Starting a Diablo IV clan for Mains, specialists with no alternate character classes.(realBarbLife)

realBarbLife is a channel on Youtube, and was once a Twitch channel. Information about the creator/leader can be found on the Youtube channel.

!!!WARNING: If you go to that channel, the first video of namesake above, before clicking it to start play TURN DOWN VOLUME on whatever device you are on WARNING!!!

!!!WARNING: If you go to that channel, the first video of namesake above, before clicking it to start play TURN DOWN VOLUME on whatever device you are on WARNING!!!

Mains wanted, all classes. Finally a real Diablo game, that’s not for kids.

This Clan will be on The Eternal Server. This Clan is only for PC Players(read bottom)

Any member who ever plays seasons will be auto-kicked.

Clan requirements:

  1. You must play one character class and only one character class, any of them, you pick.

  2. Your inventory, profile and gear page must be hidden from all viewership in privacy settings at all times. No one should ever be able to see any piece of gear you have in any particular slot other than yourself.

  3. You may only direct/advise/suggest BUILDS or how to build a working class of certain classes within the clan as the same character class as yourself.

  4. If you want to be in a clan that watches one video from somewhere in the world of 8 billion of us and insists you all play “that build.” You can join any other clan.

  5. If you want to make alts of all character classes just to progress them to the end game where vendors offer the best loot, only level them to do that, then run them to said vendor and only play that character class to buy rare loots and sell on d2jsp. You can choose to play the game that way, like all the current “high end” clans are doing.

They must have a maxed out character of every class, and sell as much stuff on d2jsp for gold as possible, just so they can have a maxed out character of every class… Cause they’ve watched someones build… That did one thing…

If you want to be in a Clan that does that, while really wanting to play a certain class, i don’t know how that is going to be beneficial for you…

If you want to be a STRONG af character class, that literally has everything possibly they could ever want, because they played in a guild of Mains, not alts a FBots.

realBarbLife, might be more your style.

Resume/experience: Retired US Navy Submariner. 43 years old. 160 ish semester hour college credits. Worked in sales. Worked in engineering as an electrical technician on nuclear submarines. I’ve also worked at a Circle K gas station, in fact that was my last job. Retired. Married. Lives in Mainland China. Has been a guild leader of a clan in Hero Wars. Has been a main assist in the game of Everquest in 54 man raids both on the PvP open world vs. other raid forces and also on raids, off and on for over 2 decades.

If this sounds interesting to you and you don’t want to be interrogated, belittled, enticed, or perhaps straight up demanded to play a certain class by the whatever community you have been part of in the past,

This Game’s Not for Kids.

That being said. Server play and cross platform play in the clan should only be turned on when you Want to Kill scrubs. Thinking they will come back from a season and actually know any synergies as team synergies now are unlimited.

If you are in the Clan and repeatedly connect to cross platform play for reasons other than PvP, I will suspect you doing it to sell legacy items or to profit from our Clan without us knowing. After all, if you get so much loot might sell the extra correct?

Yes, selling loot is authorized, however, if you think you are going to join the clan, claiming to play a particular character class and repeatedly say you need upgrades or are lacking in any particular item and ask the guild of other classes to give you item after item after item, when you don’t really need it, you just want to sell it and farm us, we’ll find out!

Examples of group play within this clan:

/example member 1: My character(class irrelevant) maintains bleed, stun, slow on all mobs at all times.
/example member 2: My character needs to always be around mobs, or I run out of resource, so my build needs to move fast through maps
/example member 3: my character can’t die, he also does pull in effects to himself, so if you stay close and run the mobs around me, they will get vacuumed in.
/example member 4: I received all the mats you sent me, I am doing all incense before each run, don’t even have to worry about looking into it, I am the one person of the 4, and I’ve got this down.
/example member 5: All the sigil maps were sent to me, we will be running 150,000 Champion’s Demise maps, before we have to start on any others, just FYI.
/example member 6: etc etc etc

REQUIREMENTS: You must be living somewhere that no one else other THAN YOURSELF is providing a roof over your head. Paying your own rent. An adult.

TIMELINE/Invite day(September 1st 2023): Players who request to join from Clan search or/as the above playstyle appeals to them can apply at any time.
Unless I know you personally or played with you in other games before. Those players can chat with me on Discord or Message me in game in various other games to join up early.

When I return home on September 1st 2023, following our interview at the consulate to obtain my Wife’s Visa to the United States, a process we’ve been working on since April 2020, over 3 years… I will look through the list.

Thanks for your consideration. Advice: Play the game the way that’s right for YOU this time.

Cheers, till then you can listen to some of the commentary on my youtube videos on the realBarbLife channel and know alot about my personality.

Till then! #GoPoundSand

Edit update: Thinking on this post I had one thing on my mind I decided was necesarry to make a video about to clear up: No, the Guild’s name will not be realBarbLife, that is just a placeholder of name recognition.

The following video discusses the intent, process and should leave you with: Expecting what you get:

(3) Starting a Diablo IV Clan for Mains, no alts, no Fbots!!! GGG!!! - YouTube