Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 | Has Ended

Been having issues with making a game all day yesterday and today and the one time I did get into a game the latency and lag was so bad that I couldn’t even see my character on the screen or close out the game through the ESC menu I had to end it through task manager

Is there any updates on PTR? I have been trying to start the game since 10 AM PST and it keeps giving me a warning message for game creation: code 30002 and game joining code 30002. This the worst start to a season since I have been playing since season 5.

Not as yet

PTR is back up. I have a post here to address some of the fixes and changes.


Has the issue with live-to-PTR copying been resolved?

This is confirmed updated and fixed. I’ve also included this in the list for the 3/11 update for clarity and confirmation.


Great, thanks.

Honestly I think ss26 will be a boring season again. Nothing new is here except legendary gems can be socketed on armors. In my opinion, reworking the gameplay, items set like Tragoul avatar, Tal rasha is gonna have more fun


Are you sure about that? You might want to see this. :point_down:


Thanks for your update. But, I mean nothing new is on at season 26 if everything won’t be changed from now. Echoing nightmares just like the Trial about 6 or 7 years ago. Buffing Raekor set and Nerf Fire ally monk, it is so boring. Why dev don’t remake the set items like Tragoul Avatar or Tal’ Rasha…

Please bring back soul shards or let us insert level 25 gems in armors. What we have now, echoing nightmares, it’s really not a new thing. I am glad it’s included, but it’s not exciting as soul shards were. I feel the season 26 is going to be underwhelming.

This game is ten year old and I don’t think many people played it anymore. So I don’t understand why blizzard is so restrictive with D3. What do blizzard have to lose besides more players. I get that they won’t add new contents, but why not bring back changes that they already made like soul shards, fourth cube slot, etc.

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Still can’t get in since yesterday. Error 1011

I’ve very liked the season, where you can cube 4 items… not much change but has a huge possibility. Make it “real”!! :smiley:

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I have to agree with others, I’m not impressed… changes with maps and closing rifts OK… new game mode survival bounty rift looks boring compared with shadow clones who were part of GR… some dmg bonus ? last season with new gems was a little much… season 24 was great… there was dmg bonus, something to collect, idea with a rare weapon that u want to find… not a social experiment where you lock yourself in a room with friends… almost no changes in sets :confused: … otherwise the barb that plays the petanque with the stone looks really awful… a lot of runes look great but it makes no sense to use them and that’s a shame…

Tried a simple Invoker setup using punish and comparing it with slash.

The 2 piece bonus of thorns damage hitting all enemies around a 15 yard radius does not proc with punish or slash.

Punish seems to have better overall damage, but only for a single target whilst slash hits everything within the arc, but with lower damage and less damage reduction.

Just bring back Etherals or keep the gems we have now. I mean great we have something to get xp quicker but still takes forever. The gear that drops is still lack luster at the end of echoing. Etherals gave me something to search for and was fun to actually get even if it didn’t have the right talent. Your endgame system does nothing for average player imo. And why do we still not have a system to auto pickup matts like really not that hard to write into game?


The lack of set changes is a disappointment. Please reconsider some further changes to multiple classes. Let’s get some variety as we go into season 26 please.

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The levelling of experience is very fast as I level from expert mode level 48 to level 70 Paragon 26 in less than 30 minutes by using 5 petrified screams in echoing nightmare.

Well after pretty complete testing im already bored with the new season on test and i will say im average for daily play time. New gr changes are nice but echos become boring as hell and with nothing else to go after new in the loot hunt this season will be dead as a doornail in 2 weeks after launch. Please add something like etherials or hell anything to hunt after


Yupp, the best sesons were the ones that made us to hunt after items. This is the heart and soul of the game after all. Not some gimicky effect, or silly dungeon.