D4 = D2 with new areas = refunded

Wasted potential is the greatest sin of all. Especially when it was touted as the game that would redeem Blizzard in the eyes of many. Unfortunately it has not, and it will not.

Blizz’s track record of taking the Copy/Paste lazy way out of doing some real work continues.

:zap: It seemed to start when D3’s cancelled 2nd expansion was cannibalized and several of its zones were copy/pasted into Adventure mode over time. Sescheron, the Moors, the Act 4 areas that I don’t even care to remember their name etc. They added nothing good to the game, just more boring bounties.

:zap: D2R is D2R, the same fossilized ancient game from 20+ years ago with a fresh coat of paint, nothing to write home about.

I only bought it because I hoped Brother Laz would finish his big awesome-looking mod which would’ve been a spiritual successor to MedianXL. Well…that will never happen since Laz completely abandoned said mod & disappeared off the face of the earth.

So there goes ~75 bucks wasted, because otherwise it’s still the same fossilized ancient game underneath that isn’t worth playing through more than once for nostalgia’s sake. And I couldn’t manage even that before giving in to the overwhelming urge to uninstall.

:zap: Then came Immortal.

  • all of its classes are a direct copy/paste from D3, albeit massively watered down and missing half their skills. If the class was lucky, it got 1-2 new skills.
  • 99% of “legendary powers” are simply copy/pasted D3 skill runes or a 10% damage boost to a skill. How innovative!

:zap: And then…the one we all REALLY wanted to see. I started feeling iffy about D4 when they announced the Sorceress & Barbarian were returning. How many more times are they gonna beat those dead horses? I was kinda looking forward to the Druid, because I thought they would try to innovate and do something awesome with them…right?

Wrong. I can go on about this all day, but in a nutshell: almost everything class-wise is a direct copy/paste job from D2, with a skill or two copied from D3 (Call of the Ancients for Barb) and downgraded to look plain stupid (the awesome-looking Seismic Slam is now flinging dirt in monsters’ faces).

The Sorceress only has 1 new skill that is hardly anything to boast about, and everything else is a direct copy/paste from D2. Levelling one to 25 in the beta was a truly soul-crushing experience.

They tried to bring back the Rogue from D1, but in name only, because she’s really a watered down D2 Assassin with a couple basic bow skills stuffed in there. If reading up her D4 skill tree doesn’t put you to sleep, playing her WILL.

As for the Necro, well…how else can I possibly describe it, other than a downgraded even-less-fun version of D3’s Necro?

This trend is excruciatingly soul-crushing. I actually thought, theoretically, D4 would keep me playing for YEARS the same way D3 did, even with its myriads of faults. But at this stage it wouldn’t even keep me playing longer than Immortal did: a few months. For all its faults especially in Itemization, class-wise D3 offered us upgrades all around.

  • the Wizard is not just a boring elementalist, but it raised the bar and gave us something awesome to try.
  • the Demon Hunter is the lovechild of the Amazon, Rogue & Assassin with the voltage turned all the way up.
  • the Crusader is literally an ELITE version of a Paladin. Elite = Better.
  • WitchDoctor is a remixed Necromancer & a breath of fresh air.
  • the Monk was brand new all around.

Moral of the story is: D3’s replayability factor was doubled with each new class we could try, because each is great fun in its own way - poor itemization notwithstanding.

But in D4 the replayability factor completely goes out the window. We’ve all played D2 to death, and then they brought it all back again with a fresh coat of paint in D2R. You’d think they would be smart enough to try and give us something in D4 that we haven’t already played to death, but Blizzard’s laziness knows no bounds.

And don’t get me started on the uber-boring item affixes that make the D2 stench even more unbearable because they look they were ripped right from it.

We’re making a brand new game so we’ve copy/pasted all the classes of a 20+ year old game into it, and we genuinely think it’s the best idea ever”. Yeah, not quite. Here’s the best idea ever!:

"Refund Complete!

You’ve completed the process. The product and amount listed below will be refunded to your select payment method. Refunds can take up to 72 hours to process. You will receive an email confirmation with this order number.

Game: Diablo® IV: Digital Deluxe Edition
Refund Amount: $139.95"

It’s a damn shame because D4 could’ve been so awesome if they had employed even an ounce of originality & innovation in class design. But clearly, there’s not a single forward-thinking person left in Blizzard. No interesting classes to choose from = no playing the game. And all the time they spent designing that oh-so-pretty game world = wasted.

And so I’m taking my money back, because I’m not about to waste my time with D2 v3 and wait years for a new class DLC that will again most likely be copy/pasted from D2, like the uber-boring Amazon & Paladin.


Rumor is, you’d have to spend an additional $100 on battle passes before you start having fun


Blizzs M.O the last couple years has been Spend $25-50 for an unfinished game! Spend $100 if you want an extra coat of paint so you dont realize our game isn’t even finished at launch!

More and more I read about D4, the more I’m convinced to just play D3 and D2R

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D4 is an OPEN WORLD game. That’s a HUGE improvement over D2. They brought many concepts from D1/D2 and some decent concepts from D3. D4 beta looks to me like THE BEST Diablo game ever. It completely TRASHES current D3 in terms of design, even in early beta.

It’s also pretty heavy handed with the micro transactions. Which is a major turn off for many people


Do you know how much WORK is required to to make something like D4? Do you REALISE the s**t show currently going on mobile? Show some GRATITUDE to Blizzard that they didn’t go the Diablo Immortal route. Imagine a pure P2W game where you pay 100k USD in order to get to the top of the ladder. That’s D:I in a nutshell. Compare it with D4. I’m personally willing to spend around 500 USD on D4, including expansions, battle passes and skins.

I don’t have to show blizz anything for a half assed game with micro transactions that addd nothing to the game

Their games have been sloppy the last decade or so. The bad reputation they currently have is their own doing


Not everyone has $500 to spend on a video game.

Thinking spending $500 on a single game at all is okay is just absurd anyways.

Wanting people to show gratitude because blizzard didn’t just make DI again? You gotta be trolling


It’s the whole Spend a lot of money every month to enjoy our broken game that’s absurd and every game company in the last decade or so is guilty of it

Like no, I shouldn’t have to spend my life savings to a get a cosmetic because Bobby needs two new yatchs this year.

500 bucks spent on D4 is not a lot, but you must understand my reasons first. I see D4 as a HOBBY for many years. Is it a lot to spend 500 bucks on a hobby over a decade? Definitely not. For me D4 is not just another “game to beat”. I see it as an important, rewarding hobby which I will enjoy for a decade or longer.

At least my hobby I get to keep and you can actually see that the money went somewhere. All your doing is giving blizz money and years from now, you’ll have nothing to show for it, while making Bobby and Co richer

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Why aren’t you on D3’s top leaderboard then?

Also, the last time I checked the DI leaderboard, I saw a lot of F2P/BP players were in the top 100 leaderboards. Heck, I even made it into the Top 60 Leaderboard in DI without spending 100k USD.

Blizzard and Kotick: thanks for your $500. :+1:

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Some of you don’t realize that there are A LOT of people who spend 500 bucks per MONTH on booze and drugs and you think that 500 bucks over a DECADE spent on a fine game is too much. XD


Ahh yes. “Because some people make worse decisions” is premium copium.


Yeah. Isn’t it time we end the war on drugs, and I don’t care who stands to lose from dismantling that racket. Because it’s a gravy train fueled by blood & tears. All who participate in its destruction will be lavishly rewarded, with affordable prices + organized quality control, not to mention fewer gang bangs. I hate these violent thugs that give coca a bad name.

Congratulations ! You just won the joke’s award of the year !


no on cares, and blizzard certainly doesn’t care about losing you as a customer. go cry more you baby.

Nothing would surprise me at this stage.

There’s no depths they clearly wouldn’t stoop to. No wonder people kept leaving the company.

They already have, sweetie. The Immortal team copy/pasted the classes from D3 into it, and the D4 team copy/pasted the D2 classes into it.

Pay attention next time.

What fun game? Blizz is fresh out of those.

The amount of salt you’re excreting would put the Dead Sea to shame…so you definitely care.

Clearly far less work than it should’ve taken to make a BRAND NEW game…

When all the classes & skills are just copy/paste from a 23 year old fossil, half their work is already done.


D4 wishes it had 1/4 of the depth and replayability and fun factor of D2, like where is the unrestricted trade?

Even Diablo 3 has more fun replay value than what I’m seeing from Diablo 4. I really need to play more. It’s been a few years

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