Champion and Unique monster "glow"

I’m curious if the glow of these monster packs will still be present with D2:R with the remastered graphics. Usually it’s a purple/pinkish/reddish glow.

I am certain it will and I want it to look absolutely stunning.

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I hope so… I rely on that glow during magic find runs. :smiley:

What??? How have I never noticed that before… :open_mouth:

The glow is more visible in darker/hallway maps. Catacombs 2/3 is a good example.

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I believe the glow is in the shown footage released, its in gamepaly of Act 2. Shows the glow in a room before the door opens. I believe its a bunch of scarabs.

Atleasts thats what I thought it was in the video. Could be brain farting tho.

Found the footage on a youtube video. video was posted on feb 28th, by wildgamersk, at 0:40 sec gameplay shows a sorc running around in act 2 you can see the blue and purple-ish glow through the walls of the tomb.

Found it:

There’s a little glow, it’s not nearly as noticeable as the original game though. The glow does follow the one scarab as it walks up to the left door frame from the sorc’s perspective.

Hey, at least it’s there… I can adapt. :slight_smile:

yeah thats the video :smiley: I wasnt sure if I could post links havent really posted much on the forums.

Unique have different colors in the monster family. So It’s pretty easy to see them :+1:

I like the different colors instead of the “glow”
Too much glow seems so unrealistic.

i mean i know uniques can have different color models… but idk what this “glow” you are speaking of is… do u mean on the minimap in fog? from behind a door thats unopened? i think thats what u mean i guess that would be considered a “glow”
its more of a “tint” placed over the model though… i mean d2 uses sprites after all

I just ran through the Catacombs, took a few snapshots… After studying them it looks close for standard unique monsters, although the size of the brightness might be a bit smaller in D2:R from what I’ve seen in the gameplay videos.

Here is a champion pack:

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I know when you run the better graphic options of D2, there is radiant environment lighting. Den of Evil is red lit then when cleared turns white, waypoints glow blue, etc.

I know champ mobs have a glowing affect that is seeable through walls in this graphic setting.

Yes, I’m running Sven’s Glide Wrapper. I guess I could have mentioned that. DirectDraw and Direct3D look like stretched barf on my widescreen.

oh Darkjedi, I just use the Game.exe, its in the games folder when you do the digital download. It runs the game as if you have the advanced graphics stuff turned on. You can put the fish bowl effect on and stuff with it.

Yeah, but you can’t adjust the contrast and gamma, plus it switches your monitor resolution. With Svens, you get the contrast and gamma sliders working, plus you can run it at your screens native resolution for full screen that way it doesn’t have to switch resolutions. This causes delays, and screws up the window positions on a second monitor if you have one.

If you want, check out this guide I wrote to get Sven’s set up.

I am ok with it changing my res when i want it, most times I run in windowed anyway, so all that stuffs disabled.

I am far to lazy to download a thinger and do stuffs lol.

Bah… Fine… Miss out on butter smooth 25fps gameplay. :man_shrugging:

It’s a one time setup, the download is tiny and it’s super easy. :stuck_out_tongue:


but but, I am Lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean as tempting as that buttery smooth 25fps is I think I am good lol

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