DI = bigger disaster than Wolcen

Anyone who isn’t aware of the Wolcen fiasco, it’s basically this:

  • it was in Early Access for several years, the Alpha was great and had so much promise.
  • the Beta removed many of the features that made the Alpha great, like the rotating camera view & the unique elemental staff attacks, and it began a downward quality spiral that the game has never recovered from.
  • Wolcen was released with an incomplete story mode, an entire act missing. It was meant to be added in over time, but they focused on stupid fluff content instead, like badly designed endgame.
  • Its itemization is plain hideous, nothing worth farming for.
  • 2 years after release its story mode is still incomplete with no Act 4 to speak of.
  • Wolcen lost 95% of its playerbase within 2 months of release and this year it can’t even manage more than an average of 200 active players.
  • Wolcen devs seem to have vanished from the earth. No communication for the longest time since they abandoned their crappy “road map”.

Now look at DI. Less than a month after release it’s already being shunned by the majority of players and faces potential total cancellation in the country it was originally designed FOR. Streamers are abandoning it in droves, and gamers are universally united in their bitter disappointment and almost-hatred for both the game and its developer, who has been on very thin ice for the longest time as it is.

Just when we thought they couldn’t sink any lower, they manage to surprise us. Blizzard seems to be on a complete and total communication blackout, with its community managers & game programmers/directors completely avoiding Discord & Reddit - the very platforms they encouraged us to reach them on instead of the dreaded Blizzard official forums that they fear so much.

All this made worse by the fact that far too many DI features appear to be copied from D4. Just a few examples:

  • shared open world with other chumpstains getting in your way and stealing your kills
  • Elder Rifts and stupid crests
  • world bosses on a timer that will FORCE you to group up with others - meaning you won’t be allowed to solo them.

It’s like being on the Titanic at this stage; damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Now I haven’t touched much of D:I, but if it’s worse than Wolcen (which I had played) then that’s saying something.


I haven’t played DI, but when I head the ridiculous P2W model and having to join a group to advance, it was a deal breaker for me. I had no interest what so ever to download the game. I mean, I don’t mind paying a few bucks here and there for cosmetics and stuff, but the amount of money people put into the game for a chance at a powerup, is just plain ridiculous. I also think you should be able to solo the entire game if you want.


Combat-wise Wolcen is more fluid, as long as you played via offline mode. Server performance was atrocious. Wiped stashes, missing toons, corrupt saves. A true :poop:hole

Itemization is also godawful, no legendary abilities to speak of, nothing worth grinding for. Beta removed a lot of features that made Wolcen stand out from other games. And it was a straight shot downhill from there.

Devs got arrogant like Blizzard’s - although they didn’t have a leg to stand on because they have zero success stories under their belt, and ignored most crucial feedback. So players abandoned them in return. And since they haven’t made any other games before or since, this is pretty much the end of them. I heard the company disbanded or something, and Wolcen was sold to another game studio.

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That completely turned me off from the game before I even knew how predatory the mtx were. You should be able to solo everything in a Diablo game and grouping should always be entirely optional. I don’t like the world bosses and shared world they are doing in D4. Diablo should be first and foremost a single player franchise.



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A good question :slight_smile:

We will have our first update here in the next few weeks as we get to the tail end of the current Battle Pass. We will detail out some of our content cadence in the post. Expectations for the next update will focus in on the BP as well as some features, fixes and etc.

As we’ve noted in the past, bigger gameplay content features will be free for users so expect more to the story and so forth in the future for everyone to experience


I completely disagree with the premise of this post.

Blizzard is playing with house money here. If Immortal made them billions, then it was a bonus. They’re almost certainly not going to lose money on the deal.

What are they gaining, however, is enormous. This is a throwaway title for them that protects their main asset, D4. They can throw every piece of trash monetization garbage at this to see what sticks. The amount of data they are generating from this title will not only inform decisions for D4 but potentially multiple future titles. Not only are they testing the acceptable limits, but each major release that pushes the envelope further acclimates users to more and more aggressive monetization practices.


But what if DI makes a lot of money than D4 in the future? Will they abandon D4 support to move the D4 budgets to DI?

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As one of the main defenders of D:I on the forum, what are your thoughts on the fact that Maxroll has discontinued their D:I coverage due to a multitude of reasons? Are their points valid?


I don’t remember subscribing news from MicroRNA or ShadowDragon. :yawning_face:

And I don’t care about Maxroll. :rofl:


in terms of disasters DI is like the Hindenburg landing on the Titanic


You do not need to care about maxroll. I asked you:

I was asking for your thoughts on their comments and whether their points are valid.

The Decision

Canceling a game we’ve cumulatively put 10,000+ hours of work (and a ton of developer money) into is not something we do lightly. In fact, we’ve never discontinued a game before. Unfortunately, recent events highlighted below drove us to this decision:

  1. Economic Structure. This is by far the biggest reason we’re discontinuing the Diablo Immortal Branch. The predatory Pay-To-Win system greatly exceeds what’s considered the norm for mobile gaming. Gambling addictions are real and can completely destroy lives. Even if 99% of players have perfect impulse control, we still can’t stomach what happens to the other 1%. This is completely against our values and we will not remain a part of this any longer.
  2. Disengagement & Community Response. The disappointment we felt at launch aligns with the community’s. Not just from the P2W perspective, but about the game itself. While we are not game designers, we can’t believe this is the state of the game after nearly 2 years of testing and feedback.
  3. Unrewarding Gameplay. From Hell I difficulty to Hell II and beyond, your progression comes to a screeching halt. You can either grind 8+ hours a day (despite the multitude of hidden caps) for 5, 10, 15 Combat Rating upgrades, or break down and go to the shop and get a lot more. It’s a terrible feeling that extinguishes motivation to log in.
  4. Money Isn’t Everything. Even with a poor reception, our Immortal Branch would continue to generate revenue on our end. Life is about more than money though, it’s about doing the right thing. As said throughout this post, we are sticking to our core values. We are walking away from 1.5 years of collective work, time, missed events and family obligations, development time and expensive costs to do the right thing by us and you.
  5. Lack of Remedy. Finally, as a team we discussed “What would it take for us to re-open the Immortal Branch”? Aside from severely limiting the infinite Pay-to-Win system and giving Free-to-Play players a real chance, we don’t see a path forward for us. This is why we chose to shut down the branch prior to the first major update - we don’t envision Blizzard implementing a remedy strong enough to truly bridge that gap.

Closing the Branch

Our community matters more than anything else to us, so we’re keeping all guides live on the site for a short period of time (no further updates will be made). This will allow anyone to re-read any guides they need information on, and even copy information over in case they might forget it.


your not going to get a straight answer out of them on this they have no interest in responding to anything that casts Blizzard in a negative light they cant even fathom the possibility of them being wrong

I told you I don’t care about maxroll and what they think either. Is there any reason why do you so obsessed with getting my “approval”? :rofl:

Like how you failed to stop 45% of US players from contributing to DI’s 24 million revenue? :rofl:

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Percentages contributing to D:I MTX on a statistic, doesn’t mean 45% of US players play the game. Your phrase lack abit of context.
There could be hundred thousand players playing the game all around the world, and only thousand of them actively buying something and it happen to be 450 of them from United States. This is what the statistic chart said; a percentage.

You don’t have exact numbers, it could be too large or too low, as whales only consist of 0.1% of entire playerbase on ocassion.

So you don’t care about biggest outlets in the community. Noted. Then let me ask; any specific reason for that?

You haven’t played D:I yet because of regional restrictions but you defend it. What gives? You complain that people who berate D3 didn’t play it, and you were right too. But you think it’s righteous to defend a game you didn’t play? There be times you make sense but there are times like this there’s none.

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doesnt matter how you explain it they will try and twist the statement to fit their own narative in fact you watch as soon as i post this comment they will once again respond with some childish reply that attempts to goad me into becoming upset and simultaneously defend Blizzard

its sad to see people so blindly simp for a company that doesnt care if they do it and im not going to entertain their delusions by even responding to anything else they have to say

ive been called everything from a crusader a troll or just a spoiled self entitled child but nonetheless im not silent in my opinion that Blizzard has messed up and im not the only one that beleives that just look all over the internet 99% of the people speaking on this are all in agreement Diablo Immortal is headed for disaster and Blizzard cant see it

I am just interested in hearing what you have to say to counter their arguments. To date, you have provided none in this thread.

Good question.

Next, did he actually say that he has not played D:I yet?

Have you played D:I yet?

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thats because they have none that can reasonably support their position they are so intent on arguing their point regardless of lacking any logical evidence to support it

all they see is poor Blizzard being picked on and they have to rush to its defense

Hasn’t addressed a damn thing.

Maybe they been working on Immortal?