Community Contest: Legacy of Raekor

Fellow Barbs, it’s a slow time for us. The Season is winding down and there’s nothing worthwhile for us in the next patch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.

I’m creating this thread as a community contest, possibly as a one-off, or, if it proves successful and popular, as the first in a series.

The Premise

The idea is simple: Redesign the Legacy of Raekor set to make it a powerful, viable set. This means you can tweak its set bonuses or ditch the current ones and come up with completely new ones–whatever floats your boat! You can also tweak or overhaul supporting legendary items provided they are not currently part of another major build.

Everyone will have a week to post their design. At the end of the week, no more designs will be accepted, and there will be one week dedicated to voting for your favorite build. The build with the most votes wins and gets to come up with the next Community Contest. Each Community Contest author gets to make the rules for the contest, so in a way, this is a creative continuation of the Meet n’ Greets from days past.

See below for the rules for this one.


When designing and posting your build, please adhere to the following rules.

  1. You may only use the Legacy of Raekor set–no hybrid RORG builds!
  2. You may only use supporting legendaries not in standard use by other major builds (no Fjord Cutter, Lamentation, etc.). You’re welcome to overhaul these to your liking.
  3. Your build must have a specific strength and a weakness and they must be clearly outlined. For example, if your build is good at single-target damage, it shouldn’t also be good at clearing trash. There’s some flexibility with this rule, but when in doubt, don’t make a build that’s good at everything!
  4. Your build must have a specific optimal play style (a way in which the build is optimally played), but it may also offer variants.
  5. Please use the format provided below.


When posting your build, I ask that you use the following format. For ease of reference, copy and paste the following:

Build Name: Come up with a creative name for your build
D3 Planner Link: Plug the required items into D3 planner and post a link
Build Strength: What is your build best at doing?
Build Weakness: What is your build’s weak spot?
Set Bonuses: Write your new set bonuses here as follows:

  • 2-piece bonus:
  • 4-piece bonus:
  • 6-piece bonus:

Item Bonuses: Write the new or updated legendary affixes for supporting legendaries here. After each affix, you can clarify any complex mechanics or changes. For example:

Saffron Wrap: Overpower no longer sucks and actually does something.

  • Since the current SW is a joke, I decided to do X and Y, and here’s how that works!

Build Description: Talk about your build’s intended optimal play style here, and discuss why you created this build in the first place. What’s unique about your build? What makes it fun and exciting to play?


I’ll close the thread TBD. Once the contest is closed, you’ll have a week to vote–just post which build + creator is your favorite and I’ll tally the votes. I’ll post mine as well, but even if I win the second-place creator will lead the next contest.

What are you waiting for? Go nuts! Have fun!


Build Name: The Furious Rock
D3 Planner Link: h ttps://
Build Strength: Excellent mobility and damage to multiple targets
Build Weakness: Low or medium in single traget, bad stacking of striken

  • 2-piece bonus: Furious Charge gains the effect of Battering Ram rune and now generate 150 fury and have no cooldown. Ancient Spear gains the effects of Jagged Edge and Boulder Toss runes. The effect of the Boulder Toss rune is doubled.
  • 4-piece bonus: Every use of Furious Charge and Ancient Spear reduce the cooldown of Ignore pain and War Cry skills by 2 sec. Ignore pain gains the effects of Iron Hide and Bravado runes.
  • 6-piece bonus: Every use of Furious charge increases the damage of your next Ancient Spear by xxxx% and xx% extra per hited ennemi.
    Every use of Ancient Spear increases the damage of your next Furious Charge by xxxx%

Item Bonuses:

Skular’s Salvation: Ancient Spear also slows enemies by 80% for 3 secondes and deals xxx% increased damage.

  • No limit for the number of affected enemies and the snare effect to work with Bane of Trapped

Vile Ward: Furious Charge deals xx-xx% increased damage for every enemy hit while charging and take xx% reduced damage for 5 seconds.

  • No need to comment :slight_smile:

Build Description: First of all, I wanted to keep a link with the current version which is focused on the Furious Charge but without the gameplay where you charge the wall …

With this build, I have the image of an unstoppable fighter who makes quick and devastating attacks from one corner of the battlefield to another (High move speed + Furious charge + Ignore Pain). For those who survived the charge, they receive a huge rock on the head (Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss).

For the gameplay:

  • Keep active Ignore Pain, Battle Rage and War Cry.
  • You charge on monsters to create packs. Once done, you cross the pack with a Furious Charge and then you throw a Boulder Toss at the heart of the pack.
  • Furious Charge => Boulder Toss => Furious Charge => Boulder Toss => etc. The more enemies you hit, the more damage you will cause. You can burst with WoTB.
  • The number of attacks per second or minute is small compared to other builds but the idea is very big damage when you hit. If you are agile you can increase this number :slight_smile: .

Conclusion: There are few original elements but the gameplay seems to come out of the lot with the alternation between the generator and the spender without forgetting the great mobility. This would be one of the few builds where you have 2 sources of damage : Furious Charge and Boulder Toss. If you like the concept, you should study the balance between the damage of the Furious Charge and Boulder Toss.

Sorry for my English, I’m not English speaker :slight_smile: .


Mhhh i wanted to come up with sth simmilar as i like the combi of Charge / Bouldertoss.

id just change it to:

6-piece bonus: Every use of Furious charge increases the damage of your next Ancient Spear by xxxx% and xx% extra per hited ennemi. Ancient Spear will automatically be casted when your Rage reached its maximum.

Sounds great but what about standoff 2hand spear?

I think this affix can be in standoff:
Ancient Spear will automatically be casted when your use furious charge and both deals xx-xx% increased damage

Standoff is already in use in a major build and thus can’t be used here.

Build Name: Raekaboom
D3 Planner Link: h ttps://
Build Strength: using furious charge for damage and fury generation to cumulate in a massive spender on physical cycle of CoE, synergizing fury generation and spending for Bastion of the Will set, improving DR of Raekor set to be on par with other sets
Build Weakness: A bit too involved perhaps, using revenge/overpower, furious charge, and boulder toss in one build for max dmg, not sure how the changes would affect other sets as a result.
Set Bonuses: Write your new set bonuses here as follows:

  • 2-piece bonus: If furious charge hits only one enemy, a charge is refunded, and your damage is increased by 400% multiplicatively.

I wondered with 2-pc whether the damage would be all damage or just FC, but I tend to inflate the numbers and the effects to get the point across. I want Raekor 1 piece to be viable as something to be instantly used in a Haedrig’s gift situation. The biggest thing is to make it so FC gets a boost right away in terms of dmg.

  • 4-piece bonus: Furious Charge gains every rune and deals 1500% damage and your fury generation is doubled. When casting furious charge and for 5 seconds after, all damage taken is reduced by 50%.

I could see the DR going lower if it feels too much, but Raekor has no DR natively though obviously band of might gives 80% if you use it.

  • 6-piece bonus: Every time you use furious charge the damage of your next fury spender is increased by 5500%. This effect stacks for every enemy hit, your spenders consume 5 stacks each, or 10 if the spender consumes all your fury.

Item Bonuses: Write the new or updated legendary affixes for supporting legendaries here. After each affix, you can clarify any complex mechanics or changes. For example:

Saffron Wrap: Using overpower or revenge increases the damage of your next skill that consumes fury or a charge (i.e. over power or revenge included here) by 200%. Revenge and overpower damage are increased by 300-400% and have a doubled area of effect.

Vile Ward: Furious charge gains 50% (maybe even 100%) increased damage for every enemy it hits. Additionally when gaining fury using furious charge, your fury pool may increase 100% above its maximum amount for 10 seconds. This effect stacks, with a maximum of 10 stacks. While below maximum fury, all damage is reduced by 30%

Standoff: Your movement speed while using furious charge is doubled and you gain 400% of your total movement speed as multiplicative increased damage to furious charge.

The Three hundredth Spear: the damage of Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss is increased by 20% of the damage dealt by fury generators in the last 10-15 seconds.

Build Description: being a set which revolves around furious charge, I want to make this skill central to the set as a damage dealer in its own right and as a way to pump and prime big spenders for massive damage. I opt for a solution which allows for the removal of the fury cap so as to make the damage of boulder toss or seismic slam rumble go through the roof. I also added some mechanics where furious charge damage itself would add to your spenders, and retained the original spender-stacks mechanic of original Raekor.

Gameplay: Furious charge packs to build stacks and max fury, drop boulders on COE cycle. FC should do a bit of damage on its own, but in pushing scenarios, physical cycle boulders are juiced up for the main damage. This makes FC viable as a skill for damage dealing enough to handle speeds, but gives the opportunity to shift gears into that upper tier of damage for pushing. Damage reduction is gained through charging, both in set and items; while increased damage is gained through fury generation through furious charge + raekor stacks + FC accumulated damage added to spenders (similar to a big hit from battle rage bloodshed focused on the spender itself). I imagine that this damage stacking could work itself into the sort of potential range that valor crusaders have in how HF damage scales in that set/build.

One of the main additions to this build is the removal of the cap on max fury to make BT so devastating. Obviously an a truly uncapped amount is begging for exploitation; but what if Raekor as a FC build, with lots of built-in fury generation, would somehow remove the cap on fury (up to a certain level, maybe 5-10X the pool or something) for the duration of one’s Raekor stacks, which would increase the dmg of Raekor charge according to the amount of fury you have?

  • On the one hand, this is a unique mechanic for the purpose of damage dealing that builds on the central skill of furious charge. It also allows you to implement FC items that bring in other unique mechanics if you choose, such as the movement bonus to FC dmg from Standoff (?)
  • On the other hand, using this mechanic makes a natural fury-dump option on COE cycle for Boulder Toss or Seismic slam rumble. This is already a way Raekor is played, and such an amendment to the set would further solidify and reward this playstyle as uniquely Raekor-esque. It also leaves you some options for using different skills depending on needs, SS is good for larger areas, while Boulder is good for focused high damage hits.
  • this style of build would undoubtedly have some meta setup, but there remains some flexibility in this arrangement. One could go with the IK4R6 setup, or use a dual wielding setup with Standoff in the cube. It might be interesting to see if there were some advantage to using a 2H weapon for this build or not as a sort of hard-hitting big damage walloping kind of build that 2h weps suggest, though I suspect dual wielding will usually trump this for affixes and CHD.

For a good Raekor build, furious charge should be important for something other than mobility and CC - it should do damage. This build that could easily do speed clears with just this skill alone and maybe a spender for trash or a boss; and one for pushing where furious charge still does work but the big boom comes from the spender of choice. The goal of this set is to make a beefy, rampaging wrecker build that bowls over enemies and flattens them into the ground and walls with skills.


Speed build uses FC as the main damage dealer, while keeping spenders as potential nukes for bosses, etc. Strongarms, dual wielding echoing fury and in-geom with rechel’s ring for speed bonus makes this a fast, hard hitting speed build with lots of potential - I’d love to see this be something that could do 110 speeds with decent paragon.

New item suggestion for fun:

Raekor’s Impulse: Targets under the effects of crowd control by furious charge take 50% more damage from all sources.

What I like about this item (1h mighty weapon I guess) is that it gives some variability to gearing for different situations, could be a potential 4th cube slot for this build and zBarb as well, and could bring in some interesting combinations for Frenzy or WW even (might even break the focus/restraint meta for WW if fourth cube slot becomes permanent)

That said, this item is for fun and doesnt need to be added for the build to work. I think it could stand in for in-geom in the speed setup, and maybe take messerschmidt’s in 4th cube slot for extra speed in S22 or if fourth cube slot becomes a thing. For the push variant, it would go 4th cube slot if at all.


I dont know if that is implementable at this stage, cause i doubt they will change skills. If they do id dream of a 6 Piece Bonus that gives the Boulder Toss Mechanic (+% dmg for each fury point + spend all fury points on the first use) to EVERY Rage-Dump Dmg Skill the Barb has.

I think this would allow a broad and funny variety of builds


Hey Brotz, love the ideas, but can you use the suggested format in the OP? Makes it easier to standardize all entries. Thanks!

UPDATE: Gonna extend the deadline a while to give more folks time to post!

LMK if need more fixes, I tried to copy others and look back at the original format.


I love it! Thank you very much! I look forward to reading it in-depth!

Been thinking about the state of Barbs as a class lately, and I can’t get over the fact that Raekor stands out as our most awkward set. Everything else I’m really happy with, and our other sets have strong mechanics and identities. It’s been a while since we’ve discussed it as a group, and since I’ve come up with some ideas I’m bumping this old thread.

The Goal
Incentivize movement, remove wall-charging, and increase single target damage. And, as always, maximize build diversity.

Suggested patch notes

Furious Charge: Internal cooldown is increased.

2-Piece: Furious Charge refunds a charge if it hits only 1 enemy, and deals triple damage to the first enemy hit.

4-Piece: Furious charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 2000% increased damage.

6-Piece: Every yard traveled grants a stack of momentum, reducing damage taken by 1%, stacking up to 50 times. Each stack also increases the damage of furious charge by 100% and Ancient Spear by 500%. (Stacks rapidly reduce while standing still.)

The 300th Spear: Increase the damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 600%.

The Theory

The whole idea behind this rework is that you gain power from movement.
The triple damage in the 2-piece should more than make up for the loss of wall-charging. The internal cooldown may seem redundant with the new 6-piece bonus, but this is necessary to keep IK6/R4 balanced.

The 4-piece and 6-piece bonuses have to be carefully tuned so that the relationship between pure R6 charge and IK6R4 makes sense. R6 should be a little stronger, but not by much. Likewise, IK6R4 should be stronger than IK HotA, but barely. This ranking gives every build a purpose.

After trying to figure out how to balance all the various spenders that could potentially be buffed by the 6-piece, I decided it was easier to just go all-in on Ancient Spear. Slam has MOTE, and HotA has both LoD and IK, whereas BT has no competitive build.

There would likely be 3 ways to play this reworked set: Charge, Boulder Toss, or both. The supporting legendaries for Charge and boulder toss don’t compete for slots, so you could equip Standoff and Skular’s while cubing 300th and Vile Ward. This would make you give up quite a bit of DR, though, so it might be worth going all-in for one of the skills so you can equip APD or furnace. R6IK4 isn’t even out of the question, but I believe that CC or Aughild would be a better and less costly option.

IK6R4 gets roughly double damage from the new 4-piece, and much better single-target. I’m thinking this would make it competitive with IK6 HotA. This is important since it remains our only viable hybrid build, and a classic. Because of the separate leaderboards, having both R6IK4 and IK6R4 is acceptable. Like I mentioned before, I don’t think R6IK4 would end up on the leaderboards much, since it’s a very high price to pay for perma-WotB.

The wildcard here is how the BT buffs would effect MOTE. I have a hunch that it wouldn’t destroy the MOTE eco-system, but could be wrong.

Anyway, I’m done. Let me know what you guys think about my ideas.


Ok, let’s see…. Just a few notes off the top of my head…

You just mean “cooldown increased”, right?

Increased to what?

So, for IK6R4, you’d still want to wall-charge single targets, since that speeds up the rate of Charge hits. But, that was always only a minor problem with Vile Charge. It was a big problem with R6HOTA, but that build would no longer exist since the set would no longer buff HOTA.

And, for VC, you’d be basically doubling damage in general, plus essentially getting 6x damage vs single targets. So, that would probably be about 5-6 extra GRs, meaning at 10k paragon we’d be in the 140-142 range. Pretty comparable to all 3 HOTAs now, and a bit weaker than Frenzy or Leapquake.

So, I think what you’d actually end up playing most of the time is R6IK4 Charge, gaining extra defense from CoTA:TaO, and perma-Wrath, for extra offense and defense. Without perma WOTB and COTA, you lose defense from Morticks and TaO, leaving you with only 50% DR from R4, and whatever you get out of Aughild or Crimson… in comparison, R6IK4 would have 50% from TaO, 50% from Morticks, and 50% from R4. So at low paragon, you can throw BoM on top and be nearly invulnerable, and at higher paragon you could swap BoM and CoE for F+R, and pick up an extra 2-3 GRs worth of damage. The next best alternative would probably be R6CC3, carrying Standoff or Furnace, with the other in the cube. And wear Morticks, for extra defense at least some of the time. I don’t see Aughild being a competitive setup.

R6IK4 would be really similar to Vile Charge, except I think you would probably not wall-charge bosses (because I still think that what wall-charging does is set the distance charged to whatever the minimum possible number is).

Other than that, I think the gameplay would be essentially identical. You’d do about 25% more damage in general (51x vs 41x), but probably wouldn’t kill bosses any faster because of the lost wall-charging. So, maybe 1-2 GRs stronger than VC, or maybe 143ish at 10k paragon.

I think 500% per stack x 50 stacks x 6 for 300th for Boulder Toss is not nearly enough… Note that BT and Rumble do fairly similar base damage. We are basically giving BT a similar buff to FotVP on 300th, plus a 25% gain on the set bonus (251x R6 vs 201x MOTE), but a MOTE setup that does all its damage with Rumble is a total non-starter. We don’t even use Rumble for damage with Phys Leapquake anymore since it’s so weak.

So BT would definitely need some extra love, coming from somewhere. I also think there might be some significant clunkiness from needing to keep up your Momentum distance stacks while still generating Fury as fast as possible.

And that’s my two cents!

Struggled with the wording there. ICD is different from CD, since even with 100% CDR, such as with In-geom, FC doesn’t have an infinite attack speed. Perhaps a better way to say it would be that the animation cancelling is removed.

Don’t have any numbers, but whatever the delay is when you simply hold down attack on a single target, that should be the same delay if you attempt to wall-charge.

Hopefully it’s clear that the ICD/animation cancelling I’m thinking of makes this impossible.

To me that’s about right for an initial target. I’m sure this is what you’re basing these numbers on, but it’s worth posting again that VC was GR132 capable back in 2.6.5. So yeah, I agree with the 140-142.

This is great feedback, since all hybrids isn’t the intent. I can see why the devs moved towards a standard 6-piece list, since hybrids make everything quite a bit more difficult.

I suppose that’s only a problem if you don’t like VC gameplay. I think wall-charging is the main gripe, so eliminating that might be all that’s needed (along with sufficient damage).

Great point, didn’t think of it like that. Numbers should be adjusted so that it makes sense. Somewhere there’s a happy medium between 500% per stack and 500,000% per stack.

Based on your feedback, I’m thinking about the following change to my original suggestion:

6-Piece: Every yard traveled grants a stack of momentum, reducing damage taken by 1%, stacking up to 50 times. Each stack also increases the damage of furious charge by 25% and Ancient Spear by 2,500%. (Stacks rapidly reduce while standing still.)

If that looks weird to you, it’s because I’m trying to keep R6 charge a thing, while also making VC the only hybrid (by making R6IK4 obsolete). I don’t want to get hung up on the numbers (that’s what PTR’s are for), but rather the mechanics.

I’m attempting to do the following:

  • Make VC a competitive build again, without gimmicky gameplay.
  • Make R6 Boulder Toss a competitive build.
  • Make R6 Charge a good speed-farming build with gearing flexibility.

Here I think I disagree. These goals (keeping us stacks and generating fury) happen at the same time. The idea is that you’re not standing still. It should be said that you don’t even need to charge to keep up momentum stacks; you could just run and increase your damage and DR. But why run when you have charge?

Thanks for the feedback! I mainly wanted to get this conversation going again, since every time I drop a nice Raekor piece I get a little sad, lol.

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Well, FC’s attack speed is based on a bunch of stuff, including your move speed and attack speed, as well as the distance to the target. There isn’t actually any animation cancelling anymore, as far as I’m aware…

So, I think the issue is that when you charge at a wall, the game has to treat that as though you are going some distance. And in this case, I think they opted for that distance to be the very minimum, whether that’s 1 yard, 0 yards, whatever. And as a result, that charge takes the smallest possible amount of time, also factoring in your move speed and attack speed.

They could have had a wall charge take a larger amount of time, as if, instead of 0 yards, that wall counts as 5 yards, 10 yards, whatever. But then I think the problem is: what if you are charging a wall from a non-adjacent location, for instance, if you charge through a bunch of mobs, and happen to hit a wall? I think in this instance, you’d basically be stuck against the wall for a short time, since that extra “wall distance” would have to be resolved.

As for charging an enemy working at the same speed as wall-charging, I’m guessing that using that same “minimum distance” effect there might end up getting you stuck in place or something like that.

So, I think the bottom line is that they basically cannot fix wall charging without introducing other, much worse issues. I could be totally off on all of this, but from everything I’ve observed about the way Charge works, it just seems like the problem would be really tough to fix completely.

So, my suggestion is: just forget about fixing wall charging completely. It’s really never been much of an issue for Vile Charge, as opposed to R6 HOTA, where it had a huge impact. Changing the way the 6 piece works is solution enough.

Honestly, I think having both a R6IK4 hybrid and a IK6R4 hybrid would be fine. Most people would play R6IK4 since it would be a little better. Then all you need is to jack up the damage buff to Ancient Spear (2500% per stack is probably getting closer to what’s needed), and it’s all good. I don’t think it really needs to be any more complicated than that.

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Give our devs some credit! Lol. I dunno, you’re a lot more familiar with the bones of the game than I am, but I can’t imagine this would be beyond their ability. They’ve surprised us before…

And they’ve also surprised us before in a bad way, so I take your point.

Yeah, I think a simple solution is probably best. I have some pipe dream ideas that include bouncing boulders and throwing triple spears, but I’ve learned to rein in expectations, ha.

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Thing is, I think wall-charging is a problem with the engine, some interaction between player models, velocity, and terrain geography. My best guess is that there’s a code string to tell the game that a player model can’t enter into or pass over specific terrain objects outside of very specific conditions (you can’t walk over a chasm, for example, but you can leap over it). Furious Charge moves the player model, but since the skill has a minimum frame of animation that can’t be cancelled, and since the skill doesn’t allow players to go over terrain, I’m not sure wall-charging can be fixed without coding some kind of exception into the skill.

But what exception? Charge lets you go through enemies, but not terrain objects, so the fix would have to disable the animation entirely when the player contacts a wall. But at what angle? I can see a lot of problems where players who are contacting a wall without meaning to wall-charge have their skill animation cancelled and thus lose a charge.

I could be wrong, of course. I’m not a coder, and I’m not privy to the innards of D3’s engine, so I’m simply speculating. I just suspect that wall-charging is more complicated than it seems.

FWIW, I don’t much mind hybrids, but the original intent of this thread is to make R6 stand on its own without combining it with the IK set. The simplest way, of course, is to add some DR to the set and jack the BT damage on Skular’s and 300th through the roof–make Charge your mobility, CC, and trash clearing skill, and let BT drop nukes. But there are, of course, other ways to go about it.

The global multipliers on both the IK set and Raekor make it tricky.