Captain america build


Oh, wow, those are some impressive numbers!
If I can get to do GR120 in under 10min with NS Blessed Shield with Legacy of Dreams new gem in the near future, I’ll be more than satisfied! Thanks for your feedback


the problem is that you’re wearing Hexing Pants.


Hmm, ive definitely been killed by dervish reflecting my shields. Not only did I one shot myself and my akrats death save poped, I had so many shields going around I instantly died after it proc’d. Did they change something? this was about a year ago.


I notice that the top GR Crusaders use Pain Enhancer gem, Is the bleeding damage reliable, or its mostly used for the attack speed increase?

I also notice Bane of the trapped, and got curious on how this build reliably slow enemies down.


Pain Enhancer is used for the attack speed buff, the DoT damage is negligible.

Blessed Shield is mostly played as a melee range build to proc BotT with its own slow effect and utilize Pain Enhancer. To use Akkhan’s Manacles effectively you also have to be close to your main target, similar to how DH’s shadow Impale works.

If you want to play it as a ranged build, you will need skills like Judgement to keep enemies away and proc BotT.


it seams BotT is necessary for every build


Not necessarily, for example WD’s Carnevil Dart build doesn’t use BotT because there are other better/comparable gems.


Just achieved my personal goal for season 17.

Cleared GR130 at p2198 playing all solo except bounties, with around 343 hours played. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. :sunglasses:


Grats man, impressive! – you sure did work it.


Thanks! To be honest I was gonna stop at 128 but I was quite annoyed by some of those “inhuman farmers” with 1500+ hours played barely ahead of me that I decided to push higher.


When the season ended and paragon merged, I adjusted the build and included the LoN rings. The power gain from an additional 2k paragon was very noticeable. In groups, with any class that buffs defense, i actually won’t use LoD.

Once 2.6.6 arrives, I’m considering swapping in Stone Gauntlets w/ Laws of Hope Bravery for when Akarats Champion drops. I have CDR on most items, i plan to also use the new Flavor of Time since this build benefits nicely from all pylons. If i can survive the initial hits, this might work out very nicely.


Do you intend to use it with LoN rings or LoD gem? It’s probably not enough toughness boost for LoN rings.

In any case, it would require around 60% CDR and Long Arm of the Law. Since you also want to use Flavor of Time, which passive do you want to drop?


I ran the last season without towering shield, i just couldn’t roll a decent hellfire amulet.

But in this case, the other dropped passive might be indestructible. (which might not permit Stone Gaunts to reach full armor)

If BotT/PE is worth ~60%, how much additional DPS is lost by not running Justice Lantern, Magefist, Laws of Valor and 1-2 less AS rolls?

I think Flavor of Time can really pay off, all pylons help move the progress bar (even channeling’s keeping AC up is helpful).


My guesstimate would be 25~30% at least.

Upon further consideration, I think Stone Gauntlets at its full stacks with Laws of Justice might actually be good enough for LoN rings. Defense wise it should be a bit weaker than using Unity and Justice Lantern (assuming 100% block chance with Provoke), but we get to keep PE. If we get rid of Justice Lantern, we can also replace Provoke with another skill like Shield Glare or Judgement for CC/damage buff/enemy debuff, or Condemn and keep Steed Charge for mobility.


@ HunterKiller
It looks like you have chosen the “light” CDR route, while others on the ladder go heavy on CDR. What do you think will be the best one? How is survivability with low Akk uptime?


I would love to have more CDR, but the items I got in the season don’t really allow it since I have to maximize my damage output considering my relatively low paragon.

I use the Invincible rune for Laws and Valor with Long Arm of the Law to sustain my health, so I think my survivability is fine as long as I play smart.


Out of topic, but it looks like Crimson DR works with Akarat and Unstoppable, good stuff…


That is great, also Capt Crimson appears to now be multiplicative.


Hey Everyone,

Can we get a definitive guide on LoD BS going? Questions include:

-Which legendaries are BIS on each slot?

-Which gems to use with LoD?

-What is the right amount of CDR to roll?

-Skill build past BS-Fire?

So far, the consensus appears to be Leoric’s Crown, Swamp Land Wadders, Illusory Boots. What kind of uptime do you need on AC to make Stone Gauntlets work? Which amulet? Exciting stuff.


I’m testing last Season 17 top build on NS now with LoD, BotT and BotS, and it feels really powerful. Haven’t pushed yet, but so far I can speed gr115, and probably could push up to gr125+ with better understanding on how much AS and CDR I should strive for.

I have shoulders, gloves and one ring with CDR; AS only on weapon; and LPH on both weapon and bracers. I’m pretty sure I should have more AS and CDR. CHC is over 60% though.

I think having AS on weapon and gloves should suffice, and CDR everywhere you could get it on, perhaps even in weapon.

Pretty excited to try out a good rolled Flavor of Time!