Cluckeye still in the DH's pool

Now that it’s a WD weapon, it should be removed from the DH drop pool.

Just buy a Bag of Fortune from Djank Meme

What are you talking about?

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Also, they’ll probably update this during or after PTR.

And if you need one, just buy a bag of fortune instead of trying to roll one

I don’t need one. It dropped for a DH when it shouldn’t. It should only drop for WDs from now on. It’s no longer a DH weapon.

Not that it will ever be anything but cubed, but it still rolls with demon hunter stats. I get why they wanted to use Cluckeye for its namesake but making it multiclass is silly and probably unintentional. It shouldn’t be on the DH loot table any more and it should roll WD affixes despite being guaranteed cube fodder.

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The items in the djank bag have different internal ids from the items that drop in the wild. Are you talking about the cluckeye in the follower items? Or did you find one in the wild?

The wild. More than once.

Every class has something like a 15% chance of getting an off class drop. So I guess it depends on how many you’ve seen for you DH. I am playing a DH and I have not seen any except in the djank bags.

If you are seeing lots and/or if they are still dropping with Dex, then yeah, that’s an issue that should be fixed.

I know that and that’s not the case. But I knew this would happen, that’s why I posted about it the day they announced the patch:

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It needs to be reworked into a WD weapon type. I actually had one drop early but was useless unless I cubed it due to it still rolling dex and DH stats.