Clarification on Season 19 Blog/Quoted Patch Notes

By that same logic the 10.5k paragon barbarian WhirlRend 140GR also shouldn’t have been a concern, yet they pulled that buff out from under us.

If they want classes to be able to do 150s at high paragon I have no problem with that, and I don’t want saders to get nerfed, but they should raise all classes to that point if that’s their intention.


at this point they are copy pasted from the original patch notes as they contain the same mistake on the Monk PoJ 6 pc (SW dmg vs All dmg). I think we’re gonna get more clarifications at some point here from now up until the season starts

This whole perfect gear, 10.5k paragon debate doing an ultra high GR is for the birds and should have no bearing on any judgement call regarding a normal seasonal game. I could care less. Just give us a chance to have fun, instead of some game veteran whining its too strong. :sunglasses:


Hmm that’s very interesting, if Whirlrend was doing GR140s because of the 10k paragon level then it wouldn’t mean that the new items were OP, it was the paragon levels. That makes me wonder if Devs determine buffs/nerfs by how players clear GRs with or without paragon levels. They should be doing them without the paragons, would make more sense.

Oh I completely agree and have made posts to that affect as well.

Nope. The patch notes are just always included in the Season preview. It’s looking like we’ll be releasing a small balancing patch before Season 19 launches; I’m actively working on getting those details now and will post about them as soon as I have everything accurate and verified. :slight_smile:


Thanks Nevalistis for letting us know.


Appreciate for the work Nev, it’s still relatively early on your side, but 2:45am over mine :sweat_smile:

ohhh daaang! hope barb get some juice back!

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Awesome. What I’m hearing is bringing Barbs back up and Crusaders down a bit.


Gotta make sure the ERA LB gets reset for any classes getting adjustments. Pass that one along please.


The suspense continues! Thanks. :grinning:

Hoping that includes a fix to a ‘small nerf’ the barb community felt recently.


Thank you for the clarification! Please note the threads that cite specific issues. Ulma’s summarizes major issues:

Mine addresses Barb concerns. The Lamentation nerf was overkill. We don’t need a Season to see how it plays out, and there may be bugs with the items that prevent them from working properly:

We recognize that you’re overworked and likely overstressed, but it’s imperative that there’s some acknowledgement of what we’re saying here, because the community as a whole feels like we got kicked in the (digital) teeth.


I expect that AoV’s 6pc will be dropped slightly, lamentation getting a value added back to it, Fjord’s blade getting fixed to not affect All damage and only Seismic slam

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I dont wanna get hyped about it… maybe it s only crusaders down a bit and barbs just staying where they are.

Please also have them look at the Bazooka / Thorns / Blighter fixes.

They didn’t do anything and/or made the issues worse. Bazooka is still running 150 speeds just fine.

Your too pragmatic! :wink:

Please please please please buff Barbarians. Please.

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Please add lamentation back with 100%.

Please ask the community for help if the devs are not as familiar with the game mechanics.

Please make the new monk set viable.

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