Cannot update the game. Then, cannot install

Played last night, logged in this evening and clicked the large “Update” button. Said it was waiting for other updates, but there was no other updates. Waited, restarted and same thing. Have done the following thus far:

  • Was able to update games in my other two game launchers/browsers just fine
  • Ended several tasks (agent, processes)
  • Restarted PC
  • Updated virus protection (CCleaner, Malwarebytes & AVG). Ran scans, nothing found.
  • Uninstalled said virus scanners
  • Updated graphics drivers. No updates available for Windows
  • Disconnected wireless and now directly connected to router (hooray for 50 foot Ethernet cable)
  • Cleaned up several caches (browsers)
  • Uninstalled Diablo 3 and battle net app. Looked for several folders that were not deleted and deleted those as well.
  • Re-installed the app and attempting to install Diablo 3.

Stuck at ‘Diablo III Installation’. Been like this for well over 30 minutes. The Diablo III folder’s size is not changing, so I know it isn’t downloading anything. Only some ~92 mb’s were downloaded.

What can I try next? Thank you

Update 1: Allowed it to sit there for over an hour. D3 folder is at 16 GB’s now. However, opening the battle net app yields with “Blizzard Agent went to sleep…” Thus, still unable to play.

Update 2: Turns out I had some Windows Update. However, I am still receiving the same message upon starting up the launcher. “Blizzard Agent went to sleep.”

Update 3: Deleted the battle net apps again, re-installed the battle net app, was able to get into the launcher. Located the D3 folder, clicked ‘UPDATE’, but same “Waiting…” as before. Closed out of the launcher, re-launched it and getting “Blizzard agent went to sleep.”

Hey there,

Based on what you are describing it sounds like there are issues with / Agent not being able to connect to the patch servers. This would cause problems with reinstalling the app and updating the game itself.

I noticed that you’re contacting from a Comcast IP address, which I’ve seen a few other reports of these symptoms from Comcast users. Sometimes what may happen is the security settings on your Comcast router may be updated from the ISP side, and it ends up inadvertently blocking some of the connections that needs to function properly.

If you have access to a different connection, like a mobile hotspot or a VPN, you could maybe try connecting through one of those to see if the game will update. This would help confirm if the problem was related to the router or ISP. If that does end up being the case I would probably recommend contacting Comcast support to have them help you factory reset the router which would clear any security/firewall settings blocking the update.

Hello Jambrix,

I purchased my own router (not renting from Comcast) and owned it for several years, but will give this a try when i get home from work tonight.
No hotspot or VPN. I have been dragging my feet about getting a VPN, might be a good time.

Should also note, this morning i tried to Install Hearthstone, but had similiar issue (just to see if it were only Diablo related or not).

Thank you

Update: 1/1/2020
Been meaning to provide an update.
I downloaded a free trial of VPN and reset my router. Was able to get the game updated, though I had thought I disabled the VPN before doing so. So, not sure if the router reset did it.

However, ran into the issue again, as I wanted to install another Blizzard game AND install D3 onto another computer. Router reset did not work. Ended up downloading a bare-bones VPN that will always be free. ProtonVPN for those curious. Basically, just turned it on to download/install updates, then turned it back off. Will likely keep this until the issue (if ever) is resolved with Comcast ISP and Blizzard App.

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