D2 noob here, questions about multiplayer functionality

Hi, so I understand the only way to play multiplayer currently will be on bnet, correct? If my girlfriend and I are playing and a rando joins our server, can we go hostile and gank them? Also, can you play SP and then play that same character on Bnet? I know ladder is all new characters but not sure about SP to non ladder.

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Yes, you can openly hostile anyone joining whatever game you join.

No, SP characters are strictly SP.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe multiplayer is just through Bnet at present. I don’t know if SP has a multiplayer function through the internet. You cannot bring SP characters to regular Bnet ladder/non ladder as far as I’m aware too.

You can hostile randoms. But you can also put a password on the game to keep it private.

Edit: that might be a bit confusing but SP has different functions to MP Bnet play. Such as the ability to save maps and emulate the number of players.

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You can also set the game to have a password so randoms cannot join. Or you can set level restrictions so players with more than X levels difference from you cannot join.

Exactly how/if an “open” battlenet type feature comes to be available (allowing single player characters to play together) remains to be seen, and looks doubtful, currently.

Awesome thanks! I can deal with no sp to bnet, but not ganking passersby would be a deal breaker, as we like to roleplay chaotic evil, for a lack of better words. How does the level thing work for people joining games? Like if you are on a certain level, does it put you in games where people are a certain level range? Or can anyone join any game any time?

That’s the beautiful thing about D2. You are free to do what you want. You could even join games and try to more aggressively gank people.

It’s a setting you choose when hosting the game.

e.g. you’re level 10, and you set the level difference to +/- 5. Players level 5-15 could join your game. As you level up, this range changes. So, if you get to level 11, the range should then be 6-16.

If there are no restrictions, anyone can join at any time.

-In Classic D2LOD, you’d only see lobbies for the difficulty level your character was in (i.e. Normal/Nightmare/Hell), but you could still join other games if you knew the precise game name.
-All of this is from a PC background. Unsure how Console will be.


Ahhh cool I did not know it was gonna have pword feature. Very good to know. That solves a lot of potential worries

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You won’t have a server to yourself. You have a game to yourself and you can even password it to keep people out. Yes, you can hostile people though.

Nope. Offline can not be played on Bnet. You can’t play your Bnet chars offline either.

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If you make a public game, people will join. To play with you, not really to gank. They wouldnt get anything other than gold.

Im not saying this doesnt happen but in general in pubs people want to play together. You get more loot and more EXP the more players are in a game.

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Oooh I did not know About the level range thing! That’s super cool .thank you

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This is not really a D&D. The game does not have the function for you to roleplay. When they created the game 20 years ago, the technology just was there.

Roleplaying chaotic evil is equal to be a jerk player.
When you roleplay a chaotic evil character in D&D, the DM and other players need to be on board with you. In this game, this will not happen.
p.s. There is also why some DM doesn’t allow evil alignments in D&D game

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That’s your opinion, but I guarantee you far more people appreciate that aspect of the game.

Be prepared for high level PvP geared characters to back up a gank in response… should be fun though and a challenge for you to get your own high end PvP gear! Then FLEX

Urmomftw— lol. Made me chuckle


Wait what do you mean they will only get gold? What about da looot

You know I could say the same thing too. I could say “That’s your opinion, but I guarantee you far more people don’t appreciate that aspect of the game.” However, I am not going to say it because we have proof of which statement is true.

One thing I would like to mention. Battlenet 2 does have a reporting system and it is automatic. If you are been a jerk to others, others could be a jerk and faulty report you. If you have enough faulty reports, you could get the account ban.

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I’ve played diablo, I’m well aware that there is no roleplay in that aspect. If it equates to jerk player, then that’s what I meant I guess lol. I have played diablo 2 before, but only SP and I never got past act 3, so I consider myself an epic noob. But I have played a lot of dnd both evil campaigns and neutral to lawful. I just thought there wasn’t a pword system and wanted to see if I could grief players instead of jolly co op if I so desire

You do you, Fruit.

I’m not concerned about this whatsoever as it’s a part of the game.

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That is incorrect.

There is the option to right click report for various things in most Blizzard games. The penalty is not automatic though with one exception. There are two systems.

  • Squelch. Squelch is a penalty put in place for gold spammers and such. If enough reports come in fast enough it can auto squelch the account until Blizz GMs look at it.
  • Silence - if an actual silence is applied then it is done by the GM after reading the reports. Those penalties are black marks on the account and double each and every time you get one applied. Silence removes social features but generally lets a person still play the game.
  • Suspension or ban - that is normally for severe chat infractions, abusing the reporting system, or cheating. Those can be issued by GMs or the Hacks team depending on what it is.

So no, it is not an automated system except the squelch for spamming.

There’s no way you can get banned for griefing in a game that clearly supports pvp/hostility at any time for any reason. That would be a huge deal breaker for me. But I would still play, just not be as much of a jerk lol. I mean I’m not claiming to know better than you about it. But what you suggest would be completely ridiculous. If players can go hostile at any time, not much else matters. If you are getting grief, you have the level range option and even a pword option. I don’t see how what you are saying could really be true

Correct. As long as someone is using the PvP system as designed by the game makers, they won’t be penalized. They can go hostile as much as they want and PK people over and over. Blizzard does not consider use of the PvP system, as designed, griefing.

Same in WoW. You enable PvP mode then you have chosen your fate. You can be killed and corpse camped for hours. There is a PvP solution to that - call your friends.

That is how Blizz handles PvP. If someone can’t deal with that, they need to password their game.