D2r players 8 and personal loot

Without having a way to increase loot drops via / players x command as well as a point click method to pick up items. I think personal loot needs to be implemented as well as increase loot drops as if in a full lobby game.

There are to many console limitations that need to be addressed or needs to evolve for console friendly game play.

At best when you make a game you should be promted with a way increase player count. if people joint the game the count should increases until it reaches max number 8… but then we have an issue with decreasing the count if it becomes to difficult…


Personal loot is not the answer and does not belong in Diablo 2. It will ruin the game, sorry Diablo 2 wasn’t made in a time when gamers were given loot pinatas and participation trophies for being bad. People should just get faster at clicking loot. Majority of magic finding done by players is in private games solo anyway.


You can’t click loot with a controler. The game was also never made for console.

You are talking about pc that don’t have this issue


If console had an option to select /players 8 that would be a hefty advantage due to cross-progression.

Unless the game also restricts “once solo, always solo.” And then it matters far less.

But we do need a way to use “player 8” in single player mode

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Lolwut? I made a barbarian on console named iLootEverything and I got 95% of the drops. It’s not hard if you know how to play the game.

Also had no issues looting on a sorceress either.

Thanks for confirming how broken and junky the looting system is.

Because you don’t have a problem don’t mean there is no problem.


Actually found the complete opposite except when I killed stuff before anyone else could get there on the sorc.

Melee characters got all of the Loot %100 of the time they didn’t accidentally have full inv.

It way worse on console then even pc because you just spam the pickup button, you don’t even see the loot drop most of the time.

Any distance player is screwed and you can’t use telekinesis on the sorc because you cant target specific items.

So unless you were a sorc who went ahead of everyone or tele directly into the fray you’re not being honest.


Creating a bigger problem to solve a problem you think exists but doesn’t is a problem. Personal loot will destroy the economy and make drop rates even lower than they already are. Once again, a majority of your magic finding will be done SOLO in PRIVATE GAMES where your loot is ALREADY PERSONAL.

I made a Fireballer and face tanked mobs with the melee.

That’s actually the same thing I did.

I had a very very strong fb sorc with high cast and I led or tele directly into the battle in most cases.

However if you didn’t do that directly you didn’t have a chance and Bowazon def didn’t get any loot at all ever in full games unless alone or extremely lucky.

I made zeal/firedin pretty strong could face roll full games and I got basically all the Loot in those games unless there was a bunch of melee chars which seemed to always get it.

Caster/distance builds gonna have problems in d2r console in full random games

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What if people want to play in full games and don’t have friends that play to fill games?

Not having it as an option seems really really stupid at this point

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Full random games were never your main source of loot anyway. Never said anything against the players command, it should be added 100%, personal loot though absolutely not. 8 players kill Baal and they all get their own loot, you realize the drop rates will become so bad you’ll never find gear anyway?

They will never allow the players command online.
Not even sure how they are going to implement it on single player console at this point.

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Personal loot is not for this game. After all if you want to grind loot you make private game. If you want to lvl on Baal runs or Cow runs and etc then you join game and you wont care about drops. D2 shoud run that way. Personal loot system is for D3 not D2. After all D2 is remaster they shoud not change it and dont make it copy of D3. And its not that hard to take loot faster than others. We need the social element implented in console. Dont touch loot.

But they already have changed it and made it copy of d3, no chat lobbies, no custom games, emote wheel…


I’m happy still with free loot but personal loot would be less of a change to me than removing all the lobbies. They could a few things and I could live with it but not the lobbies, free for all loot I prefer as its original game but either is fine with me if they fix lobbies :slight_smile:

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Personal loot would make abysmal drop rates even more abysmal. There’s literally no need for personal loot.

Okay there are already plenty of other games out there with personalized loot. Why are you trying to steal this experience away from us?

The majority of people who would like to see personal loot want it as an option.
No one is taking anything except the people who don’t want it as an option.