D4 female Druid

So we finally saw the female druid, and of course she gets to be fat and strong built. That’s not fair. I want to be a hot Druidess. Why do Sorceresses and Archers always get to be hot in every single Diablo game? That’s class based discrimination.


I would like to hope you can have your characters weight to your desire.


and most important without a single scar


“Hot” is subjective. Maybe we don’t all like Twiggy the Skeleton where the bra is worn backwards because shoulder blades are more pronounced than cleavage.


We have seen her before, and yes, she looks terrible. Looks like Druid class is out.


Scars only show off how serious someone is committed.

did we? can you link?

We’ve actually got a look at the female Druid last year.

Taken from Last Year’s December Quarterly Update:


ah yea i think i remember actually pointing that out

Indeed, so it makes it less of “we finally finding out”, and more like the op finally finding out instead.

well they probably just didnt notice
no point in picking on that
but yea i also dont see myself playing that character


Fair point.

Looks fine imo, though I still like my own idea ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) of having druid clans “of the bear”, “of the wolf”, “of the raven” etc., with different bonuses, as the druid class mechanism. With each clan having different models. Current one being of the bear, a leaner one for wolf etc. Their bodies having attuned somewhat to their spirit animal or whatever.


well 3 times as many armor modeling and animating

I didn’t say it was realistic!

i agree with op. please no as what we saw, imo this female druid design is horrible…


Game classes need distinctive silhouettes - that is why female barb looks like male barb, female druid looks like male. It s been that way since D3 and don’t think that was a bad idea from the very start, especially taking into account hundreds of transmogrifiable armor pieces.

Wow, you weren’t kidding. D2’s druid is famished and can’t seem to catch a break. D4’s druids are eating everything in sight.


i go to every Olympics and i’ll tell you straight facts, female druids are probably shot putters.

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she better have a big beefy bertha voice too or imma quit

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