[D3] TurboHUD Overlay Explained. Is it cheating?

What? Blizzard please “hear us” and ban the cheaters, then close this topic.
You must get the order of action correct sir.

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A necromancer just resurrected the dead.:zombie:

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Too bad he didn’t do it “28 days later”

THUD is cheating so what’s the point even asking if it is?


Apparently so many people do it, it looks like its legit. And so the question had to be asked. But yea the question is answerd by now. “it is not legal, but blizzard is not going to put in resources to stop those” so do your advatage with this information. I think closing this post would be fit, this discussion leads nowhere.

I simply cannot believe that this topic is even being discussed.
I really have to control myself not to use swear words, because in God’s name you (Blizzard) can allow someone to use a maphack without having to suffer the consequences.
This is mocking all competition, so why rankings when these people know where each shrine is, where the exit is, etc.?
Honestly, in every sport competition doping is called to account because it gives advantages and if it is exactly these advantages that are at stake, then every player who uses maphacks must be banned.
But since none of you will comment on this, so it would be clear what your position is on this and instead postings are made with vague and extremely elastic statements, you can take the rankings out of play right away. leaving them in doesn’t make any sense under these circumstances.


I simply cannot believe that you bumped this old thread.

Do not “bump” posts.

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping old threads for no reason (also called “necroing”).


They did reply, just not in THIS thread. You can read about it using the Blue Tracker or these links.

And the statement that followed which includes a reminder map hacks are considered cheats.


d3 still not use ban for turbo and bot ^^
only ban wawe. this game is dead not responsive cheatters :slight_smile:
not playing anymore i hate it

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The maphack portion 100% is cheating and used by 99.9% of THUD users

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They do and they have.

Just because you think someone is a bot doesn’t mean they are. Even if they are a bot, if they are not reported, how would Blizzard know. Catching bots is a game off catch up. Bots get banned. Bit makers make better bots. Ths takes time to find and break. If Blizzard just banned weekly or something, bot makers would make better bots faster.

So, they get reports, the investigate, see if they can find similar patterns or what exactly the bot does, then work to break that aspect. This takes time and money. Blizzard has the time, but D3 lacks the manpower and money to keep up.

Bans happend more regularly the first few years or so. Recently something like 25K bots were banned. UI mods are much harder to detect, but if you are concerned just report every streamer using it so they know.

But don’t act as if they aren’t doing anything.

many streamers using thirt party scripts :slight_smile: and using hacks
very obvious and d3 not responsive again https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Diablo%20III here watch it :smiley: bounty botting all
diablo create antiscripts for hacks ^^ and not use ban wawe . only ban. so simple bro


When Blizzard UI is a Pile of Dung , isnt customisation and should show you everyting in terms of other players skills , COE etc . Ill argue that the maphack if removed from THUD then the application itself would just be information the player should already have but Blizzard are simply to lazy to implement . Seeing more of the Map . Yes i would argue thats abit RIP but idenetify blues and yellows on the map no that should be standard and its its embarrassing a third party came up with a better UI then Blizz

TurboHUD should not be used in its current state . Doesnt say Bannable says a super grey “should not” . If it was something they would ban for why be completely bloody grey about it. Statements like this are why a large playerbase arguably use it

They banned in D2 for it, they should ban in D3 for it.
Maphack is cheating, facts.


They did reply, just not in THIS thread. You can read about it using the Blue Tracker or these links.

big joke 3th party scipts . bots . map hacks check poe streamers :smiley: pls one use hacks gg…

A F K diablo commintys :slight_smile: admins . scripters GG

Lols! You know nothing.
do you even imagine how TurboHud is it this days? There aren’t any limits now.
Bot is 5$, New TurboHud is 10$ ~16$ to use. If bot is 5$ and Turbo is 16$, imagine what players can do now!

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On season start i always open twitch to see how the other parts of the world rock their season start…

One streamer called xxxxRUS, dont know the exact name, had something that makes a voice for pylons, that haven’t even been seen on the map yet.
Like an electronic female voice calling the pylon names, conduit was easy to hear out.

After our launch in europe, i checked some rankings and saw that name in the conquest leaderboards aswell.

Its disgusting


check all leaderboards all use turbohud and bot check paragons. demonhunter game time or other idk this time is normal ? many streamers use bounty :smiley: for boot SLEEEP DIABLO 3


This is not the case, however I do not blame people for thinking this way.
There are a very select few players that are legit and on the front page of the leaderboards.