D2:Remaster or Reimagined?

People said the exact same thing about WoW Classic. And look what happened.

Now, I’m not saying that a D2 released in its vanilla form without any QOL changes would be a success. I would actually welcome stuff like bigger stash and auto gold pick up - I’m not a D2 purist. But we have been down the “you think you do but you don’t” road before, and everybody who thought that was wrong.

Old school mechanics work. People like them, they stand the test of time. We have proof of that.

I have no idea, but I suppose WoW Classic adds QoL?

Not really, no. Kinda. I mean, it exists in a modern engine now (theres no way around that), so there are graphical enhancements that makes it look different. Lighting is different for sure, denser grass, that sort of thing. But stuff like cross realm grouping is out so you still have to run to the dungeon. No flying mounts, achievements, etc. Blizz did a really good job at it imo.

They did have a type of phasing tech where sometimes you weren’t exactly on the same server as the next guy, more like a copy of that server. Its kinda hard to explain, but that wasn’t a classic feature and its caused some controvery because people have been able to exploit it.

So, not 100% authentic, but maybe 90% with 10% QOL (which actually favors Blizzard more than the end user).

I really can’t comment on WoW stuff since I never played it more than some hours during its Alpha, but the game is newer than D2 and a different genre, one that WoW itself completely moved to where it is now. So, my point is, you can’t really make good expectations based on that WoW Classic is a big success.

D2 HD would be a big success too in terms of sells, be it a remaster or a remake. But in terms of player engagement in 2020 as an aRPG it will be a FAIL as a remaster and everyone will notice this after the initial sales hype is gone.

You’re pretty bold for someone who doesn’t understand or care why and how D2 hold up to its own legacy for 20 years. New player engagement is not a point because 20k active playerbase is still not a bad number after two decades. Not everyone have to cater to your tastes, nor D3 had to be replicated at every damn game Blizzard ever gonna release.

You’re just repeating what you’ve already said, without furthering your argument or bringing up evidence to substantiate your claim.

WoW Classic has proved not only that the model can work, but everyone who doubts it is already in a precarious situation. We know that already. So there are more reasons to believe that a D2 Remake would work than fail.

Disagree, sure. But there’s evidence to support the fact that you’re wrong. (It may not turn out that way, but I’m a science guy. I’ll go with the percentages every time, and ignore the ‘feelings’).

They should look at the UVLod mod. Has nice QoL like: more stash spash, auto gold pickup, stacking potions. Really like the faster rune upgrades and can downgrade them too.

One thing I think they should consider is making the single target skills splash somewhat. A lot of skills go unused because it feels bad killing one thing at a time.

There is no model, however. These games are from different genres and times.

I dont see how genre really matters. And time? They’re both old games.

The inference is old games have old mechanics and old = bad. This is simply untrue. WoW Classic, Everquest Progression servers, Ninja playing Final Fantasy XI on private server. And moving away from MMO’s - Cuphead, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, etc. Games that harken back to game design of yesteryear.

There is something going on here you cannot ignore.

Not always.

Old = different. And while different in the case of WoW Classic is not bad, different in the case of D2 is bad.

I still have my old D2 LOD CD from 16 years ago lmao. if they did a remaster i’d play just for the Druid.

WoW Classic is a different ballgame. People have been asking for #nochange forever. They received it for the most part and that is that.

Diablo 2 on the other hand CAN benefit from QoL because SOME of the QoL things weren’t added because it just didn’t work. Such as stash space… They said it was have lagged the server if they added more stash space or shared stash.

Remember the time limit on making new game because of bots? If you made games too fast you received a temporary ban and couldn’t play. Again, they could make it so that you can reset the game INSIDE a game. They have more tech nowadays.

From what I have read, a remaster for D2 is going to require them to practically make the game all over again. I think it was Brevik that mentioned that. If they do build it from the ground up, it would make no sense to not add new tech/QoL features that we literally couldn’t have in the old days.

Anyways, I’m hyped for D2 remaster, D4, and even Diablo Immortal… Bright future for Blizzard.

Played Orb Sorc, did just fine.

I also enjoyed the frenetic energy of quick runs like Baal, Pindle, etc.

A particularly noted one of those sites was a great way, via earning forum gold through rushes, PGem trading, rune trading, grand charm trading, etc., to then trade that forum gold in for the items you wanted, allowing a fair exchange without real money that supported targeted build development.

I also don’t think the XP curve was the issue, but rather the availability of high-XP returns only occurring from Baal runs (at the upper level end).

D2:LoD had plenty of items. More would be welcome, but I don’t see this as a flaw of the game as-is.

I enjoyed endgame PVP (with a Fireball Sorc and a Trapsin), torch farming, Baal runs, and various activities noted above for getting forum gold to augment in-game item hunting. More activities would again be welcome, but I don’t think D3 did a whole lot to improve on this by eliminating PVP, introducing Greater Rifts as its own variation on Baal runs, or introducing bounties that most consider a chore an that are highly punitive to single players.

I’ll agree on the following:

  • the drop rates on the top runes were very low.
  • stash space was low.
  • not all classes could participate as effectively in certain endgame activities (particularly farming certain bosses or areas)
  • Hell mode immunities were an 11th-hour surprise, and these should have just been steep resistances.

I definitely agree the great game that D2 was could be even further improved today - MedianXL is a great example where many more endgame challenges were introduced. Just a few areas of disagreement on what specifically needed to be improved or how specifically the improvement should be done.

Did you cut and paste someones comment to show me saying something I did not say? lolwut

They promised trading in D4 like they promised trading in D:I. Stop counting on “no-trading in a two decade old game” already. So… Suck it up?

so where is the d2 remastered? or that part of the leak was false? 2 more years of seasons will not get me through.

Like a noob, yes, I quoted the quote from your comment. My bad. lol fixing it and ty for the heads up.

May be next day if not, next year. To me, “the leak” was false from the start yet they intended it to be heard that way, they only reveal D4 early because of negative media pressure of recent news. Why do you think it has gore and blood? It will be quite a hassle to censor that thing for China, yet they had to give the message out.

If the first sentence of this post is any indication, it would appear that D4 is the only thing Diablo after D:I coming down the pipe.

I like it. But they lost most part of d2 footage, tileset creations etc. So a remaster it’s far away. So there are 2 alternatives:

1 - Make a new game and improve where d2 needs too

a - double the walking bar
b - create an inventory copy dedicated to charms
c - a new act with new belts which carry 5-6-7-8-9-10 line of potions #nowadays we fill all inv with potions this is not nice).
d - Some nice endgame activities - example: charms upgrade (after you collect 10 charms equal you upgrade all of them for one other charm with differents effects, example +1 to all skills charms could to evolve to +2 to all skills charm etc).
e - Allow to boost mercenary aura so make it into skills in the very endgame moment where we can to improve them.

2 - Make a remaster with some improvements.

I would vote for option one. I would love to play it on pc and on nintendo switch.

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