Diablo 2 now discounted 67% off!

Diablo free speech is an incredible thing.

Small update boys, discount ends monday!

Nah, just adolescent bickering.

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I still can’t get beyond the extremely crude animations.

In 2000, those were the :poop:

No, they were really just :poop:
Quake had smoother animations in 1996.

The graphics were “crap” because Blizzard made games that ran on potato computers… The reason they did that is because more people could buy and play the game without the need for hardware upgrades to play… They for the most part still do this, or at least enable their games to run at a much reduced visual workload to run on less capable systems.

I started playing the OG on an AMD K6-300 with an 8MB voodoo2, it played fine. The “loading doors” were still prevalent back then. I also played the latest version of OG on an old netbook that sported one of the first Intel Atom processors, it ran fine.

Remember the original Crysis? Yeah it didn’t sell well at the start, because you needed a several thousand dollar top of the line rig just to play it at a somewhat acceptable frame rate.

“But can it run Crysis?” :stuck_out_tongue:

You shut your dirty mouth!

In resurrected the game uses 3d models now, these models get lighting and very smooth high frame rates animations, including animations for turning while running and stopping. The animations are an upgrade to Diablo 3. Additionally the path finding code has been improved so you don’t get stuck on doors or corners.

I Have it. I’ve seen it. They chose to make the animations bad, again, for nostalgia reasons. Originally Diablo II animations were frame locked at 24fps now they just look that way.

Everything was a potato computer back then but there were dozens of games with better animations that had lower requirements. You actually needed a fairly stout computer to run it when released.

I am curious if we have different graphic settings? For me they don’t look locked. I played Diablo 2 vanilla and went straight to Diablo 2 resurrected, it was fresh in my mind when noticing comparisions.

Now go from Diablo III to Diablo II resurrected and you’ll see what I mean. They could have greatly improved the animations and chose not to.

i played the d2r season, the worst part of it for me in doing ladder or season is it not like d3 in doing rifts or bounties, i would never wanna play another campain in d3 but that is what d2r forces us to do over and over , go through act one to five in three different modes, normal , nightmare and hell. that gets so old, then its on to cow and baal runs cow runs for gear and baal runs for xp