[D4] crafting with white items

So obviously most of us would like to see white items be useful and also have a nice crafting system…I guess?
It’s not so easy especially with white items not being able to roll any sockets bit this could actually be an opportunity. Socketing items is something the player can do. Crafting is something you gotta go to the blacksmith.
I’m thinking of very specific niche things, even more than magic items, that you could find recipes for and have to gather a whole bunch of materials (pls not via salvaging only) to create items with single or few but strong affixes like:
25(50?)% life leech (a truckload of skulls and some binder)
100 str (many rubys)
Maybe also unique/legendary like special affixes from rare recipes
They could also utilize runes for effects like these: Runewords are very possible within the new system
But without the original rune effects
Just the special affixes, so basically like runewords used to work but not with a wall of affixes but rather some few impactful ones

So any white item could serve as a base and the only restriction would be the item type maybe like runewords used to work

200% thorns (shield only)
100% movement speed, can’t be slowed or rooted (boots only)

I suggest the color…silver :3
Resembling white but enhanced and shiny :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. Most of “us” want WHITE ITEMS to be useful ?

No , your are in the very minority. White items are…white items. Nothing more, nothing less and they should never be useful , except in the very early leveling process.

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What does make you think that you are part of the majority here :v

Same reason as you … for thinking that …“obviously the majority of us” ?

Usually when one makes such statement, should at least come with some basic data for this …“statistics”. Like :

  1. Based on this Topic …
  2. Based on this Poll …
  3. Based on this Article …

Anyway , what’s wrong with “I would like to see white items be useful …” ? Why do people keep pushing this …"(the majority of) us" ? Serious question …

Hi !
Yes, why not with a “base level” or “item level”.
For exemple, with a rare object (a ring a whatever) with base level 20 (1 is the min, and 22 the max), the affix “you deal 10% more damage with axe” can be craft with a white ring with a base level of 20 or more.
If the ring has a base of 15 for exemple, le max roll cannot be 10% more, but 8%…
That’s what you mean ?

Hope u understand me :sweat_smile:

Good point
The affixes would probably increase in power based on item level

Why so serious? :smiley:
Bolt statements polarize
I am talking from experience
I am not constantly making screenshots or polls for every single topic^^

I want all the silly colored items system such as white, blue and rare removed from the game.

Just make the game have 2 types of legendary items; one with legendary power and one with higher raw stats.

Why move backwards? :l

Backwards? That’s common sense.

Items which should matter are exactly in this order : Yellow -> Legendary/Set Items . That’s it.

White and Blue are “just there”, which should only matter in the level process. Never heard of someone to say that they want Trash Items to be…relevant, except … you!

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No need to reinvent the wheel. BEST itemization system is that D2 has - huge D2 popularity stands only on that. D4 just needs to copy and improve. THAT simple.

And maybe so many people that blizzard might have noticed :slight_smile:

That said, we don’t want to end up in a place where the right decision is to ignore every item that doesn’t have a glowing orange sky-beam.

So, we’re making a lot of exciting changes here. We’re increasing the potential power of individual affixes on Magic items. We’re increasing the maximum number of affixes on Rare and better items in the endgame. Legendary affixes now roll randomly (Yes, really!) on Legendary Items. And Unique items will replace Mythics.

Crafting in ARPGs is one thing…

In the end, it’s cool to be rather dependent on what the world throws at my feet.

In MMORPGs, crafting is actually essential and should be the item provider to keep the whole game running in all facets in a functioning co-op setting and draw content from it.

In ARPGs, it’s a bit different.
I would rather see crafting on consumable items here.

Alchemists for elixirs, potions, weapon tinctures, injury ointments, poisons, and anything else that can be really fun, useful, and improve gameplay, while not requiring too much micromanagement so it doesn’t become annoying.
For example, when selecting a poison that lasts a long time, it should be possible to set it to automatic application. So that you don’t have to constantly take care of it if you don’t want to, but still love to poison your weapons and buff yourself, so to speak, and for that you like to do the fun job of the alchemist, or just strengthen this NPC.

Furthermore there could be enchanters, runesmiths who draw runes in armor and shields and burn them into weapons, scribes for bow songs and buff rolls etc…
Or even carvers who, in addition to ammunition, also make carvings that you can carry in bows, wooden shields, staffs and as talismans for buffs, for example, or trigger special effects.

Directly forging me a weapon is such a thing… generally I do not want to minimize the fun behind it. Personally, and this is just my personal opinion, I prefer to find my equipment in an ARPG from monsters, treasure chests, hidden secrets and legendary and very rare tasks deeply hidden and never always in the same place.

But I love it yet very much to make me my arrows with a fire tincture to fire arrows and then I also like to make sometimes equal 20 tinctures more to feel well equipped for a while:)

But I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun when they say I like to forge my decorated dragon shield myself and that should stand up to the item drops out there.

Is everything so one thing just^^

While I’m not a huge fan of runewords as they worked in Diablo 2, I would hope that white items are still useful into the end game.

Which using them in some sort of crafting system seems like the natural fit here. Balance aside, I like the concept of taking a white item and enchanting it with powerful effects.

Since I also like the idea of fleshing out the Diablo 4 rune system so it’s more sockets than just “proc -> effect”, I’d suggest also making white items capable of having more sockets than magic/rare/legendary/unique items.

That way white items have their niche in being the highly customizable items.

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