D2R GPU Temps are up there!

Thanks Zuvykree

I put my 240hz monitor to 60hz and in windows displaysettings to 60hz.
with Vsync on. @2560x1440 with very high preset.
I went from 79c to 45c on my asus rtx 3090 strix oc.

Not well spended money though, oh well :slight_smile:


Nothing helps. Limit fps and low graphics and still i have high temperatures. I can play in Cyberpunk 2077 and i have much better temperatures… Only Resolution Scale set to 50 helps but it is not good solution:/


My MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio is at 99% constant load both in menu and playing. FPS around 120. GPU Temp around 80C. I tried turning on and off v-sync, lowered textures settings and nothing helped. Please fix this, as I don’t want to lower my graphics settings on my high end PC to prevent my GPU from burning, because the game is not optimized!


While on main menu, GPU usage between %95-98. RTX 2080S. Vsync-on, res. scale-100.

Important Edit: My Windows main resolution was 2560x1440p (because I have 2k monitor), I changed it to 1080p. Now my GPU usage max %10. This is definitely a bug, GPU struggles above 1080p.


the game do an insane GPU usage no matter what graphic settings i put, very very bad optimized, gpu always at 100% and melting like lava


They really should have let us choose 1080p, 1440p, or 4k. I really hope final product has these or it runs too hot. 2080 Super Here.


RTX 3060 TI and my GPU TEMP = 82 C , they work with NVIDIA or ?

In Nvidia panel, i have put 60 IPS MAX on D2 config + Sync ON

And i push at 85 resolution scale in game.

And now my GPU TEMPS = 55 C.


Aside from lowering settings, (shouldn’t have to), is there any resolution or action being taken to further investigate this? I was having issues of FPS drops to 20 when I had a menu open, such as my bags, or a vendor. My computer also got extremely hot. I run d3 at max, and ran New World at max.
Rtx3080 FTW3


same problem here, I’m getting 60+ fps on very high but temps go up like crazy even in the main menu, my case fans start to spin like a jet engine, it reminds me playing GOW 4 on my first gen PS4.

CPU: i5-11400F
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB


Only thing that seems to help is lowering the resoluting scaling so far…definately some kind of bug.


Maximum use of the graphics card, 100%. I can’t see my graphics card settings, energy limit etc. The only game I have it in. Yours sincerely

m1. AMD Ryzen 9 3900 XT processor
2. MSI Radeon RX5700 XT GAMING X 8G
3. MSI X570-A Pro motherboard
4. ATX Thermaltake 1000W Modular power supply
5. Kingston HyperX DDR4 2x16
6. Cooler Master 240

Only Resolution Scale set to 50 helps but it is not good solution :frowning:


… same here!

I find it hilarious! : D

D2r - The only game I have any performance issues - and it’s remaster of the old classic.

I think I have truly valuable feedback for Your D2r team:

I am not sure if it is perfectly clear to You, but one of the reasons that people from Poland [ = my country ] ‘stayed’ with D2 for so long is because it always was a ‘no-problem game and pleasure’. You could just ran it anywhere, on any pc, without any tech-philosophy or complications behind it and instantly have fun, while other games required You to patch, download, read, change settings in-game or in-os - and make You tired with them before even seeing the menu.

That reliable simplicity was always a factor in loving Your old games, I say it on the example of myself as well as few other people who played Diablo 2 regularly up to now.

… and with the D2r that advantage is completely out of the window - Death Stranding, Nier Automata, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Doom 2016 - worked flawlessly on my pc while D2r is not, despite looking way simpler.

I am not angry, I am just thanking God that WoW exist - You know - Your flagship game that run perfectly on 400 usd 5 years old laptop : D
I beg You on my knees - do not ever do ‘overhaul’ of WoW, I need it, I want my WoW, let it be graphically as it is, do not ever improve the engine !! : ]]

I love Your games and wish You the best, that is why I friendly inform You of the possibility of another storm of complaints after countless people find the D2r literally unplayable soon, which they will.

D2r looks cute and detailed on top settings, but there is no reason and excuse for it to work so bad - how could You even compare it looks to Doom which run around quadrilion times smoother ; D

… I wish You good luck in making improvements.

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Same even at low 1440p and vsync on at 60 fps i get 90% GPU and some stuttering sigh this just doesn’t feel very optimized.
This is on a Ryzen 5 3600
GTX 1070
So above recommended.
Rain definitely seems to make it worse from my tests and when inventory is open the FPS sometimes crap out and drop to like 10 or so from 60.

With graphics at high or very high, even in the lobby the GPU usage is 100%. I had to lower the graphics a lot to not have my GPU at 100% usage in the lobby and in game. I just tried it on my wife’s Notebook with a 2060 and it’s the same.


I capped my FPS @ 72 and still get very high Temps, it goes up to 79° (with a RTX 3080). Even in Red Dead Redemption 2 uncapped i don’t get such high temps, something must be broken here, i will refund this game for now.

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Same here, noticed the heat from my tower. I was alt-tabbed and checked task manager, GPU usage at 7 percent…checked temp: 82 degrees c???

Only Resolution Scale set to 50 helps but it is not good solution :frowning: hehehe

… come on, it is not a reasonable proposal to use it - with scaling to 50 percent D2r looks obviously terrible, very poor, kind of like psx1 title ; D

Whole point of this event is to make Diablo 2 look way better, not worse than the original : D

I enjoy this beta-testing thing, this is such a experience and education. : ]]

It’s a joke? :stuck_out_tongue: The game is great, but improve the optimization :stuck_out_tongue: P.

  1. AMD Ryzen 9 3900 XT processor
  2. MSI Radeon RX5700 XT GAMING X 8G
  3. MSI X570-A Pro motherboard
  4. ATX Thermaltake 1000W Modular power supply
  5. Kingston HyperX DDR4 2x16
  6. Cooler Master 240

I have the same, your way helps, but it’s the jokes of us players;) Thank you for your help.

i had the same problem( 80C in lobbby), try this for me it works:

  • set your desktop resolution at the same value that you want to play the game ( at first i was stuck at 4k resolution in fullscreen mode)
  • after this cap your grafic card FPS at 60
  • in game turn resolution scale at min ( 50)
  • with this setup i have a cool breeze at 50*C constant
  • i play on high at 2560 x1440, RTX 2070