Captain america build


Nice! I am not sure though if Flavor of Time can be better than a Hellfire amulet with the right stats and passive, as there are 5 key passives in this build


Yes. Im yet to craft a good rolled Hellfire, its such a pain! What are the odds and amount of tries to get a fire, chc, chd and right passive? Did someone made the math? (im very bad at it)


And ancient! I could almost live without the fire, we have three separate rolls of it as is.


Not so hard, one ancient for every 8~10 you make (at least for me)

On the first 20(5 runs) tries i got one pretty good.
Finery with ~900Str 60CHD 10CHC
Nice one to start…

Later on i got few more including the one im using.
I also have one with Holly Damage 99CHD 10CHC on stash.

Im kinda noob, so the best i could do on s17 was GR117 solo.
With ns paragon i could maybe do 120… (with LoD)


Don’t know the odds but I made several hundreds in season 17 to get mine.


Do Krelm’s Bracers prevent Stone Gauntlets debuff? An alternative could be using anti-cc Law with 66%+ CDR…


I haven’t tested it but my guess is no.

You need around 60% CDR with Law Arm of the Law for 100% CC immunity.
AC cooldown = 36 seconds -> downtime = 36 - 20 (AC duration) = 16

10 seconds Law activation and 7 seconds Steel Skin with some overlapping to cover that 16 seconds downtime.


New Information! Posted by Waterboytkd of Reddit

Ice Climbers nullifies the attack speed lost from Stone Gauntlet’s legendary effect. You won’t lose movement speed, you won’t attack slower. So incorporate Ice Climbers – either cube it or wear it.

No need for the LoD Gem, Invigoration gem, or Laws of Justice:Bravery.

There are many variants you can play:

  1. Fire Element: Cube Ice Climbers/Illusory, wear Stone Gauntlets
  2. Fire Element: Cube Stone Gauntlets, wear Use Laws of Hope:Wings
  3. Physical Element: Cube Ice Climbers, use Laws of Justice:Decaying Strength or Valor.

For this experiment I used #3, i’m able to face tank in GR120.



Alright guys, I spent like 6,000 Souls to make this, and so far, pretty disappointed. Check out my build via my profile.

I found that I have to run so much CDR that my attack speed is horrible, which in turn destroys the core Leniency stacking that makes this build good. AND, I still have about 15 seconds of downtime on AC.

What is to be done? I have waited for so long :frowning:



I have tested something new, and it is so revolutionary that it might not even be legal.

I tried Stone Gauntlets in Cube (Magefist equipped) and Ice Climbers…and it was glorious. With poor gear and awful attack speed, I butt-rolled through GR 110, which I was getting annihilated in without SG.

This leads me to my big revelation: what if we DONT need maxed-out CDR? What if AC is now a luxury, and not a must? What if I can pack actual offense, and rely on SG+IC to give me 250% armor? THOUGHTS?


Paragon 1764 when I ran a GR110 @ 12:38(?). I’m loving this! So much more fun than Condemn build!


This makes me excited to find some stone gauntlets since im already running ice climbers on my build. Im using a holy build, anyone else using holy or is everyone fire?


GR 128 solo here
Non season, with new gem “Legacy of Dreams”.
Build is here (d3plannerPOINTcom/689824564) or in the video description below.


Im just not really a fan of the combustion rune. I wish there were more Holy damage options available.


I did a 113 with Holy so far and I know for sure I can go higher. Just depends on if I get a good boss or not and I really dont like going through an entire rift to get a boss that has zero spawns -_-


I was thinking same thing, Negator. Especially since SG and AC are kind of working against each other. The 150% armor from prophet dilutes the pool for SG, and vice-versa.


With 30k strength, I ran GR123 in 11:08 with LoN Rings, Stone Gauntlets and Ice Climbers. I actually did not even cube Illusory boots – instead I cubed Nemesis Bracers and took Laws of Valor and just destroyed the trash in my path. (You’ll find this frustrating in tight maps.)

I’d run this same setup with Physical Rune, however, i didn’t augment it yet.

FYI: do not take Holy, you’ll get less stacks – Landy tested it a while ago – my personal observations are the same.

I have to say, these new items are bringing us good build diversity in the solo world – i see this happening with DH as well.


I forget, does Blessed Shield (and Shield Bash technically) benefit from your total Block Chance or just the Block Chance actually on the Shield?


Does the 20% attack speed reduction not hurt your DPS that much? And does the toughness Jump from the stone gauntlets make a huge toughness difference (like face tank stuff way easier)?. I was looking at the icy guide for this build and obviously this new combo isn’t listed and was just curious the pro’s and cons. I’m going full blown Capt America this season and want to do it as best as possible. I made it to 119 last season as an impale DH, was doing 110+ as a capt America as well. Any tips and tricks would help, my new seasonal should be in my character list as well (though she needs a pile of gear right now).


I think you are likely a more accomplished GR pusher than I overall, but on this, I can clear it up: we do not get hit with the drawback if we run Ice Climbers.