Challenge Rift 270 - EU

Do you guys have something against european players? Holy crap is that build bad. It’s just an LoD build with 0 multipliers. Us players get full firebirds.

It’s not the first time this happened as well, for the start of s25 it was really crap as well.

Also don’t get me started how the Challenge rift should be challenging, I’ve got less experienced friends that will probably never complete it, it’s that freaking bad. Even if the layout was ok and i got a conduit with 3 elite packs, i still didnt manage to kill anything before the conduit expired the damage was so awful.

I tried the US one as well, it’s a walk in the park in comparison.

Please consider either changing the build entirely or adding a multiplier to frozen orb or something, in it’s current state it’s awful beyond words.

If not you’ll have a ton of frustrated eu players come friday.


Damn, this does look quite hard. Will it be worse than the Barb one we had a few seasons ago (think it was season 23?) with Stone Gauntlets and no CC immunity to counteract it, with Frenzy and WW but not the WW set. That thing was atrocious.

It has Manald Heal but doesn’t have the Paralysis passive nor any lightning skills apart from Storm Armor. If it wasn’t the build in the season launch week it would just be hilariously bad.
But due to the fact that everyone will want to do it friday, it’s just a major pain in the behind.

EU CRs always suck on seson start. Ok not always, but i could count on one hand, when we had a correct or easy CR at seson start compared to NA.

I just saw Raxx’s guide on it and he’s on the same page. If a pro player like himself had a bad time doing it, it’s gonna be a nightmare for us scrubs. I really don’t want to waste that much time at season start to do a challenge rift.


Most of player cannot be able to clear this CR.

Many casual players dont check guides before season start and come doing CR at season begins,and they will have a bad surprise …

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It’s so bad he even wrote to Blizz, to do something about it lol.

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Mnemonic who does weekly cr guides and routinely ends up at the top of the leaderboard shares Raxx’s opinion apparently. While squishy but ok damage cr are easy when in a group, this is really bad due to its low damage. We get two season starts per year now (one in April, one now and highly doubt that the next will be at the end of December) and when we do get them, they do a random cr like that. Yay.

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This really does look bad. Low LoD, basically no other damage multipliers, no toughness. The fact that a pro player like Raxx supports changing this to something more sensible is telling.

To put this in perspective, I’m actually now considering to postpone my own S27 start. Having those materials from the CR is more or less must. I’m in no rush, I don’t compete in leaderboards or anything so it wouldn’t matter that much postponing.


Then next week they’ll probably throw us an all yellow build


I hope it will be easier in a group of 4… we will try and practice on Friday afternoon before 5pm.

since the patch should be coming out in the next couple of days, maybe it changes then, keep your fingers crossed.

I tried it, it’s a real nightmare…

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Team is aware. Expect this to change sometime tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback everyone.


Thank oh so very much!

Thank you very much! <3

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. Having a too difficult CR at season start can deter people from playing.

There have been difficult CRs at season start before but based on the feedback I’ve seen this might have been excessively difficult. Majority of players generally do CR only for the season start and want to get over with it as quickly as possible. This wouldn’t been the case with CR 270.

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I haven’t played in years, but was dusting of my Wizard robes until I saw the challenge rift. Tried it for a good while, but this is just impossible for me so was thinking of hanging back my robes, but it looks I’ll be playing after all.

Manald is useless when your hurling frozen orbs and the combination with Storm Armor is just plain ridicilious. Also teleport on the bar, but not the illusionist passive. And a Zei with rank 0 despite the fact that the Frozen Orb makes this a RANGED build and to top it all off a useless 2H weapon.

Honestly, why didn’t they put 2 set pieces on the character to make it a REEL challenge.

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Thank you.
I would have been very disappointed to have to wait until next week to start the season.

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What a great reactivity on your part. Much love from EU <3

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