Do we have the ability to block threads?

You do realise that to be posting on the D3 General Discussion forum you need to have an active D3 license on your Battlenet account, i.e. the D3 forums are paywalled too.

I know, I just don’t agree with the idea of only allowing access to those who’ve purchased the game. Especially when its a preorder, thats just scummy.

It isn’t going to change.


Tbf, most, if not all, of those threads were made simply to bash on Diablo 3 while praising Diablo 2 at the same time.

Now however, you actually have some Diablo 2 resurrect threads that are, for the most part, solely about Diablo 2 resurrected (at least they start out that way). And based on what’s been said thus far by some of these threads, these folks either are unable to post in the Diablo 2 resurrected subforums and/or have no intention of posting in reddit, thus leaving their only option being the Diablo 3 forums where their threads may at least have a chance of being moved to the Diablo 2 resurrection sub-forums.

So quite honestly, it may very well had helped reduced the Diablo 2 resurrected threads on here, if Blizzard hadn’t placed the pre-order requirement on the subforums.

True. But they were told to post on reddit from the beginning.

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Technically they have nothing to do with D3

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Should do the same with all the D4 threads you like cluttering the D3 forums with

That assuming that 95% of D2 players that played D2 for 20 years even have the original Diablo 2 copies in the first place to post at Diablo 2 (2000) section.

There’s no D4 forum yet and i even paid a pre order fee of £5

Yes you can pre order it.

The main issue is that there is no punishment for the ppl who spam d3 forum with d2 threads. Its left alone or moved. If it was deleted and the poster gets a penalty we would prolly see a drop in d2 posts in this forum.
Ppl just dont lose anything by posting d2 stuff in d3 forum.

They should start taking action towards these ppl as its simply is in the “Forum guidelines”. So there is no reason for the moderators to not delete those threads.


Can someone shed some light on this?

MissCheetah got my back. Thanks all.

You should learn how to read. :dizzy:

“Have a question, comment, or feedback about the information we shared today? Join the conversation here on our General Forum. We can’t wait to hear from you!.” :point_left:

“You can keep tabs on what we’re up to on social media, and as always, please tell us what you think of this update on our forums :point_left: and all your favorite places to talk Diablo! We’re probably hanging out there too, and we’ll continue to look out for popular topics to tackle in future blogs.” :point_left:

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No, no you can’t pre-order D4.

They can move threads between sub-forums. So anything in here can be moved around. Diablo 3 Forums They can’t move them between whole different forums. As in, they can’t move something from the Diablo forums to the WoW forums.

In fact, players can move their own threads. Just go to the Edit button and there is a drop down menu with check boxes containing the sub forum names. Just check the one you want the thread to be on.

The actual Forum Moderators moderate all the Blizz forums based on reports, not just one set. They have permissions to do most things they need to do.

Community Managers also have some abilities and so do Forum Support Agents (Tech support/CS) but there are conventions that sort of keep them out of each others posting playgrounds. There is also usually a separation of EU and Americas so that is where the permissions actually can come into play.

I have the receipt. During the first Blizzcon i pre ordered it from my local game store. It was linked to Blizzcon.

Thank you MissCheetah for clearing all that up for me. I figured if anyone would know you would. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, but evidently there are folks who rather not use reddit. As such, they can, and by the looks of it are indeed, post the D2R threads here. Because good chance is that said thread will be moved with little to no consenquence.

Plenty of threads get moved around. Heck when D2R first was announced, there was a lot threads that had got moved.

The first Blizzcon was in 2005.

Diablo 4 was announced in Nov 2019. There were no pre orders. Why would you lie about that? Your local game store can’t sell you something that Blizz is not selling yet. Much less let you pre-order a physical copy that Blizz has never said they would make.

Further, no Blizzard game pre-orders for £5.

Is your receipt in written in giant sharpie? You might want to get your money back.

You could have at least made it funny and said you got it for $3.50


Search for game store uk and search for Diablo 4 says £54 but if you go into the store receipt pre order is only £5 and obviously pay the rest upon release.

You mean where it says this regarding their sale of preorders?

Pre-order Information

  • Pre-order now and pay no deposit
  • You will be charged up to 7 days before the release date

So, you would not have paid yet considering it is not a week before the release. Essentially, you’d have been put on a list of expecting customers.

They may have changed policies or you, in fact, paid a deposit which is not paying for the game itself.

But maybe not. I have no goat on this mountain.

It is possible someone is selling (future) keys before the game is available. Sketchy though.

If D4 is a digital purchase only via our Battlenet account. What is the game store selling?