[Classic] The Shared Stash

Expanded Stash

More Space for More Loot The original personal Stash has been expanded, and we’ve added a shared stash tab, so you can spend more time slaying demons and collecting loot, and less time managing it all.

  • Shared Stash tab available to all characters on a single Battle.net account.

Here it says in their marketing info the shared stash tab will be available to all chars on a single B.net account.

Let’s hope they’re not lying in their marketing. There is hope perhaps?


Yeah I noticed that and wasn’t sure if they just forgot about classic when they said that or if it means they changed their minds. Hopefully it’s the latter. Need to try to get some clarification from the devs.


Would be a pretty big oversight to promise everyone a shared stash and not deliver.

I’ll definitely be leaving feedback during beta at every chance I get. I hope others will as well (let’s hope Classic isn’t left out of beta)


Agreed. I’m not really as interested in playing LoD during beta. Is there a specific forum for alpha and beta feedback if you play?


There was an alpha feedback forum, I expect the same for beta.

I’m really hoping Classic is playable and with the shared stash. During the latest dev interview I saw, he stated muling and dropping items on the ground adds nothing to the game, so maybe there’s hope


Since we are talking about the shared stash. I remeber from when I was still playing D2 that I had 3 accounts full of mule chars and every one of the had a full stash and full inventory.
How big is the shared stash compared to that?
Im afraid it will still be too small with no chance to make additional space with mules.


We saw 3 stash tabs for the shared stash in one of the videos. Blizzard hasn’t given us an exact number though.

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Seems like a good money-making opportunity for Blizz. Pay for more shared stash tabs. Makes more sense than paying for new accounts for muling.

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Really annoying for them to not respond to such an important, mechanical part of the game for a large subsection of their loyal player base.

Nice job blizzard, responding here to the Amazonface thread, trolling your players about it on Twitter, and leaving important questions like this unanswered, not even a ‘we’ve heard you’.

Blizzard has fallen. If switch isn’t fully supported, together with a shared stash for Classic, I dunno, it’s pretty sad.


I did not understand this topic.

Are you guys asking for the D2R devs to increase the stash size of the original Diablo 2 Classic (non LOD) launched in the early 2000s??

D2R is confirmed to be playable as both Classic (4 acts) and LoD (5 acts)

After an interview with the D2R developers, a popular streamer named MrllamaSC confirmed that Classic (4 acts) in D2R, will not be upgraded to have the shared stash, and this was later confirmed (sort of) with data files leaked from alpha.

This thread is asking the devs to rethink that very bad idea.


Sigh. Give us a response Blizzard. Classic players deserve the QoL changes too.


I’m surprised no response to this yet


Yeah, a response would be fantastic.


but they really did respond
i guess maybe you want them to keep responding
to you get the answer you want ?

When did they respond to this topic? I must have missed the blue post.


Okay, so… You’re saying that we can play Resurrected without Lord of Destruction expansion?

Does that include the Classic Drop engine, with the original Unique Items drop ratio?

they did not respond to this thread
but they did respond to this topic

When? please link. As of yet, we have heard from a popular streamer, and have seen datafiles from alpha. We have not heard directly from Blizzard on this topic.

If you have new information, please link it,

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No, it will still be based off 1.14. No guaranteed SoJ for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: