Diablo 3 Crashing to desktop constantly

As the name suggests my game has been crashing constantly.
I went AWOL on it for about 3 years and came back to play with a friend. Prior to now I have NEVER had any crashing issues for D3.

Since installing D3 again, it crashes randomly, and with blizzards joke of an error system I cant even get a propper error code to try and fix it myself. I contacted support and asked for help and the useless incompetents there just sent me here and said “ask the community”. Im aware blizzard support is a joke but I didn’t realise to this degree.

Rant over, things I have tried below. + specs
64GB 3600MHz Ram
Drivers all updated and not corrupt.

Solutions tried:
Run as admin
Disable Background applications
Reinstalled Graphics Drivers
Repaired game files
Updated Windows
Reinstalled Battle.net
Ran the program in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and 7.
Reset ingame settings
Did a full SFC /Scannow
Windows Memory Diagnostic.
Disabled any OC on the system
Reinstalled DirectX fully from scratch
Clean boot
Reinstalled VisualC++ Entirely
Changed NVIDIA GPU settings (Power management full, Threaded optimization on, Vertical sync Off)

Give me something. Anything to work on here. This is such a joke for a computer thats running almost all New age games on ultra with 0 stutter but cant run some 2012 released game.

What in game Video Quality settings are you running?

This really normal it happens to me too. You have to live with it Sorry. No matter what you think you can try it will not fix it!!!

Ive tried all maxxed out and all as low as possible. both result in the same crash

What about your Anti-virus?
Have set it to not scan D3?

Did you change your GPU driver in the last 3 months? If yes, maybe try to install an older driver version.

Could be that a newer driver version is “incompatible” with D3.

Are you sure? Maybe there is some BIOS OC Feature on e.g Turbo Mode


I have played D3 on almost everything in the house. Laptop, computer in the backroom & my main computer. They all crash to the Desktop. It isn’t the computers it is Battle-net. A family member plays WOW it crashes to the desktop. Like I said no matter what you tell the OP or the OP tries you are not going to fix it!!!

Not everyone is crashing to the desktop – I don’t for one. And the last time I did was years ago…

If it’s really the Battle.Net app that is crashing the system – then close it every time you launch a game. There’s even an option to do that.

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I’m not crashing at all on any of Bliz’s games, Davey, not mention the lack of continous reports of the same problem from everyone who tries to play. So you are sorely mistaken about it being a Battlenet problem.

The problem is that many, you included it seems, don’t understand that there is an entire internet between a player and Bliz, meaning 1000s of miles of hardware and software all owned and maintained by multiple entities, any of which can destabilize a connection.

Even with that said, by your description above, you’re probably right: it’s not your computers, but it absolutely could be your network seeing it’s the common denominator among all your computers. And based off your posts in other forums, you don’t seem to have nearly the problems you’re claiming to have here.

So please leave out the hyperbole and misinformation about someone’s technical issues, especially since you aren’t privy to anything about their situation.

All I’m saying it does crash to the Desktop, But not all the time. When it does crash to the Desktop I always get a pop up box on the screen from Battle-net asking what I was doing at the time of the crash. I haven’t had one of those for awhile. So it is battle-net that is causing the problem. It isn’t the internet that cause that. Plus when I do have internet problem I don’t get a warning box from Battle-net.

Plus all video games will crash to the desktop here and there not just Battle-net games. When is happens do I jump onto some forum and start asking a lot question. No most of the time I’ll research it. Plus about 80 to 90% of the time it is the game causes the problem.

Been playing computer video games for a long long time something like 45yrs. I don’t worry about the small stuff.

As I already said, obviously not, or there would be a deluge of reports about it.

All that pop is doing is providing you with a crash report code so that the crash report could be looked up by Bliz if you submitted a support ticket. So it absolutely could be the internet. It could be anything.

So the game crashes to desktop. The game gives me a pop box. The game gives me a crash report code. But It’s not the game it is something else!!! “WOW”

Plus 99% of the time it always happens when I’m in TOWN just standing there!!!

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I never said that Davey. You even included my statement “It could be anything.” in the quote you grabbed.

I only said that if it was anything you’ve tried to claim here, there would be a constant inundation of reports. And, that the cause of the crash report window could be caused by anything, which includes the game client.

You seem to be desparately trying for some kind of ‘gotcha’. But you’re not going to be able to achieve that by putting words in my mouth.

Please try to stay focused on the words said, and not change or fabricate new ones.

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You can also run Diablo III from the command line if you want to bypass the Battle.Net app entirely. There are a couple of options like -launch and maybe -w or -window to run it in windowed mode. That would definitively exclude the Battle.Net app as a cause.

I haven’t had a Diablo III crash in a long time. Only issue I’ve had in years was a few weeks ago when I got kicked from a server and my account got rolled back about 3-5 paragon.

For what it’s worth, I recall Razer drivers were an ongoing issue with D3. That could be worth checking.

also maybe some useful info here:

Although I’m on a Mac I recently resolved this crash on game launch issue on my father’s Mac, I simply had them change to an SSD as start up drive (external 1 TB drive) and poof problem went away. Just my 2 cents worth.