Diablo End Game, Please Keep the Soul Shards in the End Game

As Seasons ending, it would be good to keep also the soul shards. My experience from Season 30 so far , is that very few players plays parties. So i Believe the D3 End Game will remain for few peple like me which finally i liked it more than D4.
Thank you in Advance

I doubt it will happen. It was a specific theme to a season and part of the rotation.

They’ve already made the altar of rites and visions (tho both scaled down) to permanent status, this was to bring it to a more baseline incorporation vs the ‘wow factor’ of a true seasonal theme bonus.

If they made shards permanent the same logic would most likely apply and all you would succeed in doing is turning the good shards into mediocre shards as they would get the same balance pass.

Everyone would love ethereals back, I know I would, and I can’t wait till they show up in the rotation again, but what I don’t want is a systemic reduction in the appeal of the seasonal themes as they all get incorporated as ‘base game’

This leaves aside all the arguments of how, if you make them permanent, you will have ossified the meta as there will only be certain superior builds/shards ever because there is no more rotation of seasonal bonus that shifts (sometimes) what builds perform at what level and how the meta shifts around that.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the shards, I am too. I do not want them permanent, I want them held in the rotation as they are so as not to water them down should they be made permanent, which is the strategy employed on the last 2 themes that were made permanent.

Enjoy the season, there’s still plenty of time to go with it, before it leaves to go back into rotation.


People asked the same thing for a few seasons theme and they got their wish, but at what cost?

Those seasonal themes were nerfed to the ground, and most people don’t like it. :sunglasses:


Brilliantly said.

Watered down Altar, Visions and Nightmares are fine since they bring so much more to the game than just “Cool thing that grants power”. Same with LoD even. These can be weaker versions and still fulfill their main purpose.

Shards are great, keep them super strong.

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Seasons are not ending…
Funny when people are wrong already in the first sentence.
Happy hunting :slight_smile:


They are not ending.

S31 will have another old theme having its turn, maybe it’s Ethereals or the extra cube slot which in some cases is more powerful than it soinds. If the Shards were to remain permanent, they’d have to be nerfed to meaninglessness.


I wish they would add the Soul Shards to NS but unfortunately they didn’t even add the altar or visions. I see it as impossible the day when all the mechanics of all the seasons interact with each other even if they are heavily nerfed.

Personally I’d like to have most of the powerful seasonal themes active at once. Let us go ham for a bit, really snap the game in two. But I guess since it’d send waves of excess Paragon xp to the eternal realm after the fact, maybe not. Would be cool though.

I don’t remember all the season themes, but weren’t double goblins one of them lol? Hope the extra cube slot is next or Ethereals.
Edit!just read through the season themes which were introduced from season 14. Most of them are already implemented in the base game. A few lacklusters(double goblins, double bounty, shadows) no idea how they will deal with this

Much better idea would be to just let people choose which seasonal theme they want to play at the character creation screen. You should have the option of choosing Soul Shards or Crucibles or Ethereals every single season.

I think they Will allow players to keep tem, because they are not a reward. It is a droped item.

Sadly, when S30 finishes, all Souls Shards and Crucibles will (at least should based on last Soul Shard season experience) disappear from your inventory and will not get transferred to non-season.

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From the patch notes

Lastly, Soul Shards and Hellforge Embers only drop in Seasonal play, and will not transfer to your non-seasonal character when the season ends


So be It​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

But are you sure???:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thing is, while that would be fun for a shirt time, it would be a terrible idea for a whole season.

People are already doing like 130’s in 3 minutes this season right? Now add the 5ish levels from Ethereals (Or was it more?) then some here and there from free cube slots, 4th slot and free RoRg and people are going to do 140’s in 3 minutes. Like yeah sure it will be fun and interesting for a while but then how will that last anything close to a season’s worth of time? I haven’t even played that much this season and with all of that together I would already be clearing a 150, probably a while ago if that season 19 killstreak thing was also included.

Only cool thing about it would be that you could say you did a 150 with like DMO or whatever terrible build is at the bottom of the barrel.

I’m not really sure why this would be any less or more content of the seasons. Not hating on seasons or anything, but these themes are basically just mix ups of the core gameplay, playing the game again. I don’t have a problem with this; I really enjoy Diablo 3. But I’m not sure why being able to potentially push further greater rifts would be bad. The people that keep pushing and playing all season long are probably still going to. I think what you could mean is that you’ll reach a point where you’re satisfied with your build sooner and decide to go and play something else. Or I don’t know really. I’m ultimately just a casual Necromancer main that occasionally dips his toes into other classes, most often Monk and Crusader. Maybe it’s just me being casual and not caring about leaderboards, but I don’t particularly care about how others are performing; I just want to have a satisfying experience myself. That said, people who cheat one way or another to get ludicrous leaderboard scores; screw you guys. Ruining something presumably a crap ton of people enjoy.

Besides, if nothing else; I hope when they gear up in the future to shut down the servers that they’ll make it have full offline play where you can customize your season themes and such. If the game goes offline; I’d like to keep an offline version that I can dick around with.

The reason why I would be opposed to too much power is that the motivation to keep playing (for me at least) is the challenge and the goal to work towards.

So if you can reach that too easily the game would be a short affair like those people who only enjoy it for the season journey or whatever. Sure, you could argue that it would create motivation in the sense of you play with some really good build and get 150, maybe even to a level where you do them really easily, then use the paragon and gem levels that one gives you to see how far you can get with some crap build. And that could be the case. I just think there needs to be a challenge, be that skill or time, to the game to make it stay fun.

To be clear, I wouldn’t be all like no Blizzard you are stupid if there was a season like this. I am sure it will be quite fun and silly.

I don’t personally really care about the leaderboards either. In part because I know the amount of time I can/want to put into the game means I won’t be able to compete. Paragon and skill wise. I set my own goal for a season and if that puts me somewhere on there then cool, if not then also cool. It is a cool extra for me but not a big thing. It has given me a bit of motivation once or twice when I felt like I was struggling to keep pushing as that little extra achievement behind another level.

But screw those guys.

Totally agree. If they don’t give us an offline option then it will be so stupid. That would also allow people to mod the game and implement the changes they have been wanting for ages. Imagine some dedicated person doing balance changes to get everything more in line and all that. Would be great.