DH Impale gets the shaft

Demon Hunters not getting a melee Ethereal means Impale is getting the shaft for the season. Losing the 6k damage buff for wielding a melee weapon isn’t compensated for by the Ethereal buffs.

Is this something that can be addressed?

Even if it is just a generic Ethereal Sword or Dagger for all classes, it’d be a nightmare farming it but at least Impale could be played with the benefits of the season.

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Meh, even if there was an ethereal weapon for it, who’s playing Impale over GoD? Unless the Shadow set gets buffs there’s not much point in an ethereal which is for that build only.

either play shadow as it is or play something else it’s not the only dh build

Besides, Shadow Impale is not the only DH build “getting the shaft”. UE Multishot also gains pretty much nothing from ethereals.

Get over it. The ethereals won’t be treating all builds equaly. Do you have any idea how difficult that would be to make them equal to all builds? In such short time?

There, have a flag. There’s no need for verbal attacks.

There’s been 4-5 months since the last PTR.
Wasn’t that long enough to realise that DHs might need a melee Ethereal?

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Sure but that wasn’t really the point.

The point was that once the ethereals were created, balancing them to treat all builds equaly would be challenging in such short time.


Here’s a UE example. While the ethereal Windforce does buff Multishot significantly, it still lacks extra discipline and more importantly the big RCR. So even though you’ll hit overall harder with Multishot while using that weapon per attack, your attack rate drops down to the ground since Multishot will now eat your hatred too fast. Thus overall benefit is lacking for UE as well.

Many other builds for other classes on the other hand gain much more power from ethereals. They don’t treat all classes and builds equaly.

there was nothing here to read that made sense :slight_smile: go on

Shadow set requires a melee weapon equipped. So cubing Karlei’s Point and equipping ethereal weapon with Dawn power isn’t an option.

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right, sry :slight_smile:

its also really sad to see the classes getting their duo weapon + offhand set get buffed a few patches again to 400% alikes and now theres that ethereals just for D2:R stuff instead of something that makes sense

Cant remember any daggers or knifes in d2 except wizspike but thats already taken.

Fully agree that impale have ZERO benefit from the ethereal weapons. There isn’t any melee ethereal weapon for DH. Impale set is always unappreciated and left out from the crowd.


I bet anything i have that the highest Shadow clear will not even be in the 1000th range of the other sets clears , Assuming of course some1 is crazy enough to even play Shadow this season…
I mean u can hardly clear 120 and in PTR wirh no augments and speedfarm build i cleared 120 in 7 minutes…
Tell me 1 reason ANY KIND OF PERSON out there will play shadow!

I don’t even play DH but my friends do and even I’m deeply saddened they didn’t add/switch a melee Ethereal in. Would’ve been fun to see. Shadow used to be a pretty decent RGK a few seasons back.

Hope someday blizz make shadow set buff chakram too


Unlikely. The issue is that the PTR testing cycle is for tuning, not for the creation of new assets (i.e. new artwork, item properties, etc.). If they were to add a 4th ethereal for DH, they would also need to add one for the other classes for balance as well; that’s a lot of extra work.

The best band-aid solution I could think of was to flag the hand-crossbow as a dagger BUT it would then need the restriction that it would need to disable the use of Rain of Vengeance. Otherwise, it would be too strong with a Natalya + Shadow hybrid (N6/S2) build.

However, this idea may not be easily implementable as there would need to be a clean way to (a) flag weapon types as multiple types (i.e. hand-crossbow AND dagger), and (b) disable particular skills while wearing certain items. If either of these tasks are too hard or time-consuming, then the developers will have to skip Shadow Impale altogether.

This isn’t a difficult a problem to solve:

  1. Make an Ethereal Quiver that has no art assets.
  2. Call it “Ethereal Skull Lance Quiver” or ‘Ethereal Titan’s Revenge Quiver’.
  3. Give it 200% to Melee Damage and the other treatments.
  4. Cross this complaint off the list.

Any buff to Chakram would be welcome. Just give us something, Blizzard.

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The inventory icon itself is an art asset, but I suppose they could just copy-paste an existing quiver icon + teal background. Also, they specifically only wanted to make ethereal weapons based on D2 lore; there are no special quivers in D2. Next, giving DH special treatment would not be fair to other classes (e.g. Wiz source, WD mojo, Necro phylactery, Monk daibo, Crusader 2h flail, Barb 2h mighty weapon).

I’m not against such an idea, I would prefer if Shadow Impale had an ethereal they could use. But it’s just too late and I’m just being realistic.

This is OCD thinking. D3’s S24 is really a blank canvas, it can be anything – it doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of D2 and clearly it isn’t when you look at the items.

Well Iria, we have a fundamental problem here. A major set is excluded from using any Ethereal item. Maybe they can spend an hour and think of something beneficial to the other 6 classes since we have to make everyone happy?

Like other patches we’ve witnessed, loose ends are so easy to fix. I too agree this is the final version of the PTR.

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