PTR 2.7.3 | Now Live - PTR Updates Thread

PTR 2.7.3 testing will is now live. We will keep this thread updated for any major news related to PTR status, known issues, and more.

Don’t forget to take a look at the patch notes, and visit our full blog here

As a reminder, this forum is for PTR Feedback. Please direct any feedback or suggestions regarding Patch 2.7.3 to the PTR Bug Forum .


Character Copy Bug: Character copy is currently not working as intended and will not transfer non-seasonal characters from live. This is currently under investigation.

Game Stability Issue: An issue related to Djank Mi’em bags are disrupting game stability and causing crashes for some players. This is currently under investigation.

Both issues have been resolved. Please see the latest blue post.


PTR has been updated with the recent stability issues serviced. We are now monitoring for stability as well as functionality. We appreciate your patience on this and will continue to share news as updates come in. Please see the list below for the updates recently implemented.

3/11/2022 - Update List

  • Character copy has been fixed
  • Stability issue fix to resolve server crashes.
  • Adjusted the way XP is granted from Echoing Nightmare–should now grant a single chunk.
  • Fixed Legendary Gems from PTR Bag of Gems to no longer be socketable into armor.
  • Removed Gold from PTR Bag of Fortune