Disappointed with Tech Alpha

I’m sorry to say this Blizzard:

Sorc made Duriel kill and was just not happy at all with my experience.

The graphics are not that great, even though I move the setting to highest.

I prefer original D2 classic and LoD to this Version.

It’s too clunky or too labored to play this version of the great game of D2.

In Act1 I felt the Sorc was too weak, even though I play HC Fire sorc for first 3 Acts and wipe the monsters out pretty easi9ly with regular D2.
The potions take too long to fill in battle which is why the Sorc is too weak in act1 battle.

Actt 2 was better but really know I could not play this day after day.

I am fine with regular D2.

I’m sad I wasted the $40 for this pre order.

oh well!

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Well you certainly are in the minority!

From what I see the graphics are absolutely gorgeous.

Im not sure how you felt the sorc was too weak; they havent done any skill or balance changes at all.


This… are you trolling OP?


I’m confused. The balance shouldn’t have been different? How did you feel weak?

Man I wish I coulda got in haha.

I already felt when they announced D2R I would probably spend most of my time with the old school graphics. I really like that old d2 feel.

I hope the game is clean enough of cheats to make it worth 40 bucks.

Also , you got in! Did you stream it!?! Grats on the experience anyways


The graphics seemed 2D instead of 3D.

The game is clunky or just like moving through molasses sort of.

There is no way I would play D2R every day.

I prefer original D2 classic and LoD.

Not trolling at all.

From the videos it looks 2.5D.

Were you expecting PS8 level of graphics or something? My god, the graphics looks awesome compared to OG D2. Sure, some things could use some work, but some of those monsters and areas were gorgeous! Act 2 water at the docks, Arcane Sanctuary, etc! If they were going to go PS8 level graphics, with ray tracing and the works, it would have been a complete remake, which I wouldn’t have been disapointed with if they added some more stuff. Geeze, some people are just blinded by the nostalgia glasses it’s sad.


OP may I have your Alpha access if you think it was a waste of time?
I believe you can get a refund when the game is ready.


And Sorc is always a chore to level until 30. I never feel good with a sorc until she is 30 for Frozen Orb, then she is awesome until act 5 nightmare when the immunes kick in.


Sorc is crazy OP, teleport and static field…

GFX look amazing and I only get to watch potato streams. cant wait to get it running.


Good. Diablo 2 is a polarizing game. Sounds like D4 is better for you.

It’s not like the beginner spells ever looked strong.

I always felt the cold tree had many filler abilities. An example would be Ice Bolt, Ice Blast and Glacial Spike felt like too many. They could have just had Ice Bolt and Glacial Spike, then added another ability entirely. One is basically single target, while the other has an AoE effect. Then they went on to add 3 armor skills.

By the time you get to higher levels, some of the abilities become meh…

The game looks better than ever! They have to focus on the details and fix some bugs.


Everyone should keep in mind that during alpha there are no graphic drivers provided. Performance will be substantially better when Nvidia barges in with official drivers for the game when it releases.


Hey Avalon,
I would give it to you but it’s not possible to share the account.

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I am not disappointed. I will definitely play another hundreds of hours in D2R.

But one of my fear becomes more realistic after playing Alpha.

After playing this game for another several times, it doesn’t feel that different from old D2 because I have get used to new graphics.

To me, gameplay is more important than graphics for hack and slash games like D2, and I can literally play old D2 if gameplay is the same.

OP being foolish. Game was always going to be what it is from the very first screenshots.

Perhaps OP is just confused and thought this was Diablo 4, not a remaster of a two decade old game.


What is this troll-nonsense.

Sorc skills are all the same damage.
Potions are the same.
Graphics are the same, with one button press.

You can refund your pre-order, it’s not what got you into the alpha.


Thanks for your input. I am sadly not able to have a first hand on the game but from what I can see on streams I already disagree with most of your points.
I cannot refute that it might play more clunky than the original though. MrLlama is switching to classic to buy potions because they somehow changed that so it might be possible.

But this is what Alpha is for. They want to get some input and I guess that is why they gave it to a wave of streamers. The VODs from them will really help them.

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From what I have seen in the streams I have watched, mainly MrLlamaSC, I would have to say that you either have expectations way beyond reality, or somehow thought this was going to be D4. It is a remaster aka a reskin with slight modifications.

The potion issues MrLlamaSC has pointed out and I will admit the globes to potions do not seem to reflect actual stats. I would love to say more but, I do not have hands on access to be able to give an in depth analysis.

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