D3 Barb/Live only player Recruiting New Clan in D4, 01Sep23

The original posting for the clan idea of a clan for mains only, on the Eternal Server of D4 can be found here:

Since I was a long time player of Diablo 3 with about 10,000 hours, people who played live should be familiar with the name Sokon and/or Rotbone, who was a Barbarian player on live only. I think I did one season for a free stash tab, but other than that only ever played live and I also refused to make an alternate character for about 20 seasons before I finally caved and made a Crusader. After playing that for a few hundred hours I ended up quitting altogether.

It wasn’t a large population on live for many years, but the ones - few and far between - that enjoyed playing on live and did not like seasons nor liked participating in starting over/fresh with a carrot of a seasonal theme/scheme would know that Character name: Sokon.

Check out that forums thread above or watch the 2nd video I have made about the idea for the clan below, the first video was rushed and probably not worth watching as it’s hard to understand,

p.s. The thread on D4 could use some replies so it is seen and not buried, 40+ days between now and invite date, would hope to see some interaction/views to the thread and some clan request invites occur in the coming days.

Will be putting some effort into this one to set us off on the right foot for the low percentage of the playerbase that desires Live, Eternal, Non-Seasonal play. Please don’t hate, I understand “we” are the overwhelming minority.

Thanks for your time and consideration, especially if you take the time to read the original post linked above.

2nd recruitment video(much better):