D2R - Alpha Test - Forum Feedback

So far I can tell you guys that the Tech alpha is everything I was expecting, and in some regard even more.

What I like so far:

  • D2R feels and plays like D2LOD 1.14d (even with auto-gold-pickup), and it is pretty awesome so far. (Wish I could push past Act 2 LOL)

  • I really like the Graphics Overlay. Beautifully pre-rendered backgrounds with very fine detail. Great Light Reflection effects and overall illumination. Many Graphics options to adjust the game to your liking.

  • Sound and Music are amazing as they have always been, and I think there are new environment sounds (and visual effects) that are new, and those are great and dont interfere with the original sound/visuals, in fact, they give even more immersion. Great stuff.

  • Shared Stash and Larger stash are great, and I hope the final product will allow us to unlock additional tabs by completing each difficulty. Even additional Stash Tabs as an optional purchase would definitely be something I am interested in. What can I say? I also play and love POE.

  • Advanced Stats - Awesome, great stuff.

  • Control-Click to move items. This is great even though I find myself still manually storing gear exactly where I want it - Love “Inventory Tetris” and Stash organization!

  • Auto-Gold-Pickup has a rather small radius, so you wont just sweep up the whole screen, which makes it ok for me. Making the radius any larger would be too big of a change IMO and have negative impact on the game.

  • Mercenary Hiring Information. This is great, it instantly shows what skill and ability a specific merc has. Even after 21 years of D2, I often double-check online when I’m about to pick a Merc, if it’s the right one in the right difficulty lol.

What Needs Improvement IMO:

  • Load Times. Its understandable that the new overlay has large data chunks that need to be loaded, considering the beautifully pre-rendered backgrounds etc. However, I hope further tweaking and improvements will take place, especially when using portals within the same act etc.

  • Some art Assets need some tweaking IMO (Inventory Graphics for Items). Overall Runes look great, but could be tweaked a tiny bit to be more “solid” in terms of rune symbols. Gems need some work IMO, they should have a more “chunky” feel to them with more solid colours while still being somewhat transparent. Large Charms are really Spot ON i think, but small charms could be tweaked a bit so they look more “substantial” “chunky” etc. Overall Gear Art is pretty solid so far, but could be made to appear more “worn” and “ancient” looking, and appear less “factory polished”.

  • Skill Effects. Some effects are nice and some need improvements. Some skills do not look close enough to the original for me. Also some skills do not look powerful enough, they need more “substance” or “Wow-effect”. The list of skills is limited in the alpha so I wont go into details. I hope we get to see skills that are not yet accessible so we can give artist-feedback before D2R launches.

  • Mana / Health / Rejuv potions could be more “chunky” in terms of visuals.

  • Quest Progress Popup Spam. Every time something in the quest changes, even a tiny bit, there is a popup. Please give us an option to turn this off. For someone that plays D2LOD for then’s of thousands of hours its really annoying.

  • Level Up Popup Spam. Every time we level up, just like with the Quest Progress, there are endless popups “reminding” me to spend stat-points and skill-points. It felt like windows XP lol. There needs to be an option to turn off PopUp notification of any kind.

  • Level UP. Whenever we level up, we get new skill points and new stats to distribute. I really miss the Red PLUS field in the corners near the Health Globes in D2LOD. In D2R, this button is merged into one button in the centre within the UI and I personally do not like this at all. Maybe give us an option to have it “the old way” or just re-introduce the Skill Point Fields near the Globes whenever we level up or complete a skill quest.

  • The Two Skill Buttons (PC - Right MouseButton Skill and Left MouseButton Skill). I would personally prefer for those to be near the Mana and Health Globe within the UI, rather than near the centre with the Skill Point Button squeezed in between. Maybe give an option for this. In original D2LOD 1.14d, these skills are also near the globes and not near the centre.

  • Waypoint Menu Buttons. The original waypoint menu when you access a waypoint has no “tiles” behind the location options, but in D2R there are fields. I am not sure if these location-buttons should be made more “substantial” or be kept simple as is. I think a “marble” or “Granite” type “Button-Material” could work here, to give the buttons a more “haptic” look and “feel”.

  • It would be nice to have a tiny field within the UI that shows Ping (like in D3). In D2 “/fps” shows Fps, Ping and other RAM usage, whereas in D2R it doesn’t ("/fps" only shows FPS in D2R)).

  • “/nopickup”. I always play D2 with the “/nopickup” in-game-command, to prevent picking up garbage, and also prevent the flickering of item names whenever i hover the mouse cursor above an item on the ground by chance. The problem: In D2R, when I use “/nopickup” gold-auto-pickup is also turned off, but I would argue that gold-auto-pickup should not be affected by “/nopickup” command, since we dont manually pickup gold in the first place, and “/nopickup” is meant to prevent accidental manual-pickups ONLY. When I use “/nopickup”, I have to hit “ALT” to view items on the ground and thats how I prefer to play D2.

  • Like with additional new environmental sound-effects, I would prefer more blood splatter and chunky gore covering the ground, more vicious injuries and screams of agony in the dungeons in the far background.


Well written list. Apart from the mtx, I agree with everything. Good addition to LlamaSC’s feedback.

Beyond a few details, I have some insight I’d like to share :

  • Potions seem too shiny, lack roughness/dust and slightly overexposed. It looks a bit modern. Original metal handle is not gold but rather non colored/iron. Gold color decrease the readability of Blue & red. D2 original potion glass are a little be frosty, they don’t cast sharp reflections like the d2r’s.

  • It would be nice to keep sliding panels for the console UI and not floating window.

  • Original Redemption ascend and evaporate. They used to actually look like abstract souls.

Mood, Artistic movements, remarks

The original textbox has a used border which is subject to lighting. Original text is (light) grey because the text is also subject to light. (if you take a photo or renderings of white objects, they always turn into light grey pixels under normal conditions, they are never fully white). The current Alpha’s looks more artificial and making it subject to lighting would make it look more natural and belonging to the world.

  • The new border style of the textboxes is dangerously too reminiscent of Neoclassicism and I am personally against it. It is always a problem in most RPG’s including d4.

(Neoclassicism are rigid lines after Renaissance that promotes coming back to the vertical roman [not romanesque] style)
Some might consider this border exists in D2’s loading screen but it is a false comparison. Loading screen is an illuminated manuscript which are typical at that time. They are used to ornate drawings in books and are markers between chapters. It rythms the story between Acts, this is why it is a little sad to see this screen for mere tp and caverns. So those illuminated manuscripts are not at all linked to neoclassism

Importance of romanesque period 5th-12th : D2R’s Logo

I would like to address some criticism to this new D2R cover art. I understand it is meant for marketing purpose and to advertise the game. Note that I don’t push to change it! Though It’s important to understand the original d2 skull art looked like a Romanesque painting, which was not meant to look photo-realistic. (Besides, the hood of the dark wanderer seems perhaps to be a humble simple fabric rather than an expensive silk)

Romanesque paintings are more abstract, almost “cartoony”. The distorted art and sculptures are scarier because it leaves more questions than answers. It is how people imagined hell after the fall of the roman empire. A time with a lot of doubt in Europe and the middle east, invasions, famines and deceases. Romanesque style defines the dark ages way more than the more refined Gothic art and paintings which is already high middle age.

Sharp paintings don’t leave any room for imagination and it is not scary anymore. It was actually the lack of knowledge that should characterized the dark ages. This is why the Butcher/Hephasto make sense because they have romanesque traits.

Evil is distorted, hidden, vicious, unknown. Because people fear deceases, architecture does not allow much light to get in and it increases insalubrity.
This is why its qualified as the dark ages, an era of troubles and doubts.

This is why I believe the original version of the empty slots is so grave and embodies the franchise so much. Originally, the empty slots have polished edges and crackled stone. The intention is to look abstract without sharp edges to leave room for imagination. And again leave more questions than answers.

The equipment interface is meant to be time-tested, dependable, rugged and reliable ally of the player. The HD version looks too freshly sculpted/casted. Here, more “details” rather harms the feeling of the game. Again this comparison is comparable to both paintings of the cover, I think the original is more true to the vision of the game.

Arabic Multiplayer Lobby influence

Since the panel UI became more masculine, it would be nice to have the floral UI back for the multiplayer lobby as a contrast. Floral medieval ornaments often cover the whole surfaces (not to counfound with baroque floral ornaments who curve along the rigid parallele neo-classical borders). Also floral ornaments are present in the arabic art, which influenced Europe through islamic invasions of Spain and Italy at the 8th century. So the floral and arabic ornaments along the arabic music of the multiplayer lobby make sense and has always been a nice addition to contrast **especially with the rigid orthogonal ** of the new UI.

I know I’ve been writing about artistic movements a lot (in the d3/d4 forums), but it is that important. Focusing and nailing the smallest details bring the game to life and prevents bold mistakes or exaggerations. Most games nowadays not only don’t make the effort to understand the differences between Renaissance, Gothique and Romanesque. Worse : they overlook what makes the romanesque era so terrifying.
I hope this comment will be helpful for diablo 4 as well.

Blizzard and VV people, you really rose to the occasion. This is really something special that is being achieved. Your level of knowledge and know-how is impressive. Your love for the game is undeniable and I am eager to see the final iterations.

Lots of love!


Very nice Post Olbat!

I very much agree with arguments about the Art.

D2 borrows from many cultures and eras, but because of its graphical limitations, there were gaps, and the game allowed the player to fill in the blanks based on their own imagination and knowledge of history and the past. This is the magic of D2 when it comes to game-world and overall setting, and I love it.

I think the people that were responsible for the art-style in D2, really knew their craft. I think it takes passion, desire and fascination for cultures and history in order to really appreciate these things and then in turn also be able to make a game like D2 with that artistic influence and make it shine.

Look… The art chosen in D2R is crafted with love, and I am thankful, but I cannot help it but to see “D3-art-paradigm” in D2R in various places in the two acts I saw. That was especially apparent in Act II - Lut Gholein. The “little things” that were added in the town, that previously had nothing there (D2), are things that really look like D3 Art stuff. Lut Gholein in Act 2 in D2R, has stuff that looks very similar to D3 act 2 town lol, and I am not a fan of that, but I understand this probably wont change anymore.

The reason for this is, I believe the art-team for D2R has someone that worked on D3 and now D2R, or ultimately signs off on stuff that third-party artists work on, and thus influences the outsourced art into a direction closer to D3, because that’s what that person knows and has worked on in the past. I am not happy to see D3 style art paradigm to creep into D2R, but in the end there is nothing we can do about it.

It makes sense that the “Diablo Team” has one artist or artist-team and they are trying to bring D3, D2R and D4 closer together in terms of art style. They want to get away from D3’s painterly art style, but also get away from D2’s semi-photo-realistic art style, and thus make D4 that is somewhere in between. I think D2R is used now to bring some of “D3” into D2R. They said in terms of art and world, they are going with the 70/30 rule. 70% stuff as we remember, and 30% new stuff to “bring it to life”. That 30% “new stuff” is really looking like D3 kind of “clutter”. But I don’t blame them, you cant blame an artist for trying to make art that he or she identifies with. That’s just the way it is. Unfortunately the people that designed D2 in terms of art-style are not the same that work on D2R, and thats the way it is.

Every artist has a “signature” art style, and D2R is being influenced by someone that identifies with “D3” rather than “D2”. It is what it is, and by all means, the game looks amazing on those 70% original Remastered art style.


That was a nice read, thank you very much.

I actually love the new and more refined interface but I understand why someone would prefer something more primeval.

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Duude, you really take it seriously :slight_smile: Impressive post.


Very nicely stated, I’ve been trying to teach my son how things are often more ‘scary’ when you leave things undefined and subtitle rather than showing everything up front and clear. The old D2 skull is far more fitting and mysterious than the new one. I love that is only hints at the hold in the forehead rather than shows it outright.

The art of subtilty seems lost on the ‘kids’…

Also totally agree on the Lobby write up.

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I agree with the art, it needs to have a more worn feeling and not so modern looking boarders and such like the way points and perfectly sculpted inventory.
The lighting on the items seem odd too, like some one has a huge spot light on them. Or something it just don’t seem right.

Did you actually play Tech Alpha D2R?

I don’t see any posts on the Tech Alpha D2R from you!

So you only watched streams.

It’s like someone saw a gr100 stream run and now they claim “I did a gr100 run”.

Noone should be giving Tech Alpha feedback without actually playing it!

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D2R problems from watching streams

  • Item art on some items looks unfinished

  • Griswold looks unthreatening and slimmer. Just not scary

  • The map and other things are kind of grayed out, have to change opacity

  • sometimes coming back to town through portal puts player in a different position

  • Item color is off by a tiny bit. rare and runes look closer than they should in color

  • Portal location text is at the bottom instead of the top

  • mass loading screens everytime you go through a portal or new level. Original was just in between acts

  • Can’t click on the top of the portal and have it take the player through

  • Barbarian jump looks really bad

I know a lot of these problems are going to be fixed and have already been mentioned by others but I wanted to share anyway


I agree there are plenty of “small” things that feel different from the original, and I think some should be addressed whereas other small things wont make a big difference when players are actually playing and are occupied with actual immersed game-play.

Many “deviations” from the original D2 stand out when you stop playing and look at things from a critical stand point and compare them to original D2, and then you notice differences more likely of course.

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Day and night transitions aren’t smooth. The sunset is nice and slow, whereas the sunrise is not. The sun shines in an instant.

I dont understand why people say this. New jump look awesome.

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After playing the alpha through the end of A2, here are some of my thoughts:

Let’s start with the bad:

-The game almost feels too dark in certain places, I know my eyes are bad, but dang. My brother said the same thing. Yes, I know it gives light radius a purpose, but it feels overdone.
-I still feel the game needs more QoL as it doesn’t feel modern enough. The graphics are excellent, but the gameplay is still very clunky, especially when using a controller. Loot filters would be nice as it’s still hard to pick up certain items with limited inventory space and even with the item spacing and auto gold pickup. I would also like to see items on the ground be toggleable, I shouldn’t have to hold alt.
-Speaking of more QoL, give us a charm inventory please, the basic inventory space feels dreadful. Rune/gem stacking or a currency stash tab should be a thing also.
-The controller needs some work with inventory management, it’s really tedious.

The good:
-The graphics are excellent. My favorite monsters are the unravelers.
-Arcane Sanctuary looks amazing, it’s lit up perfectly.
-It feels like Diablo 2 and I like the QoL features they have added so far.

To sum it up: We need more of the “MASTER” part now. The “Re” is done perfectly. If purists don’t want more QoL improvements, make a separate realm at this point.

I seen Griswold, he looks huge and far more impressive than the old one.

I know it is not prioritized but concentration aura will be very common to see - Its current shape looks too similar a puddle or a cloud in my opinion.


Every person has its own interpretation but according to the metallic pulsating sound of the aura I strongly think it evokes magnetic waves (lines of forces). I think the there is too much emphasis on the outer waves. It should “concentrate”, meaning that outer waves should get tenuous without sharp edges.


This example is interesting and shows how it concentrates and get more dense as it reaches the core more like in the original :



This reference above explains that waves curvature are refined, they have elegant bounces and turns. I think the current aura looks too schematized and don’t evoke original references that I imagined. Yes it sounds silly but I need precise text and references to explain my point of vue lol (To be clear, except a few most auras look awesome !)

Display of zone titles

They are underwhelming in my opinion. They look personality-less, too clean and without lighting. They are not as immersive as legacy's.

A 3d update with the right lighting and color would do justice to d1 and d2. Also, I suspect that d2 legacy’s font displayed for stat item and loot is a simplified variation of it, that keeps this rough look.

Some might consider it is too much work for 1 game, but I think it’s not if you consider the IP as a whole. Every video or marketing material would have looked more convincing with the original 3d font. I think quality assets are investments.


Of course, I hope World chat window will get updated too. It would be cool to have

  • The same Diablo or dialogs fonts
  • The same color code for item links


Art in d2 > all

Art in d2 bestest ever


Dont like popup. Hate massacre message, red outline. Dont care a little bit about these kinds of information. Just want to enjoy the art. Many opptions that can turn off all UI will be more interesting.

This seems like very good feedback! Nice job :clap:

Wow Olbat, seriously impressive knowledge of art history! I really enjoyed reading your post.

And I totally agree with every suggestion you made, TOPCommander. And Olbat’s!

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To illustrate the relevance of grainy texts/font, I highlighted how uniques look in this image. The difference is much more visible than with whites :


Creators intentionally wanted uniques with a gold appearance to make them stand out.
But beige is not gold. I think they don’t feel unique yet.
Schaefer said : “Gold for the uniques was specifically because it looked more important. It looked cooler.” (From Nathan Grayson interview of Brevik and Schaefer)

Metals have for uneven tones and reflections. Just like jewelry in shop windows, an authentic crafted metal make make items more desirable in my opinion. Also, uniques and super uniques are the naming and graphic representation of monsters.

Sorry I have to say it now, not on december 31st :wink:
Thanks Axe I appreciate it.