>4,000 respondent D2R reddit 25 question results are out

There were 4,352 respondents where 99% reported playing either D2 and/or D2:LoD. The results summary is a PDF that I do not feel comfortable linking directly on this forum but it is linked at

Diablo II: Resurrected Survey: What changes do you want? : Diablo (reddit.com)

Borg generously copied the results for all to see:


Just want to throw in that the guy who did this survey is a “changes”-advocate (according to his reddit history)

So there are chances that these results are not legit as he wants to use them to push his own agenda.


There are a lot of supermajority results in that list. :open_mouth:


Oh, thats promising. It shows that nearly third of people who participated in this survey are strongly against big changes. It means that this changes will not be done though.


Ended up most of the questions I answered ended up a majority :man_shrugging:


You sure you read that right?

Looks like a majority of votes were for changes in basically every category including personal loot which I think is the biggest “topic”


Oh my gosh, you are funny RNA…“i do not feel comfortable linking directly on this forum but it is linked at” :rofl:

You can show us the results and you should be comfortable with that, no one hurts you even more i prefer somebody who gives access to Information which is for us important to know.

Thanks for this Link.


Anyway, lets see what Blizzard survey will show us. This is just Reddit thread, I didnt even heard anything about Reddit until yesterday.

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I only knew about it because of a Rhykker video that mentioned and linked it.

Ya I just wish I’d be allowed to participate in the blizz one also

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Majority - yes, but there also big part of community that is against. And 13-15% of people who are not sure. No one will make changes just because majority wants it, if other part of community is still huge.


No but it shows that the mix for change is much larger then people are saying.

It also gives an idea that possible change and options may become available in the future if the majority sticks.

I’m ok if they release as is and then touch up later or have options.
D2 has changed many many times already

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Just to clarify what I mean - if both parts are huge - they will consider making everyone happy. Options to toggle, different servers, etc.

Because no one will cut third part of community, just because other part is somewhow bigger.

If 90% of people will be for A, and 10% for B - that is valid reason to do only A, but if we have 35% for A, 45 for B and 20% somehow unsure - thats really different situation.

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Yeah I’m just gonna ignore this discussion further from you because your first sentence negated any opinion you have to me personally.

You’re not helpful, elitist

I want changes and I’ve played as long or longer then you and so have many others.

We all want something


you already have amazing game, try to look at in a state of bots, dupes, hack free.

why ruin something that works fine, every single game today, is being ruined by each patch, i guess you dont play to much today, but every, single, game out there, getting worse and worse each patch because they keep “trying” to balance and give more content for people that ask for, and it ends to be worse and die.


Also, 4k is nearly what we have on Path of Diablo servers. Maybe there was a post on PoD servers asking everyone to take a part in this poll) Just thinking things)

It’s not ruining it’s finding way to negate walk arounds
Improve speed and quality of life.

When you want to refresh a merchant you have to leave town and come back and click on merchant.

What about that Bear build that can sit at Baal and not die and just grab all the loot when it drop while the Bowazon who has to stay a screen back or die in hit ext doesn’t get any loot just because of the character that person is playing?
Why not just make a refresh at the merchant screen?
You’re going to do it anyways.

That’s just an example.

For major issues like personal loot ext options might be best suited for survivabilty.
You might want a free for all but someone else might hate the possibility of pickit and want personal.

Both of you would be happy with your options


making it faster to refresh makes you get the item you want faster, makes the item cost less, makes you get perfect item faster, your FUN ends FASTER.

its a proven irl fact, if things are easy and fast to get, they are getting boring, you lose purpose.

look at all these botters, not a single one of them playing anymore, because they achieved everything, they just sell the items, nothing else. a perfect example.


Oh you mean you don’t have to spend hours doing the out of town run?

Sounds terrible.

Would hate to have time to actually play the game

Also ring doesn’t just mean you’ll refresh a couple times and get that white wand base or whatever… you’d till gotta get it to appear

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dont want to spend hours? dont do it, no one forces you.
dont have time to play the game? dont

waitttttttt you dont like to work irl to get money for living? no problem, il talk to them, so you live for free, valid logic there.


Hey look you’re elitist leaked again.

We’re done