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This is post is a new idea for the skill tree or an addition to it.

One thing I enjoyed about Grim Dawn is the constellation tree they have. Where you can go deeper into a tree and unlock abilities that can be put onto your skills. So when you use your skill you have a chance to proc this ability.

So the idea is, since we are Nephalem (a mix of both heave and hell), what if there was a tree that had abilities that could be put on skills. This tree or map or lore looking back round has with it, new powers, that started in the middle and you could either choose to go up to unlock heavenly abilities or go down to unlock hellish abilities that you could put onto your skills.

Here’s an example:
You have a Druid with rabid bite that has a DOT (damage over time) effect that does poison damage over 2 seconds.

You go to this new tree of abilities and you cross over Andariel and in her constellation or less evil diagram or what have you, it says “all DOT effects have a chance to release a poison nova when full damage is complete (so after 2 seconds).” You decide you like this since you’re using rabid bite and want this ability on your rabid bite and put points into Andariel to unlock the ability and equip it to your skill rabid bite skill!! Dun dun dun!

So now when you hit with rabid bite and the DOT finishes you have a chance to release a poison nova! Hell yeah!

So using the lore and all the angle’s and demon’s in the game plus even Nephalem characters, like Rathma, weapons that they had like Tyreals El Druin, Deckard Cain’s texts. There can be many different abilities.

The tree could actually go three different directions then. Like a pie chart. One area for Hell, Heaven and Sanctuary. Some people may not even know half of the angle’s and demon’s and may even want to check on the lore to find out who they are, bringing them closer to the game.

Another way to look at this is when you unlock skills for your character, that skill itself has another window that opens and it’s this new chart and just that skill can unlock certain Heave, Hell or Sanctuary abilities. And it’s different for each skill. As in only certain angle’s, demon’s and human’s show up with abilities specific to that skill.

Maybe this chart/tree or what have you doesn’t unlock till near the end of the game and the only way to get points for these is to do some end game content. Maybe you could unlock all the abilities over a long period of time playing the game? Fixed amount of points? What would you call these points? Simply Heave, Hell or Sanctuary points? Paragon points? What do you guys/gals think?

Thank you for your time.



Back in the early 90s I used to enjoy playing MUD games, specifically Angband (Still active today!) One of the more interesting features this game had was that every play through was different - the dungeons you traversed were randomised, and each time you went down the level increased in difficulty.

While I do like Rifts and GRs in Diablo 3, part of the problem for me is that over time you learn the maps and generally know the lay out. I think some of the elements from those MUD games could easily translate well into D4, giving it something a few players of old have asked for - endless dungeons. I appreciate that aligning GFX may be difficult if things are random, and perhaps Angband being ASCII made it work, but I am confident that Blizz could pull that off and give players a good place to grind - Endless dungeons, randomised, increasing in difficulty the deeper you go.

That’s a great idea you still have the % chance if it’s low, could be the best option for an infinite progress system, if done correctly only small boost in power by changing the effect of one spell/skill and it’s lore friendly.

You can maybe work it in your powers to make it more customizable, only unlocked with the correct amount of angelic, demonic or ancestral powers?
That maybe too much people are already of the mind that things are locked to them.

Instead of the Grim Dawn constellation make it the Tomes from Deckard Cain’s Library.
Then you can even link them to quests finding out more Diablo Lore as to go.
Or if you find Tomes as you level it unlocks them, but only to be used in end game. Giving more reasons to go back to older content in search of the Lost Tomes of Deckard Cain.
Linked to the achievements and so on.


I do like this idea but did they not do this in vanilla d3 with the enrage timer? I mean different to an extent but similar…i am familiar with the nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor and granted it was cool to have a mob move up in ranks and some power, i just hope they would keep a leash on it, as both games had very frustrating encounters when these mobs got super powered! I do like this idea though as i would really like to see some new and different mob systems in d4…beyond the normal trash/elites/bosses


Sounds cool! I know lots of ppl would like more depth when it comes to skills and the effects, but I think we sometimes forget that Bliz does have this system in D3 except its extremely simplified (ie. the skill runes but you cannot buff them up).

I honestly think that Blizz needs to add depth to these skills. I really like the idea of developing a skill to the point that I am ready to stop, not when blizz tells me (ie. you can put 10 points or all of them if you wish). I think that goes back to d2 that you can put 20 points into a skill or choose to spread your skills wide… I would love to build a character that is just all out fireball and do massive damage with fire. It really gives you control over how you build your character (ie. this is my minion necro, so im going to pile all my skills into minion skills and forego damage spells).

I do like your idea here because once you choose a pathway, then your future choices can atleast be supported by certain tree of damage , so if I do build some fireball sorc I could have different options (ie. heaven direction could change my fireball to radiant dmg that wouldn’t be blocked by fire resistance, or demon path would have poison or dot like dmg, etc.)

Cool idea!


I had a similar idea D4 Shared Skills. And i agree that have something like this could be better than a paragon system, since this is an horizotal progression that allow to create more unique characters instead of just get more power.

I fotgot about the enrage thing, it was cool except for the instant kill part. Sure, it could have a limit. An idea could be that if they become too strong, the monster is moved to a shared area and becomes a world boss :open_mouth:

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I like what you’re saying here. Lets go a little deeper on the Deckard Cain writings and discoveries of demons.

When Leah was betrayed and killed what did happen to Deckard Cain’s books/tomes? I know Leah was using them to study the evils and figure out where Azmodan was going to start his attack on Sanctuary. So from what I know, I might have missed something, Deckard Cain’s tomes are lost? Kept by someone else? Maybe Tyreal kept some of the tomes? I don’t know why Tyreal knows quite a bit since he’s been fighting hell for a long time…anyways.

In D4 lets say we stumble across one of Deckard Cain’s many books, scrolls or tomes. As we pick it up it goes into a separate tab, a lore tab if you will. As we find more through exploring, talking to towns people, quests, finishing dungeons etc. They go into this lore tab. Deckard wrote much of these to help fight hell’s minions, and I believe he wrote some on angels or found other ancient texts talking about angels and about other Nephalem.

Which going back to skills in my previous, post talking about Andariel’s poison nova, if we pick up a tome talking about Andariel’s abilities, this would make sense we could use this knowledge to our advantage, unlocking her ability. Eh?

If we have a skill and click on it and it opens a separate ability tree or what have you (Diablo lore chart, Nephalem tree, insert cool name) Andariel’s ability will be open to us to use on that certain skill it works with.

Another example:
You find a tome and it’s all about Azmodan. You read it and it unlocks more abilities lets say to all AOE (area of effect) spells. So now when you click on your meteor, whirl wind, or tornado skill, it opens up this new chart and you go to down to Azmodan and it says “All AOE spells leave behind a dark pool that deals x amount of damage for x seconds.” You decide I like this and equip it to said AOE skill. Now whenever you use it, the spell leaves behind that dark pool of Azmodan’s…poo.

Another example:
You find a tomb talking about Deckard Cain himself asking you to stay awhile a listen. You click on one of your buffing skills: auras, shouts, ice armor, tree skin etc and you see Deckard Cain over on the right on the Nephalem side of the chart and it states “All support skills gain increased mana, fury, spirit regen of x per second.” You like that and you put that on one of your support skills.

There’s so many different ways to do this. But I do like using Deckard Cain’s writings to unlock abilities. I believe it makes sense.

Where would these tomes, scrolls or books drop? Would they be trade able? Am I digging too deep here? Instead of a chart with all three of the different domains, Heaven, Hell and Nephalem. Maybe just have a page for each? Separate them? Turn to Hell’s page and you can see all of the abilities and lore for each demon, creature of Hell you’ve unlocked and haven’t unlocked? On the page maybe just right click on the ability and it’ll show all the skills it can be attached to? Only one ability per skill?

Going back to what you said ShoRim, what about being able to go back to certain areas in Diablo we haven’t been able to visit? For example areas in D1 and D2. D4 is going to bring almost the entire world of Diablo to life, it would be neat to visit old places and find lost tomes of Deckard Cain. This also leaves room for expansion opening new areas, new lore and new ablilities. And we stay in touch with Deckard Cain…for as long as his writings live on…he’ll never be gone.

Thank you for your time.


This is great. This is basically how d1 worked. One way to unlock spells in d1 was to find tomes. It would be really cool to bring this back as a means to upgrade your skills/spells.

D3 tomes basically unlocked legendarys that served no purpose other than cosmetic. Although cosmetic grinding is interesting to me, i do like your idea as it could unlock higher tiers of skills earlier on.

Giving players lots of different pathways to build their character will keep ppl invested in the game. Not to mention lots of players like to shake things up now and then. So i like the finding of these as an rng element


I would like to know what happen to the characters (player characters but also other NPCs) of the previous games. Maybe when we visit the places they use to be, we can find other NPCs that talk about them, or tomes/scrolls, or any other reference, like a tumbstone or something (but it would be nice if it was in the area they were and not in a random place, unless it has a story about how they got there).

Another thing would be to build old places. And they could even create some kind of rift (like the darkening of tristram event) that allow us to play a part of the old games. It could be done with key dungeons or something like that.


Personally, I would like to see return of the corpse mechanic from D2.

In all acts, except 4, there were enemies with reviving abilities. Depending on your play style, it often added a new depth to the game. In order to not be overrun or backstabbed, corpse removal was a thing, either by destructive skill or ice element. All in order to deny enemies assets.

Amazon and Sorc were the only chars I didn’t played as, but five out of seven classes, could utilize enemies corpses. Paladin and Druid regained health and mana from them. Druid could additionaly buff his wolves with them. Assasin and Necro weaponized them in various ways. Even Barb could search corpses for potions and more loot. And in Assasin and Necro’s case, the type of corpse was important as well.

D3 completly removed that. There are some strange meat packages that Necro uses there, but they are all the same. What’s more, I tried detonating one of the packages left by the fallen, and shaman revived them anyway, so it doesn’t work as resource denial either. It’s just bland.

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It sounds even better as it gets fleshed out, but to stop it being to powerful and to have you in a loot hunt that lasts longer I think making it for 1 spell/skill at a time prevents itt giving too much to soon. and in the Nephalem tree as you put it can also have many chapters with pages on the different monster families.
Things that we learn as we level on the lower creatures and as we grow we find out more, this part would just come from the interaction we have with them, if you kill them fast you may not see some of what they are capable of. The completionist in me is coming out or is that just OCD. lol.

So as I see it at this point the Tomes of Deckard Cain can have a Bestuary as well as Hell/Demonic, Heaven/Angelic and Sanctuary/Ancestral Powers, the Learnings of skills, unlocked Plans a World Map as seen by the character using it Fog of War type of thing and whatever else the Devs see fit to put here.

It would have to be done in a way that if people don’t want to sit and read the full text still unlock whatever is found, maybe at the end of a dungeon or zone the Tomes of Deckard Cain Icon at the bottom of the screen changes color, showing you that new information is there.
There are already narrations on things in D3 they can be used as a base of the needed text, no need to voice act them unless there is high demand form the community.

It can even be a story told in Pub that leads you on a Quest, so many options to build the story from and as stated bring back things from the rest of the Diablo Universe D1, D2 and D3. just not Whimsydale and the like.

I think it comes down to a LAG issue, too many corpses is just another thing to manage. Same as in Looter Shooters when bullet marks on walls fade, mostly a number thing I could be wrong.

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My thoughts on the super unique/world bosses of the demo and dancing the fine line of believable fantasy:

That would be great, i loved the Greater Mummy from D2. I think that mob would fit great with the monster families: buffing and supporting the others like they did in D2.

I just had the idea of, what if the enemies (or at least some) had something like the powers they talk about. That made me remember D&D with the caothic, neutral, lawful thing.

Monsers that have a caothic aligment, could work better alone and be very strong. While the lawful ones could work better in teams, buffing each other: maybe we could find monsters that move in formations and buff each other, with generals that support from behind.

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My biggest issue with D3 was how weapons are only a placeholder for stats. Finding a great sword for my witchdocter, and having it throw frogs or use a blow dart despite having the sword equipped, seemed silly. What’s the point of a weapon if your character literally doesn’t use it?


100% agree :smiley:
I hated that in D3
Monk with dual wielding? -> spins around a magically summoned pole
Monk with a dai bo? -> fights with fists

Sorc with a huge burning staff, casts her spells with her hands, the staff on her back

That kills immersion the most, for me

But i think, they are heading in the right direction with the arsenal system, allowing the barb only to use certain skills with a realistic fitting weapon


Discussion between Noxious and LLama

Dev’s should def give this a listen maybe at 1.25-1.5 times speed


aaah those 2 men of culture <3
can they just create a game on their own <3


I have updated the first post with relevant videos.

Sorry guys, D3 season 19 was over for me around 18 hours after season start. I got fully geared in 10h, went to Paragon 800 and finished the whole journey in 16-18h total and got bored out of my mind. That’s why I haven’t checked D3 forums in a while.

I was busy with D2 Ladder reset for the whole week grinding those fine Runes for Enigma, Hoto and Fortitude for Waheed, my loyal mercenary!

Now since Friday, I am busy with POE Metamorph League rocking my SpinToWin Cyclone slayer to level 100 :smiley:

I will check into the forum once a week to update the list with new videos that might pop up.

Cu in the next D3 Season in 3 months for another round of <24h of gameplay ^^


Thx for screwing my day lol :smiley: