D4 Custom Controller for extra buttons

D4 only has 6 skill buttons. This is too few.

Path of exile has 8 buttons. Lost Ark has 8 buttons.

I think the main reason for this that someone high up in D4 won’t move on, is the fact it won’t fit on a controller, and D4 has been made to be cross platform. There will be expectations for it to work well on console.

6 buttons really isn’t enough and it’s obvious pc is being nerfed because of console.

I know there must be plenty of people in the D4 dev team that agrees with this but hasn’t been able to convince the higher ups to change it.

The thing is you could put 4 attacks on the right analogue stick. Or use a modifier button. You could allow players to completely customise their buttons.

I already have an Xbox Elite controller that would be perfect for playing D4 on a pad. With 4 extra buttons on paddles on the back of the controller, which could be assigned to right analogue stick, it would make it seamless to press 8 skills on a pad without using analogue or modifier buttons.

If there was a special custom Diablo 4 controller released with the game, it would show that D4 devs designed it to be played with extra buttons, and the real way to play is to purchase an elite or pro controller. The custom Diablo 4 controller could be perfectly designed for this or just reskin an existing high grade pro controller or xbox elite controller.

We really need 8 buttons at least for the game to be fun for the amount of hours we’re going to be playing it. Also pvp combos and gameplay will greatly suffer with this few actions and replies.

TL:DR Bring out a custom D4 controller with extra buttons so the amount of skills we have can be increased to 8 but still have a seamless release with a way to play D4 on controller with enough buttons to cater for this.

They would also make extra profit from selling the custom controllers.

So extra buttons = extra profit, you hearing me blizz! :slight_smile:

Edit: Another thing you could do is use right analogue stick for directional dodge. This could free up one button and we could at least get 7 skills perhaps. You could also put ultimate abilities on the press of two buttons like both triggers, meaning you could get the amount of attacks up to 8 without using a modifier button. Which is I believe what Blizz are trying to avoid the most.

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Honestly I doubt the controller/console is the reason for 6 skill slot limit. D2R, on console, shown that it was more than possible to have more than 6 skills for players to use.

There is no issue to make more than 6 skills work on console. Other games does it just fine. So i wouldnt say its because of consoles

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6 skill buttons is too low.
But standard controllers are not the problem. Blizzards design choice is.

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More advanced standardised controllers for console could be a thing of the future. Maybe I’m just ahead of my time :slight_smile: . Mmos and arpgs really don’t work that well with so few buttons. Consoles are powerful enough to be running mmos now so maybe it’s time they put more controllers out there with extra buttons. Xbox have an elite controller and many 3rd party companies make pro controllers for all consoles. There’s definitely a market for more advanced controllers specifically with extra buttons. Consoles could even update to have the ability to map buttons that aren’t just copies of existing buttons on pro controllers too.

And honestly, they should.

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You can easily play FF14 with all its myriad keybinds with a modern controller. Same with any other MMO on console. There’s no need to develop a custom controller for different games.

It’s a waste of resources.

You aren’t ahead of your time. You are just in love with your terrible idea.


Troll alert! :slight_smile: 20 characters blablabla

I would not mind them doing 6+ buttons. Make passive skills viable as much as active skills and let people choose.

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A strength of consoles is that games can be developed around a known set of hardware.

Yeah, imo we should have at least 8 skill buttons.
But honestly, I would make it a build choice. Get more skill buttons by paying skill points.
7th skill slot: 5 skill points
8th skill slot: 8 skill points
9th skill slot: 12 skill points
10th skill slot: 15 skill points

Of course, someone disagrees with you a d they are a troll. :roll_eyes:


If you played druid, either have a passive lightning skill that summons lightning on monsters, or make it an active one where you summon a lightning storm to do the same.
I wouldn’t mind more buttons than the 6 we got or a choice to have it if I wanted to at least

In terms of controller support/button number, I hope it will be similar to D2R.

Of course consoles will eventually introduce more buttons available to assign to controllers with more buttons which would coincide with the release of proprietary new controller. It could be very far off in the future, but that would just mean I’m even more ahead of my time :slight_smile:

It’s an inevitability.

Not really.

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If you’re low skill and like easy games then probably 6 is enough or you. But D4 is about “player choice”. With 8 skills available there’s nothing stopping you playing easier difficulties and using only 6 skills. It would mean that players who can handle higher skill games can “choose” to have more skills and actually interesting pvp.

Impressive leap in logic there.

I’ve played plenty of MMO:S where you have 20+ skills on the bars. Can’t say I ever felt like that added to the experience.

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I guess a 6 skill andy would find my logic impressive. Thank you.

Perhaps one day you will learn the ways young padawan.

At least, no one is arguing that Darth Vader is a hero that lifts people up.

Seeing as I’ve been a gamer for over 30 years, probably not. The NES had 2 buttons, plenty of hard games on that platform.

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