Challenge Rift 270 - EU

Excellent news, thanks a lot @PezRadar!


So what?

Why? You can’t compete vs US players with your EU hero.


Why do you compare it to NA?

If you can’t do it you can skip it.

Why so much drama about potential 2-3 more hours of play to the lvl 70. CR is same for everyone in EU.

Why it is a must? We had so many seasons before CR was introduced to the game.

I never saw anyone complain that 90% of CRs are too easy. That is the problem here.
People can practice that CR few days ahead and they still complain. Snow flakes.

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I was waiting for this to show up.

The fact that blizz themselves acknowledge it means it was truly a problem. Since the rewards are so enticing it isn’t meant to be a brick wall.

And yes, saving 3-4 hours of lvling and bounty runs is a big plus.

No need to be a jerk to us casuals.


Since i know nothing about Asia CR, i compare it to what i know about.

It’s not a must, but it really speeds up the process and makes things more efficient.

I’ve done the season start on all 3 regions for several seasons, but I’ll probably wait until Sunday to run things. It’s no fun to hold off on Challenge Rift, do it as soon as season starts, get to level 70, only for Blizzard to rollback or restart the season because of some mistake they made. (This has happened a couple of times on the Asia server.).

And then I see people cry that last season was too long. There is nothing to do…

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If you like the challenge, then just level without the CR reward.
Right now you are angry over nothing, which makes you more of a snowflake than anyone here.


I dunno man, the overwhelming majority agreed this needed change including people that are far better at the game probably even than you.


I’m not taking sides here. I have seen other stupidly bad builds as challenge rifts and concluded some builds were put together by small children. However I do want to point out that just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Obviously the build creator did it in a said amount of time and clearly they’re not too efficient. So if they can do it, we can do it!


Ah so you want unfair advantage?

You accept too easy to be bad. I see no fight in you at all.

I haven’t decided if I will run s27. I may just push to guardian then stop.

Never in my OP did i say it was impossible far from it. But i still have PTSD from Season 25, I was LAN with 3 other friends , it was a necro build , i was by far the most experienced one of the group, i had to do it 4 times on each PC it was awful.

For some it would have been frustrating enough to quit the season all together.
This is not supposed to be the challenge , just a helpful hand.

i see no point in anything you write here. Zip your pants back up and stop trolling.


I never played Wizard after completing set dungeons for wings. I used Wizard to craft gear for Enchantress. So I have around 10 hours on Wizard total. I finished this “hard” CR just now after 2nd try. I admit that I had to see where elites are and where I can get power and conduit.

imgur DOT com/a/3s8jH6V

Maybe Blizzard should just give you materials for free 5 mins into the season. I dont see the difference between that and what you are asking for.

It will have easy activities and hard ones.

Same as D3. Some things aren’t made for everybody.

I never got to gr150 solo. Most i ever did was 140. I’m ok with that.

What you refuse to understand is that when they buffed the mats you get in the challenge rift cache they did with the season start in mind.
Hindering the access to said cache for a big chunk of the player base was not good design on their behalf and as you can see, they will change it.

You’re wrong any way we go over this and we’re done here.


Listen I agree, I don’t like challenge rifts I have to restart a dozen times because the builds don’t work. However, from an objective point of view, 90% of “challenge” rifts have no challenge at all and can be finished minutes before the timer expires. This is one of the very few challenge rifts the name refers to. I do agree it’s a bit much for most people. I belive they should shorten the timer on the easier rifts too. They could just rename them to Vicarious Rifts to give us insight into other peoples thought processes or lack of thought lol.


You’re clearly the snowflake here for getting upset over nothing.


No they did not.

Few others and me asked them on forums long time ago to make a game mode where people can compare skill to each other. We asked them to give us possibility to run same GR with same exact items, gems, paragon lvl, active and passive skills… so we can compare how efficient different people can execute the rift.

So that was the point of a game mode.
It was not build with season start in mind.