Diablo II: Resurrected Survey: What changes do you want?

Hello everybody,

I created a survey to find out what changes Diablo 2 fans want to see in D2:R, and what changes they don’t want to see. I did my best to collect all popular / highly discussed suggestions. Sorry if I missed something important.

The survey contains 25 questions. The results will be published in ~ 12 days.

Here is the survey (you have to delete the space): https:// forms.gle/jFphMWfK2y9SQy5A7

To use Cains words… Stay a while and … take part in this survey :wink: Thank you!

Note 1: I already posted this on Reddit, but the more people take part in this survey, the better the data-quality will be.
Note 2: I know that there is a D2:R category, but I cannot post it there (you need to buy D2:R to be able to post there)

did you published the results?

The original post was from 5 months ago. The results were reported.

>4,000 respondent D2R reddit 25 question results are out - Diablo II: Resurrected / General Discussion - Diablo 3 Forums (blizzard.com)

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