Diablo 2 now discounted 67% off!

Quick! Time to buy Diablo 2 remastered. It actually looks better than Diablo 3 in some ways.

Diablo® II: Resurrected™ | Necromancer Class Trailer - YouTube

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Hmm… They usually put the game on sale after a ban wave. Not seeing any whine threads about being banned for botting on the other forum that must not be named.

I guess it’s just an early Black Friday sale.


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Even better, get into the action with less baddies.

It still plays like a two decade+ old game though.


That’s not a bad thing.


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I would strongly disagree. D2 was a trailblazer, sure, but there’s plenty of things that can and have been done a hell of a lot better game play wise in the going on 24 years since its release.

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Eh, to each their own. The remaster of the game says enough for the players that do agree. :blush:

Of course, and people are free to like what they like, seeing as it took 6+ months to reach 5 million sales though the brunt of the gamers seems to agree that the game did not in fact age like wine.

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I don’t really think they intended D2:R to be a blockbuster… It was more of a “paid maintenance update” to get it on par with modern operating systems along with an extra bonus of an enhanced graphics wrapper.

It had the added effect of drawing the old crowd back into Diablo to help prime the sales of D4.


I would imagine the intent is always to make as much money as they can.

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Diablo 3, Diablo 4 and Immortal made more money than D2R within 6 months. Just saying.

OK…? Did you just say that to imply it’s a worse game than D3, D4 and Immortal? :man_shrugging:

Diablo 3, Diablo 4, Immortal NOR D2:R would exist without the original Diablo 2. Just saying.

D2 and D2R wouldn’t exist without Diablo.


The point is you can see which games appeal more to today’s gamers. :sunglasses:

Or, perhaps gamers in general crave new content more than nostalgia.

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I decided to replay Starcraft (again) a while ago so the two decade+ thing is fresh in my memory. Almost on the Broodwar Zerg campaign for like the 20th time now.

And in that game’s case it really doesn’t feel that dated while when I last played D2 about 8 years ago it felt more dated to me. But that is because of specific improvements each genre made.

That is true. Can’t really make any specific argument for RTS as that was never my cup of tea though.

I keep seeing that argument… Let’s compare it with Diablo 3, which took around 3 years to reach 30 million copies sold. You can look up google to reach news articles that is dated 2015 (Aug '15 to be exact, while game released in May '12) and those even linked in Wikipedia pages.
By average, that translates to 10 million copies a year, and that makes 5 million copies in 6 months as well. That is not considering RoS released in 2014 and D3 handed out free copies with 6 month subscription to WoW when it first came out. At first year D3 sold about 12 million copies and some of those were free copies for World of Warcraft subscriptions.

I wouldn’t call either of D2R and D3RoS a failure, or cross arms to look over them. To add, yeah; people don’t feel like paying up for a game they have been playing for two full decades with no major points. That’s not a big surprise at any account.

D3 sold over 12 million copies the first 7 months. Clearly any game will sell less over time.

The first “year” as you put it was 7 months given that the game released in may, and there was 1.2 million copies that was via WoW, so even discounting that that’s 11 million sold.

And with discounting the WoW promotion D3 sold more than 5 million copies in the first week as well.

I didn’t either, so that’s entirely beside the point.

Well, that didnt take long to devolve.