Damage Meters in D4

I would like to see a way to measure DPS in game, if by a passive damage calculator that tallies damage after an encounter or if by a training dummy in town. Sometimes damage isn’t as easy as sheet DPS and I do t have the skill with excel to be able to calculate every skill/gear combo to find an optimal build. With a way to measure damage, players can make more informed decisions in regards to gearing choices.


The game already supplies a damage calculator: Time how fast a particular monster dies when you smack it. The game will calculate your damage and deduct it from the monster’s life bar until it’s dead. Change the thing you want to change, and see if that same monster type dies faster or slower. If it dies faster, your DPS is now higher. If it dies slower, you’ve lowered your DPS.

Been using that method for years, works pretty good.


I’m more leaning on the side that they should not try to reduce a character’s worth to a single number.

Which in my experience is typically what happens with damage meters.


Training dummy fine, dps meter for yourself too. But not for groups.

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Yeah, I remember how that fat blob in Act 3 was used as a yardstick, whatever it’s stupid name is which for the life of me I can’t remember! Ha!

Man, imagine how much lag a damage meter in D3 would produce trying to calculate the ridiculous numbers. The game already starts to sputter on its own with certain builds at certain levels.

I’m not for or against the idea of damage meters in D4, however, adding them into D3 would be a little hilarious considering the numerical values we achieve.


I always wanted a damage meter for D3 and this comes from a solo player. Most of the complaints i seen about this were about the friction this would create in a public group BUT the damage meter can be personal, it could be set to track only YOUR damage.

The most important part to me would be the damage breakdown by source and for example tracking how many procs you got from a specific item in a rift (dungeon in d4).

It can provide a lot of useful information that allows players to improve and refine a build through experimentation.

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You’re thinking of Ghom.

I still have some old vanilla gear that used to increase my minimum damage to be as high as my max damage, which would remove the variance in hits.

I miss those days…


Thanks, your correct.

No thanks, this isn’t wow, I want less on my screen - already a massive problem with ARPG’s and power creep.


Meat good, power creep bad…So says The Butcher.


That would be very nice, yes. This one was a very requested feature at old forums.

Everyone talking about how its an ego thing when the real value is being able to self analyze, experiment, theory craft, and make decisions more effectively.

You’re right - it doesn’t need to track other peoples damage, and I don’t think doing so is the reason people want one anyways.

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Diablo dont need something like that.

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Please give us damage meters that you can toggle on and off. Please, I love this idea!

I would rather have some sort of “statistics” feature. I don’t really need to know the damage live, but it would be nice to see after the rift was completed what different damage sources I used and how much they contributed.

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Good idea but only in a “training” zone with boss and thrash dummy. So we can test many build/items.

Just imagine how upset damage meters for party play would make some players.

Blizzard typically isn’t a fan of giving us access to performance statistics for other players though (e.g., Overwatch). But I’d love to see it.

Love math crafting these games. Their tool tips and calculators were really bad in Diablo 3. Most of the time people were forced to watch videos demoing each build to figure out which skills were better or equal. The single dps value that’s determined by crit chance, crit damage, attack speed, and base damage doesn’t help for a lot of skills. I personally want to know my exact numbers and how the multipliers work for every detail.

I don’t want a dps meter allowed in the game. But I do want mod support I just don’t think focusing on dps is a healthy thing.