Code 395000 Problem Loading Game License

Reinstalled D3 after a few years and can’t connect to the European Servers now.
Login finishes step 2/3 and then produces the error "There was a problem loading the game license. Please try again. (Code 395000)”.
America server works fine - I have no Chars there.
Asia server works fine - I have tons of Chars there because it used to be my main server while I was living in Asia.
Europe server does not work - probably have a char or two here but it’s been so many years that I can’t remember exactly.

I’m located in Europe if that makes a difference.

I read through the main thread on this topic, the solutions there did not work.
32 bit did not work. Closing bnet and trying to log in directly in the game did not work, even after 10 tries it’s still Code 395000.

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I’ve been having the same issue with the game licence when trying to connect to EU. Reinstalled the game again after about 10 years and can’t log in to the EU server specifically (US server allows me to create new characters).

Potential fixes don’t work. Firewall disabled did not help. PC/Modem reboot no difference. 32bit version nothing. WinMTR shows no packet loss. Typing the account info manually also doesn’t solve the issue.



We are currently investigating the spike in reports of error code 395000, and our team is on the case to resolve this as quickly as possible. We will update this thread once we have more news to share.

Thank you for taking the time to post here about it.

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I’m experiencing the same (had posted on the eu forums as well, was redirected to here to post it as well.

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Same here…I just noticed my patch notes are for patch 25…even though my version is a fresh install of

I even rebought the digital version of the game last night and did a fresh install with no success

I hope this is fixed soon…

Sorry should have said play on EU was directed to post here

No issues with Diablo IV open beta I was hoping to slake my thrist for Diablo be playing D3 from now till June :frowning:

Same here. I can log into the Americas and Asia servers but cannot play on EU getting the error code 395000. I should point out I am a returning player having previously played on EU when Diablo 3 first launched.


As far as I know… we all do. Here’s a screenshot from my system:

The important part is that your Battle.Net is fully updated; you can see its version on the Settings pane, in the bottom left corner of the window:

Yeah both Battlenet nd Game are updated but no joy

I can play with no issue in America region

Same issue for me - can log into Americas and Asia, but no EU. :frowning:

same here, can you post estimation time?

Same, can’t log in and therefore play the game.

Same here, Americas works fine… Asia works fine… EU just refuses. Followed every suggested step as well.

Eu server ain’t working for me after missing the gameplay of D4, need something to keep me over til June!

Same for me. Just got a gift from a friend and can’t log in to Europe :frowning:

Same issue here…

I can log into US and Asian Servers, but on EU I always get the same error 395000…
Everything is up-to-date and re-verified.

I am also having this issue in the EU.

"There was a problem loading the game license. Please try again. (Code 395000).

Game client version (64 bit).

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The issue is not on the Client side but on the Server side. Have the same issue here but logged in with a nother account and it works. Sems to affect those who have been inactive for som time.

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The long inactivity would fit the bill in my case actually…
Just recently got the Prime Evil Collection as update to my CE and haven’t played since beta…maybe that messed things up server-side.

All other games launch and play just fine…

Same here. Last time I played Diablo 3, was few months after release. In 2021 I bought prime evil collection. Now was first time I install D3 again with RoS expansion. While trying to login in Europe realm got message: “Diablo 3 Error Code 395000: Failure to load game license.”

I made follow things and nothing happend:

  • I reset router
  • I flush DNS
  • I change ISP to mobile without any success
  • game is fully downloaded and up to date
  • modify and repair via BattleNet client also not working
  • firewall is disabled
  • all d3 related .exe files are added into exception list
  • haven’t got any additional security software that can affected game

but Asian and American is working just fine.

I was wondering if my account was banned or it was region locked but seems it’s more serious problem and other people that had long pause in-game got simmiliar issues aswell.

Adding myself in here as I have the same problem.
Any notification about solving this issue is highly appreciated!