Diablo 4 open trading = longevity

If you can’t do this. Diablo 4 will literally just be like diablo 3. We will play it for awhile, realize how shallow it is, then give it up like d3. D3 was fun for a few, but without trading, the endgame was literally just grinding GR’s for more power. Extremely boring.

PK in D2 was the ultimate endgame.


I’m sure the whole point of bind on account was to deter not only botting, but also illegal item shops. So unless they can without a doubt guarantee that they can stop all bots, open trading will likely not become a reality outside something similar to the 2 hour/game players limitation that we currently have with D3.

Since Blizzards track record of stopping bots is basically non existent, expect a similar trade restriction like D3 has.


He already knows that, he doesn’t care.

He only wants to bot so he can sell the proceeds to lazy dimwits, because there’s always stupid enough people who will go to third-party sellers to get what they think are the best drops.

Nevermind the fact that trading goes completely against the nature of a Diablo game - which is to :zap: get loot by killing monsters :zap:

And that is why ya’ll will NEVER get open trading in another Diablo game. Go back to the sewer known as Diablo 2.

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D4 has PVP. So no worry about it. Of course whether D4 players will play it or not, it is different story.

99ing is my ultimate D2 endgame, but D3 endgame is a total :sleeping:. The way D4 is looking thus far I’ll have it uninstalled in 3 months and will be back on D2.


To be fair it’s not like removing trading did a whole lot to deter botting anyway. Diablo 3 is rampant with it just like Diablo 2 was.

Pretty much anything that takes a decent time investment to get will result in botting, and the loot grind is a core design of Diablo so this will always be a problem until Blizzard decides to put in the effort to actually try to police it.

Personally I like being able to target very specific items that I want but wont drop for me, which trading allows.

But I can live without trading if Diablo 4 offers an alternative way of doing that. Preferably something better than Diablo 3’s “Here, have more slot machine tries” systems.




Either way the point is that the core Diablo concept leads to people wanting to bot, and the only way to really deal with it is Blizzard actually giving enough of a damn to put enough resources behind doing something about it.


I wouldn’t mind open trading… As long as there is no feasible way to automate the item collection method.

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If Blizz actually built a game completely inspired by D2 LoD and dropped everything D3, I would pay $120 for the game and pay $20 a month bnet user fee if it meant Blizzard used my monthly fees to decimate botters hackers and item stores, including jsp.


As somebody who has played a lot of WoW, let me tell you:

A monthly fee isn’t going to get them to get off their collective butts to do anything about botting. Blizzard is more likely to try to change the core design of the game to discourage it(leading to disastrous results) than they are to have anti-bot measures worth a damn.



Yeah but even 90s Blizzard wouldn’t =P

So it’s little more than academic.

I don’t think the BN team could repeat what they did making D2 LoD. The franchise died with that game.


Then go back to it, noone’s stopping ya.


I doubt anyone could repeat it. Reportedly they didn’t even have much in the way of an actual planned out design document for the game. They just started making it.

Which by all accounts shouldn’t have produced nearly as good of a game as it did, and from what we know about the direction Brevik wanted to go for D3 it probably wouldn’t have been as good even if they stayed on.

D2 seems like lightning in a bottle for the most part.

I wouldn’t say the franchise died with that game, but Diablo 3 really isn’t what a successor should have been.


I think the D2 team was dialled into higher intelligence.

That being said, the posts in the d2 jsp trade forum occur every 1-5 seconds to this day, which bounces back to the OP.


So, for almost two decades that third party real money transaction website has been very popular when it comes to trading in-game items for cash? Please, tell us why open trading is a good thing when it allows credit card warriors to gear more effectively than bashing monsters in the face.


You’re right, the idea is to get loot to kill monsters. One of things I liked about D2 was that if I got loot I wasn’t going to use, I could go and try to trade it for gear that I would use. It’s still about the gear hunt, it just gives players another means to use gear they did find that is otherwise useless.

However, the key would be to have the drop rates set so the gear feels valuable, legendary items feel rare but not impossible to the point that trading feels mandatory to succeed. I never felt like trading was mandatory to succeed in Diablo 2 or Grim Dawn, unlike Path of Exile.

Trading can fit in an ARPG just fine if handled correctly. Seems to work just fine in Grim Dawn and Titan Quest, though the key difference is no leaderboards.

Remove the competitiveness of the game and perhaps those that are willing to use a credit card to get ahead won’t feel as much reason to do so.


If D4 ends up being another D3 or worse? Which I think it will be the case. One of the biggest problems is that they are taking the core of D3 and adding little things from other games. This is a bad idea. You’re no longer a leader who revolutionizes the genre.

Allowing the trade of junk between players doesn’t sound inspiring at all. Video game players generally have a high executive function, which isn’t required for D3, and I don’t think the D4 team can make a game good enough to hold players attention for very long. A big part of D2’s success is trade interactions.