D2:R - 24 Hour Final Countdown

Exactly 24 hours to go ladies and gents!

Europe - The Final Countdown
Countdown Timer until Diablo 2:Resurrected goes live

The wait is almost over! Lets goooo!!! Lets hope for a smooth ride!



Launch map:

(Singapore and Taipei are releasing at 11PM on the 23rd)
Diablo II: Resurrected - Launch Guide

Don’t forget to get your D2:R game-ready graphics drivers!!!

The hype is real af omg, feel like a child :grin:


I’m so ready. I got food prepped, I get off work 2 hours before launch so I have time to get situated. LETS GO!


Ohh, yyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!

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I sent my GTX 1060 to the gym to get ready for the game! We are both hype’d af! :smiley: It’s like loosing virginity for the second time. >^.^<


Can’t wait to play single player only cause of Error 37

So excite!

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actually, the launch map makes me confused.
If it is 8AM 23rd PDT, Singapore time would be only 11PM 23rd, not 24th.

My guess is the line was shifted to the left to not run right through the text. A bit confusing, but Singapore and Taipei are releasing on the 23rd.

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Yeah they gotta fix that map

Oh come on, 23h:28m to go? Why can’t TIME GO FASTER?!??!

To kill some time and have some laughs, here’s Carbot’s Diablol 2 playlist:


as the song says, “The Final Countdown”!

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Bah, the play button does nothing!!! Just like that cursed chat gem!

Blizzard: “Working as intended.” :rofl:

Almost 16 hours >=)

Someone should call out the 11th hour

Remember months ago looking forward to this? Hey, youre in the future now!


Yay! See you all there. Excited to be a part of this community.


Less than two hours to go!

I prefer verbose over pictures.

have to work one more hour… than d2 for … 8 hours?
today i’ll spent more than 20 hours infront of my pc :joy_cat: :desktop_computer: :robot:

one hour, 34 minutes left

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Do we have to restart launcher or will the play button get activated itself?