread on this same topic which when complaining about “spam” seems hypocritical.


Sorry Mother I will go to my room now.


Technically it’s Diablo related though xD

but there is a forums made JUST for D2R and D2 but all the D2 fan boi’s come to the D3 forums to troll.

And they only have themselves to blame for the backlash.

As I’ve said before, this forum doesn’t move fast enough. You can go down 15 posts and find one D3 related and see it hasn’t been touched in days or even a week.

You’re complaining for no reason other than to complain. People hardly discuss D3 on the D3 forums.


D4 topics are simply the best da da daaaah. Better than all the rest!

I’m sure you can run a script that will. I have one on another forum that removes ignored posters posts completely as if they never posted as well as hides posters and threads from posters until they reach 100 comments. It makes that place tolerable.

If they just removed the pay wall for the D2R sub-forum a lot of this would go away.

D:I is a new game, please post stuff about that on the D3 forum.
D4 is a new game, please post stuff about that on the D3 forum.
D2R is a new game, please post stuff on a sub forum after you pay a fee.

They need to be consistent across the board.

Easy way to stop it.

Each time you post, you pay $5.

It really wouldn’t. As seen by the dozens of D2 threads in the past from accounts than had access to the official D2 forums.

Young man, a spanking is necessary for your behavior.
This will hurt me more than it hurts you!


I’ve got this peculiar itch in my left buttcheek, that maybe, instead of complaining about threads in the wrong forums, people should complain about the paywalling.

Go to the end of the thread and select “Muted” from the drop down menu.