Cluckeye's secondary affix for classes not Witch Doctor

Cluckeye dropped is showing 9+ Max Discipline (Demon Hunter) as a secondary affix while playing Witch Doctor. This particular Cluckeye was an Ancient item if helpful.

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Two-handed bows are Demon Hunter weapons therefore they would show +9 discipline.

The Smart Loot 2.0, IIRCOTTOMH, drops about 15% of loot {Citation Needed | that number seems high? }} for other classes so it’s not uncommon to get gear with class-specific affixes meant for those other classes.

The difference is that the bow is not an item for other classes. I’s still a DH item but with a legendary affix for another class. Doesn’t make sense that it drops for DH anymore. They should make it a WD weapon and remove it from the DH pool.
Would be like a wand with whirlwind affix.

Yes, I 100% agree with you after rereading the patch notes. I had missed the changes to Cluckeye. My apologies!

Yes, exactly!

Not quite. Wands are Wizard specific weapons, while bows are not exclusive to DH - WD and Wiz can use them as well.

No, they are generic weapons that can also be equipped by Witch Doctors.

If you craft a yellow 2-handed bow at the Blacksmith, it is not possible to craft one with Discipline. Because you are crafting the bow on a Witch Doctor, the DH-specific stats are not available in the affix pool. Similarly, if you roll the secondary stat on a yellow 2-handed bow on a Witch Doctor, Discipline does not appear as an option.

Reroll options for bow secondary on Witch Doctor:

Exact same bow on DH:

You should not get a Witch Doctor smart loot bow with Discipline, if it’s Witch Doctor smart loot the Discipline affix should not be in the affix pool.