CDR not working on Followers

I was trying out the Templar in the PTR server and geared it up with a plethora of CDR gear, multiplying up to about 60% CDR. Yet, when I tried out the cheat death, the cooldown lasted 2 minutes, when it should have only lasted 45 seconds or so. The same applied to other skills on the Templar as well. The CDR on the Templar’s gear seems not to be applying to its skills.

It was the same with the old followers. They did’t work with CD either. I don’t know why it is like this but it is nothing new.

As I understand it, only the parameters listed in the “Details” pane can benefit from equipment / buff bonuses. Neither the new nor the old followers have Cooldown Reduction in their details’ lists.

So yes, it didn’t work before, and it doesn’t work now.

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But it should, if they want followers to work with solo better, then being able to tweak cooldown would be a cool addition.

Cooldown would be 1st prio then. At least it would ad any requirements to the gear. Now we only have Str/Dex/Int, freeze/stun-chance and block for templer.

As far as I understand the cheat death ability of the followers DOES benefit from CDR. You can equip them with the item that reduces their cooldowns by 50% but it’s capped to 60 secs. I suppose it is by design, so that it resembles the passives of the classes and only can be triggered once every minute.