Captain america build


Thought I would try the captain America build, still much work on getting better items. Seems like I got everything I need for the build and damage should be decent. But I’m putting out very little damage and have not figured out what I’m doing wrong, yet. Hoping someone could take a look and maybe see what it is I’m overlooking. Survive ability is great but damage leaves much to be desired, any tips would be appreciated.


You’re playing in Non-season, which means you don’t get the LoN seasonal buff and you have to actually equip the LoN rings to get its set bonus.

You will want to put CoE or Unity in the cube instead. Justice Lantern is only good if you equip it due to its extra block chance primary affix, and its damage mitigation is most of the time worse than Unity so it’s pretty useless in cube.


That explains a lot,thank you.


One of the reason why I am not playing sader this season. The build will be useless after the season. Not sure if worth the time investing Caldesanns and what not.


it worth because i think i can do 120 in this season so i can have a lot gems upgraded 120 for my non seasonal characters


Which is a pity, because this season’s no-LoN Ancient buff is the way things really should have been set up in the first place. I’d love to see this become a permanent feature of D3 after this season.


Wish granted! (Sorta :wink:)


So I’ve been playing it with holy instead of fire.

If you want abit of fun give it a try, few minor adjustments and you got a screen full of shields bouncing around.


Can anyone give me some pointers on my seasonal sader? Hes capable of good gr levels but my life return feels so low i cant recoup life and slowly just wither away on the vine and die. I feel like he should be stronger on life etc if i was going to augment all her gear and push. My DH has done 119 this season and would love to push this one closer to that too.


You need LoH on weapon/bracers, or use Laws of Valor Invincible rune instead of Critical rune.


Thanks, ill seap some stuff around. Also, cindercoat not worth it? I had been just kind of passively following icyviens guide but see no top saders using it. Seems like a good damage bonus, but i suppose it costs a pile of survivabilty at the same time.


There are a few variations for pushing:

  • Cindercoat: Obviously it has to be equipped for the fire skill bonus since putting it in cube does nothing for the build. Its effectiveness depends on your total fire skill bonus from other slots. For example if you already have 60%, adding 20% more from Cindercoat will result in (1.8/1.6) - 1 = 12.5% damage increase.

  • Strongarms: Only viable if you can trigger knockback effect, like chance to knockback on weapon or bracers, or Condemn Vacuum. Its effect belongs to DIBs which stack additively with skill bonus (including Towering Shield and Holy Cause passives). This can provide more damage than Cindercoat but affect fewer targets since Vacuum’s pull effect will inevitably miss some monsters.

  • Hexing Pants: Only viable if you are willing to constantly stutter step. Its effect is slightly weaker but more consistent than Strongarms.

Overall, Cindercoat should be weakest since its effectiveness is already lower than the other two items and it uses a primary affix for the damage increase instead of a legendary effect, but it’s also the easiest to use.

  • (Honorable mention) Angel Hair Braid: Requires casting Punish every 5 seconds. It can keep you above 90% block chance and provide consistent 15% IAS, 15% crit and some life regen. Most people probably don’t even consider this item.


I am an Aquilas+Nemesis player, this setup helps tremendously at the boss.

I have to try the Angel Braid version. With Blessed Shield, i would never think to mix another skill. Does the 15% extra AS make up for one missing blessed shield attack? (considering PE)


Yes I forgot to mention this is also a viable option, but it has the possibility (quite rare) to spawn elite with missile dampening on RG and ruin the run. And there are Dune Dervishes (these spawn quite often from GR pylons) and their annoying missile reflection, but luckily Blessed Shield won’t kill players when reflected unlike Impale.

The 15% IAS can last for 8 seconds if you block an attack near the end of the Punish buff, so I recommend casting it when you’re around one or two seconds into CoE physical cycle. That way the missing Blessed Shield attack won’t affect your Leniency stacks that much during fire cycle. Obviously the more monsters around you the better this works.

I haven’t decided what I’m gonna use when I start my push for this season, but I guess we’ll see in a few days.


Good tip!

Yes, I’ve been wormholed during the fire rotation on Hamelin, it can be frustrating, but when the boss is Rime, and you spawn an illusionist elite, it goes quite fast. To others considering Nems, remember to build up stricken a little before activation, unless you are dealing with Saxtris/Hamelin. On isolated bosses like Tethyrs, Rime, Maiden, take the pylon at around 75-80%. If it is a conduit pylon, your adds will likely die, make sure you have a lot of stricken, take at 65%


Great information above. Thanks for the tips HunterKiller. I’ve really been toying with maining a crusader for a season and seeing this kind of help and discussion definitely makes me want to try it even more. I’ve been a little spoiled maining a hunter from the standpoint i know them well and they’re so fast at everything, super fast Nef clears for stones, fast farming in Gr’s etc. Would love to run groups with people that know what they’re doing and push some higher stuff.

Definitely excited to try to get some time tonight to push GR’s a little on my Capt america build from this season!


Hi guys!
I came back to the game after some months, and I would like to play LoN Fire Blessed Shield Non Season.
How strong do you think the build will be with upcoming legendary gem Legacy of Dreams? Hopefully it can compete with Hammerdin and Thorns! :smile:


It will be very strong for farming since we can simply replace BotS with LoD. On the other hand, pushing will take a hit due to losing one gem.


That’s a bit of a let down, seeing how well it did in Season with rorg buff. But it makes sense losing a gem hita overrall dps.

But I saw a LoN Holy Shield in Non season EU server clearing GR120 at para 4100, so maybe it wont do that bad with new gem.

Up to what level do you estimate it will be good for farming? Cheers!


I began to push for this season today, and went from GR110 to GR126. I think my GR120 clear took me 7 or 8 mins, so with my NS paragon it should be possible to do GR120 in 5~6 mins and GR110 in 3 mins. Your mileage may vary.