Disclaimer: D2 drop rates are low

Now that we’re less than 4 hours away from release, I just wanted you to be aware. I mean, this is an "Inb4 ‘Please rise drops’ ".

Understand that, perhaps, it’s not a game for everyone nowadays. It doesn’t offer an “instant gratification”.

Those builds you’ve found through the internet with a SoJ and Enigma don’t tell you that a SoJ is something you’ll possibly get once in your lifetime. Not to talk about the Enigma. Getting an “Ith” is not 1/3rd of Enigma. You’d require 3^15x2^11+1+3^15x2^10 = 14,348,907x2,048+1+14,348,907x1,024 = 29,386,561,536+1+14,693,280,768 = 44,079,842,305

More than 44 BILLION (thousand million for Euros) Ith runes. And say thanks because high rune drops were raised lately, it has always been way harder.

Want to farm your Windforce? Realized how long does a Hell Baalrun take? Well, Baal itself is the mob with the highest chances to drop it, and it’d take an average of nearly 15K runs to just see one. That supposing that the char who hits last wears a 400% extra magic find. And I’ve said “see one”, I’m talking about an 8-man party.

These are just 3 examples, but many endgame pieces share similar stories, Google “Silospen” in order to check for the items from your build. Going for a broader case, I’d say that half the stuff from the build you’re following requires being a bit of “no-lifer” in order to get it through a regular ladder (let alone the tiny ones Blizzard has unexplainably chosen for D2R… Well, quarterly reports, I get it but it still makes no sense). So if getting fully geared is more important for you than playing seasons (ladder), consider to keep working in the same char once it’s transferred to non-ladder once the season ends, or even the char you’re making today, as ladders will still not be ready. This also applies to “I now have a job and family”: me too, and that’s why I’ll also face that once ladder ends, so my requests to Blizzard will limit to regular ladder extension (which is a major shot to Classic experience).

So get mentally prepared, this game was still being sold 20 years after release because of that ability to not give you all after 2 weeks of playing. So especially if either you’re too young or you haven’t experienced the Diablo series beyond D3/RoS, if you planned to play 2 weeks and jump to New World, Darksiders or Far Cry, this definitely won’t be the experience you expected.

Inb4 'Please rise drops.


They should be low.

One of the reasons Diablo 3 is bad is because BiS gear literally rains from the sky.


Read beyond main title.


I did. I’m adding to your post.


Sorry then, needed a bit more context :smiley:


tis good advice. i hope maxroll admins read it lololololol.

seen their builds? each one decked out in full gg gear with no room in inv cause of torch, anni and 37 smalls.

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You forgot to mention you can’t get max level in 5 hours from a speed rush


endgame gear should be HARD to get, not take you 3 days. And it would be if there wasnt bots/cheaters.


If they manage to keep the bots off ext people will see how slow it really is to “gear”

A lot of players don’t know or remember what it was like before the bots/cheating was created.

They have already increased the drops since before then a little but I think a lot of people are in for either a rude or enlightened awakening.

Still wondering how the majority of ladder players are going to react with a 3 month window


The beauty of D2 though is that you can progress without the BiS items! So the item search grind is actually enjoyable! And when you finally see that item, it feels rewarding!

D3 you are locked into specific builds that require specific items to even function most of the time, and if RNG decides not to give you that item, you’re just “stuck” with a clunky build not able to progress. THEN you finally get the item you need but because itemization in D3 also stinks (IMO), it rolls trash stats and it’s still basically unusable, so you have to farm that same item several more times over and over again…

Anyways I agree, I really hope any calls to increase drop rate by people not used to D2 itemization are not acted upon for D2R. I am interested to see if some of these high end items are rarer in D2R than D2 though with (hopefully) fewer bots and (hopefully) no duped items.


HOW did they do this anyway? TP to every Act End boss? Or was that a bug

If they haven’t fixed the adri bug don’t forget straight to act 2 no talking to Cain and re run adri for the loot and xp gain

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Haha im glad someone brought this up, im really curious to see how this will crash into the modern audience.
People with bots made 70.000 ~ 200,000 pindel runs if not more to get a glimpse of something “good” like windforce.

My wild guess will be this, in a few month when people still haven’t received their goal gear, they will either quit or whine at the forum to have a change that meets their standard.

This is diablo 2, you need a sh*t tons amount of luck in this game. You either deal with it, or you give up. That’s all there is to it :slight_smile:


IDD. And I have been looking for a confirmation of either but not found anything… some ppl have said that since the Devs didnt specifically mention this in the bug fixes they DID do then that means its still in the game. Let’s hope

It wasn’t fixed in beta

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I only played beta for a system test never finished act 1
3 year old system wanted to make sure it ran ok

I believe they’re aware. One of my fixed tabs is a maxroll leveling build.

Let’s put it this way…I’ve been looking for a good grinding game that has a slow progression for a long time - in fact since D2 first came out. This is what made D2 (IMO) so amazing - the slow progression and the high gambling aspect/luck.

+1 OP, let’s hope a lot of the original players are the majority of the player base. If not, as you said in a few months it will be the original player base if everyone else quits lol.

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andy nightmare best place to farm sojs. cause of no hell drops

You also have to understand that trading is a big part in this game, the market.
You dont litterly have to find every item that youre gonna use. You find stuff and trade yourself up in value.